Bluetooth issues and low performance

Hello: After a few days, I found the performance of my new Nokia 6.1 quite low.

Bluetooth issues and low performance

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After a few days, I found the performance of my new Nokia 6.1 quite low. Coming from other Android phones with slower processors and better performance, the overall lagginess of the phone is a disappointment.
In addition I found the Bluetooth does not work properly. My Nokia is not able to keep a stable BT connection with my Polar band or my Gear S3 smartwatch. I have never had this issues with other phones.
Anyone has faced similar issues?. Any fix?

Lastly, how can I prevent the icons being added automatically to the home screen when I install new apps?



  • maxh maxh
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    Hi, actually I'm happy with the performance of my Nokia 6.1 phone. My previous phone was a Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Quiet a difference. I agree with you about the Bluetooth. I also have pairing problems with my car Bluetooth as you can read(not only me) in this forum.
    I use Microsoft Launcher, new apps/icons are not added to the home screen.

  • Mansi Mansi
    New installed app icons can be stopped from coming on home screen by turning it off from play store settings.
  • In my case my previous phone as a Motorola G5s Plus that has a 625 processor and I feel it snappier than my Nokia 6.1. Same feeling with the Xiaomi Mi A1 of my wife (same processor).

    In regards to the option in Google Play to deactivate icons from being added to the home screen, can you be more specific?. I can't find the option you mention in the Nokia 6.1

    Thanks both for your replies. Let's hope Nokia fixes the Bluetooth issues of this phone...

  • Mansi Mansi
    I believe the option to select or deselect the checkbox to add apps to home screen in Google Play Store settings has been removed in the Android Oreo (8.0). It used to be under play store setting or under home screen settings in my previous phones. But, now even i can't find this option in my Nokia 6.1.
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