Can't connect with Samsung Gear S3

I just now bought Nokia 7 plus and its unable to connect with Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. Is ther e any one else having this issue?

Can't connect with Samsung Gear S3

Sarin Madathil Sarin Madathil
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I just now bought Nokia 7 plus and its unable to connect with Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. Is ther e any one else having this issue?

My peovious android was able to connect.


  • Tomas Bruder Tomas Bruder
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    Hi, I had exact the same problem a I solved it. Here is how:

    1, first connect your samsung gear s3 using bluetooth to the phone and after that
    2, Open Samsung gear application a begin pairing process (it requieres you to install two more samsung services - install them)
    3, install samsung health and it should work.
    4, again if you will have any problem with connection connect the watch manually via bluetooth menu in your phone.
  • user1531748788244 user1531748788244
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    Hi, did Brudo's solution work on your 7 Plus Sarin?

    I just bought the 7 plus myself and I have issues connecting with my Gear S3 Frontier too.

    Brudo's solution does not work on my 7 plus.

    Tried connecting my Gear S3 with my wifes iPhone X, and IT worked like a charm without a hitch.

    But I cannot, no matter what solution I find on google and try, get the 7 Plus to pair with my S3 Frontier.

    Is it on a 7 Plus you got the S3 Frontier to work Brudo?

    I'm starting to think that a Gear S3 isn't compatible with Nokia 7 Plus!
  • Sarin Madathil Sarin Madathil
     /  edited July 2018

    My S3 got connected. What you have to do is

    Go to the Samsung App-Tap connect. When you do this the same time drag the notification bar and select bluetooth and from there and select Gear S3 to connect.

    This has helped me to connect with S3

  •  yes, that is it as Sarin wrote. You need to begin pairing process with samsung app and then pull down the notification bar, select bluetooth and connect to watch.

  • Finally! Thanks you guys! Took me a while and a whole lot of frustration. But now it finally works!
  • Have tried all of the above with no success. Cleared BT cache and data nothing works, optimized BT etc. Have had a look at Samsung Gear S3 compatibility with other smartphones and Nokia does not make the list, looks like be an old list but still I am seriously disappointed. From online research Nokia with Android One is unable to work with Samsung Gear. Could Nokia advise if they know of the issue or confirm that they are capable of working with Samsung Gear S3

  • I also cannot connect with a 7.1 . Have tried everything I have read to try. Has this issue ever been resolved?
  • Any Solution To the Problem, I just got Nokia 8.1 Yesterday a new launch from Nokia in India and Am not able to Connect my S3 Frontier ... Tried doing all as suggested above but no LUCK! Can some one help!!! 
  • Tried all but not able to get pass this screen? Nokia ,,😗😥🤐😪
  • Tried all but not able to get pass this screen? Nokia ,,😗😥🤐😪

    Hi, I have the same problem with Nokia 8 (Android 8.1 with December Patch Update) and Gear Sport. Bluetooth pairing between devices working but bluetooth connection cannot be established. I think we have to wait for Android Pie, I hope this will fix the bluetooth problem. Very frustating
  • Same issue with my 8 Sirocco. Entered a support request and reply was that Nokia is not on the compatibility list. Returned the Gear S3 to the store and bought a WearOS watch, no problem at all and more/better functionality!
  • Is here someone who solve this problem with X6?
  • Hello guys. 
    Here is the trick.
    1: pair your watch worth your phone with "gear wearable"
    2: while it's pairing, slide down your notification bar, go on Bluetooth.
    3: You have to connect manually your phone to the watch.

    Now it should works as for me with my Nokia 8.

  • I have a Gear S3 and I could pair it successfully to my N7P without any issues:
    1. install the Galaxy Wearable app (it will require the installation of 2 other apps)
    2. enable Bluetooth
    3. search your watch via Bluetooth and connect
    4. in Galaxy Wearable app pair your device
    5. you're connected!

  • ben nokia 8 i gear s3 e bağladım yeni güncelleme ile sıkıntı yok kopma yok
  • harry405 harry405
    I am not able to pair my Samsung galaxy watch with Nokia 7.1 (latest Pi). I am stuck in this screen "check your phone to complete setup". Can anyone help me?
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