I bought my last Nokia phone!!

Hi. I'm from India and I'm going to share a few words

I bought my last Nokia phone!!

Karthiks Karthiks
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Hi. I'm from India and I'm going to share a few words

A few months ago I was considering buying a phone and had multiple options like
HTC u11,Samsung S8 and Nokia 7 plus and Nokia 8 
HTC u11 wasn't available anywhere in my locality and I was looking for flagship performance 
Both s8 and Nokia 8 have SD835 so they are flagship chipsets... I liked the design of S8 so much but I've read that Samsung is slow in updates and I wanted quick updates and chose nokia 8 and this was my biggest regret!!
Nokia 8 is a great phone, no doubt, it's fast nearly equal to SD 845 phones but it isn't Nokia's credit it is because of SD 835! 
The camera in nokia8 is mediocre( I had to use gcam ports) 
The support hmd shows for nokia 8 is absymal!!
I bought Nokia 8 for fast updates they are releasing security updates but where is android pie? And from what I read the beta is full of bugs! 
Hmd is trying to get old Nokia position and so they are releasing more and more phones to be in news.... But they don't understand that they can't support all these phones!! Their strategy is really stupid 
Right now Samsung One UI is getting released and many Chinese smartphone makers are releasing android pie and good software
If only I waited a few months I would've a choice of Asus Zenfone 5z and poco f1 and lg g7... Damn!! I got my last Nokia phone... I understand that.. If Hmd goes on this path they'll face failure once again!!


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    Thank you so much now I'm very happy. Customers are shouting guys if possible let's meet in Twitter and fight together
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