Extremely poor performance.

I would personally suggest to never buy a Nokia phone. Here is my worst experience as a Nokia customer.

Extremely poor performance.

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I would personally suggest to never buy a Nokia phone.
Here is my worst experience as a Nokia customer.
I bought this phone Nokia 6.1 last month from nearby chroma centre. As soon as I bought this phone, I discovered a problem with its camera on the basis of which I bought this phone as I was told it's camera is unbeatable but it would never give me a proper video, the low light quality was very poor and it was no where near to what the nokia sales guy told me while buying this phone. I asked them to send the phone to a Nokia service centre which was no where close to my location and I was not able to go as I'm a working person 6 days a week and the service centres are closed on Sunday here. They took the phone to the service centre, got it back. I checked it but there was still this problem and above that there was also a scratch on the screen, they told me that the service centre guys have said that there's no problem in it but obviously I could see it. I told them to take it back and please get the phone repaired this time or get me a DU as I'm not at all satisfied. They took the phone again and reset it, but when they brought it back it was still the same. Now first of all there's no proper Nokia service centre anywhere near to me, so couldn't go there and I called a lot of times there but no one picked, so this time I took the number from job sheet and called there, so I a woman (maybe her was Sonia) picked up the phone, I asked her that phone is not being repaired I'm sick of it, so she said very rudely that there is no problem with your phone it's totally fine and we can't do anything about her, so I told her that I'm not satisfied with it, it is not giving me a proper video my face get fat and slim as I turn it around, so she hanged up the call, then I called again, she picked up said hello and cut it again. I called again, she picked up and have it to some guy, who said that we can't do anything about your phone and neither can we change it and said do whatever you want to do.
As a customer I felt so helpless and frustrated at the same time. Neither did I get my phone replaced nor replaced and above that there was a scratch on its screen.
Now I inserted the second sim in it last week and the second slot never works so basically I can't use a second sim also in this phone.
1. Now above that it hangs every now and then.
2. It hangs when I call someone and I'm unable to cut the call.
3. Once I switch off the WiFi it never switches itself to sim data net mode.
4. And the worst problem is that now when people call on my phone but I never get it on my phone!
5. And everytime in such cases I have to restart the phone. I'm very sick of this phone. I believed in Nokia and this is the kind of service I'm getting. I have been facing a lot of problems because of this phone, lot my official works have been hampered due to it, wasted a lot of my time and now I'm tired of it!


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    Very true. I am facing exactly same issues and I am highly annoyed.
    Don't know what to do.. wasted my 17.5 k. Nokia must take it back and refund my money, I will better buy, Honor,MI or Moto super performing phone in less amount than using this phone..
    I am even planning to go to Consumer Court.
  • To be honest, there customer support is of no use, you won't get any help from there side.
    The only way is to first of all spread it all over social media, get down there marketing and yeah of course customer court is the only option.
    I also feel like I've wasted my 17.5 k on this phone
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    Yeah I contacted Customer care and they asked me to go to Service Centre. Now I know what will happen even if I go to service centre. I want to see how many people are facing various issues with this device.
  • It's of no use to go to there service centre.
    They'll just say it's fine and reset it.
    You won't get any help from there.
    I just want that other people don't face the problem I'm facing so it's really important to spread the awareness to not buy this phone.
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    I m sorry to hear the issue of urs. The camera performance is actually not good of this phone.. anyway to improve it, why dont u use aroma pixel mod camera apk..download from xda..
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    Hi everyone, 

    I’m sorry to hear that you faced so many issues with our Customer  service. I totally understand your frustration of not receiving sufficient help. Could you tell me which country are you from? So we can improve the service to avoid such incidents in the future.

    Best regards, 


  • Hi thanks for your response. It's not just customer service issue.. it's even the product which is useless..Can you do something on that please.
  • Hi Laura,
    My country is India, state is Delhi.
    I would really appreciate it if you could get me a DU for this phone because I'm not at all satisfied with this product.
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