[PETITION] Possibility to unlock the Bootloader on our Nokia 7 plus

In my opinion everyone should be able to decide to have the bootloader unlocked, or not - no matter for what reason.

[PETITION] Possibility to unlock the Bootloader on our Nokia 7 plus

BatManiac BatManiac
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In my opinion everyone should be able to decide to have the bootloader unlocked, or not - no matter for what reason. This should be a default option - on every phone.

There may be people who do not care about that, but I think especially owners of the Nokia 7 plus - including me - want to have the possibility to unlock the bootloader.

Because of that I've decided to start this petition. I hope many of you will support this - with the score that HMD soon open up the door and give us unlimited control over our device.


  • ogg ogg
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  • puneet puneet
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    I am in. Please let us unlock the bootloader.
  • user1525808076950 user1525808076950
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     +1
  • kas kas
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  • chattambulo chattambulo
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  • gravemind2015 gravemind2015
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    I'm in. Nokia could really be the next nexus (or surpass it) if they make their phones more development friendly :-D
  • Capt.Insano Capt.Insano
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    Really agree, bootloader unlocking should really happen here. Looking forward to this being implemented

  • user1526049829813 user1526049829813
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    I agree, should be unlocked. After all we bought the phone and should be able to access it fully.
  • user1525779661668 user1525779661668
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    Vote for !!! 

  • Venkatesh T.N Venkatesh T.N
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    Unlock the bootloader, what are u waiting for?

  • user1526053739448 user1526053739448
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     I'm in of course, please unlock.

  • Tron-CHS Tron-CHS
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    I think it is necessary to unlock, thank you for your petition.

  • user1525872201072 user1525872201072
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    I'm in!
  • user1525810172177 user1525810172177
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    +1!!! 
  • steve steve
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    I have a Nokia 7 plus but I am one of those people who doesn't care about unlocking the bootloader.
  • user1525814929284 user1525814929284
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    +1 Please, please, please Nokia! Unlock the bootloader. Turn the 7 Plus into the device to get for everyone.

  • user1525878534660 user1525878534660
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    Unlock it
  • Alexander Pachwald Alexander Pachwald
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    +1 from me.
  • steve steve
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    I like my device secure as I like doing mobile banking and other financial stuff, plus I like knowing my contacts list is safe, unlocking a bootloader makes a device less secure, as far as I know.....I loved my iPhone device's because they were vanilla user interfaces, secure, locked and efficient.

    I moved to Android again after being disappointed with my Samsung galaxy s7 , I love this Nokia and it's way better than my last Moto G5s , which was a sluggish heap of Lenovo plop.
    Nokia might have its flaws but which company if you're being honest doesn't have some issue or other.

    Safety is my number one priority on any phone, not the ability to install a custom rom or add silly launchers or cracked apps
  • sanzuca sanzuca
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  • user1525814929284 user1525814929284
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    @SteveQ77 I agree that unlocking makes a device less secure. No one is disputing that. Those that unlock their bootloaders know they'll be compromising on security.

    If/when Nokia allow it, no one is forced to unlock the bootloader. It's a personal choice.

    All we're asking for is the option to unlock it. The final decision to unlock lies with the end-user.

  • Venkatesh T.N Venkatesh T.N
    ✭✭  /  edited July 2018

    Steve you can keep your bootloader locked, the reason we want atleast why i want it to be unlocked is because after 2 years when im still using this phone i would like to be able to flash custom roms if nokia stops updating it, this is also one of reasons i like an iphone but i cant afford it but I cant afford it.

  • steve steve
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    Oh I already knew you meant you want it as an option and it's not a requirement to unlock, I get that.

    And I personally think I like this Nokia more than my iPhone 7 which was my last apple, I've switch between iOS , Android and Windows too many times... I prefer iOS lightening port to type c but again personal preference.

    I'm Mr boring, no funky wallpapers just black or green , not non Google store apps, no third party launchers and I ignore all numbers that aren't on my contacts list :-) I could use a feature phone and do most of the time, my Nokia is my mobile banking , maps and snaps with a few emails and that's it
  • rbfr rbfr
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    please unlock the bootloader

  • BatManiac BatManiac
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    @SteveQ77: like >user1525814929284< already comented - no one has to unlock the bootloader. But for those want to, there should be the possibility to do.

    It is similar to cars... For some people it is enough when a car is driving and they feel save ... the others like fast cars and tuning them...
    Should now everyone who wants to tune their cars first start a petition to obtain permission to open their cars bonnet!?
  • BatManiac BatManiac
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    @ SteveQ77 : like >user1525814929284< and >user1526052316168< alredy commented - no one have to unlock their bootloader if they don't want to... but those who want to, them should be given the possibility to do it.

    It is similar to cars - for some people it is enough when a car is driving and they feel safe... the others like fast cars and tuning them... 

    Should now everyone who wants to tune his car at his own risk  first have to start a petition to get the permission for opening his cars cowling?!

  • user1525904113976 user1525904113976
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    +1 Please give us an option to unlock!
  • ajit bagal ajit bagal
    ✭✭  /  edited May 2018
    I'm in
  • user1526057336575 user1526057336575
     /  edited September 2018

    This should be mandatory for all android one phones.

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