Android 7.1 update

Hi, my Nokia 3 does not get a prompt to update from Android 7.0. I'm in UK on BT subscription. Mobile bought at Carphone warehouse.

Android 7.1 update

Hi, my Nokia 3 does not get a prompt to update from Android 7.0. I'm in UK on BT subscription. Mobile bought at Carphone warehouse.


  • Did your update happen yet... ??
    I'm in UK still waiting for September update :-(
  • I left UK buying a 2nd unit from carphone warehouse (where I bought my first) I didn't start this one up until I was in Sweden as I bought it for my mum. Well that unit did update just fine while mine, which was started in the UK still does not update even in Sweden (could be a regional thing). I am reluctant to do a hard reset as I put far to much time into it. Funny how Nokia does not address this issue.... I will head back to UK later this week and pay carphone warehouse a visit but I think the issue is with the UK importer.

  • That's really interesting.. seems not many UK users are commenting on this subject.. I've tried everywhere to get an answer.. see Twitter #nokia3 .. no answers.. I'll comment here again when I find something.. perhaps you and others can do the same..
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    Yeah, I posted on techadvisor which frequently writes about Nokia and Android. I also emailed Carphone warehouse. It's a bit worrying as Nokia has promised several updates over a couple of years for this model. Search online does not give a lot of hits as you say, maybe most consumers do not understand they are missing out? It cannot be just us not getting the update...

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    I've got the same problem on my Nokia 3!!! (I'm from Italy). My brother's Phone received the update! 
  • Time to give them a hard time guys.. they should communicate with us. I'm happy with my Nokia 3 but was expecting the prompt update promise to be kept.. I've sent tweet to @sarvikas Juho Sarvikas (Chief Product Officer at HMD Global).. he gave the info re updates.
    Really disappointed that they don't communicate ..
  • I did get a reply from carphone warehouse saying basically it's not their issue, but to contact Nokia. I've had no replies from Nokia, but will keep contacting them with different means. Sooner or later someone will pick this up as more OS updates are coming. I guess one option is, when abroad do a hard reset, but that may inflict issues in UK later on... 
    Funny no one from Nokia (moderator) is monitoring this thread?

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    There's already been some discussion about software updates and security patches on the forum, and we absolutely understand how frustrating it can be to have to wait for your update while others have received theirs.

    As explained in our FAQ, Google's monthly Security Patches have specific hardware dependencies. We always need to ensure your phone is fully supported before we can test and release them to the operator. Once the quality has been assured (by us as well as your operator), the Security Patch will be delivered to your phone. Due to this, it can sometimes take a little longer, depending on your device model, operator as well as your location. 

    The same logic applies to software updates. We are rolling out updates to Nokia 3 in a controlled manner and you will receive yours shortly.

    Hope this helps, thanks for your continued patience.

    Have a great day! 

    Anna (Moderator)

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    Thank you Anna for your reply. The frustrating part is not the update in it self but the lack of answers and contact possibilities. Given the support for the phone Nokia3 is set for a couple of years, one is eager that it start off in good manner and does work with updates.

    Happy with this reply, again many thanks.


  • Hello Anna.. really appreciate that at last someone is communicating specifically re Nokia 3 Updates.. I've scoured this and other community discussions and Twitter previously and found nothing from HMD/Nokia..
    It would be much appreciated if you would keep us posted on Updates.. thanks
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    I updated from 7 to 7.1.1 a month ago. Everything works just fine for me
  • Did you update a UK purchased Nokia 3 TA 1020 ??
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    I live in Greece.
  • I received the update right now! :D
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