Waiting for ANY kind of software update..

I purchased my TA-1055 variant here in the UK on release day and have yet to receive any kind of update.

Waiting for ANY kind of software update..

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I purchased my TA-1055 variant here in the UK on release day and have yet to receive any kind of update. It's still stuck on the February security update and android 8.0 which is buggy (for me) to say the least. I have to say, I have rarely been so let down by a product which I held out high hopes for. I bought it specifically because it was an Android One device and this is not what I awas expecting. Has anyone in the UK received an April/May security update yet?


  • I'm sorry, but if you had made a quick research on this forum, you already saw a lot of people stuck on Oreo 8.0. So no need to make another thread.


    I asked the support chat (French) what happens if my phone never update for the next 6 months. They just told me I should normally receive the update. Without no other explanation.


    What is weird, if you go to security settings, you can see a little orange logo next to your patch security update. It seems to be a warning to say the patch expired. But once you click, you can check again and again, no update is found.


    TA 1046

    Oreo 8.0

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     Same here, loving the phone but i'm a little disappointed that it's still on Android 8.0. At the very least, I would expect an Android One phone to have the latest security patches.

  • You can manually install 8.1 with a PC, download the file from the Nokia website though the development preview and foow instructions from there or YouTube on how to do it.
  • I think it will be Be end of this month according to some guys on Facebook
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    Hi Guys,

    I've created a Google doc (open to all) here for recording N7+ status:


    If you feel inclined - you can post your device info and OS/security patch level and locale.

    We may get to see some patterns?



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    Hey user1522918560540 - where did you read it on Facebook please?

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    Same situation. Like the phone but bought it for frequent updates. I contacted Nokia and got a whole load of instructions to make the update kick off (clear the carrier services cache, reboot, use different SIM provider etc etc). All to no avail. Nokia need to address this quickly as there is clearly a building resentment here from those of us who feel we've been sucked in by the promise of rapid updating which hasn't materialised. As it is I'm now stuck on a lower update than I had on the phone that this replaced!

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    I agree rediciulous that we were sold the Nokia with the promise of fast updates and my old motog4 has newer updates. I like this phone but I'm beginning to regret purchasing it.

    Ireland TA-1055
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