The screen stays black after pressing the power button, but the phone is working

Hello everyone! After updating to android 7.1 I encountered a strange bug in my Nokia 3:

The screen stays black after pressing the power button, but the phone is working

Alexander Alexander
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Hello everyone!

After updating to android 7.1 I encountered a strange bug in my Nokia 3: occasionally the phone won't wake up when pressing the power button, the screen stays black no matter what. However, the phone is working, you can call it, etc. After being left alone for some time it can start working normally, then, after a while - stop responding again, and so on.

The problem appears to be in the automatic screen brightness adjustment function. In all cases, the screen stopped (or started) working only after the phone had been kept in darkness for some time (in a jeans pocket, or simply on a table at night). I switched off the automatic brightness adjustment, and now the problem is gone (haven't seen it for 3 days now).

I hope this information will help if anyone encounters this problem.

PS It was not particularly easy to track down this bug, I even took the phone to the shop where I bought it for repair. They replaced something in the phone, took them 3 weeks to do that, but the same day they gave it back to me - the screen went black again. Imagine my frustration!

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    I could say I also got the same problem but what I did was I switch off the intelligent intelligent power saving standby. This reduces that frequency I experience this issue I'll try this method if this TEMPORARY fix solves it completely. I'm glad that this was not related to hardware. Thus as soon as we get 7.1.2 or 8.0 this might already been fixed.
  • Shubho Shubho
    Same trouble , but not working that way. Phone freezes at least twice a day. Restart and work what I am doing. Nokia should see at the bug.
  • Edit: after turning off the auto brightness the phone screen still freezes when locked
    so I can't unlock the phone . The current workaround still turning off the saving mode.
  • Indeed, I have not had this black screen issue for like 4 days, but today it happened twice, despite auto brightness being off. There is something else that triggers this behavior. Gonna try that power saving standby variant, and do some more testing.
  • Alexander Alexander
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    I did a bit more testing and that's what I've found:

    1) auto brightness has nothing to do with the black screen bug, apparently it was just a coincidence.

    2) switching off intelligent power saving standby does not seem to be a solution either. I updated to the last update where this power saving option is no longer available, but the problem persists.

    3) the bug seems to be somehow connected with the camera usage. I intentionally did some testing of it. When I reboot after the screen freeze, the phone can work normally for days without freezing (I did not wait more than 3 days though). However, if I take a shot, the screen freezes. It does not however freeze immediately, it can freeze 20 minutes after taking the shot, or a several hours later. In another thread (
    Display doesn't turn on) user1506691753230 also reports having this black creen issue after taking a picture. I have not yet figured out what directly triggeres this bug, but I'm going to test a bit more.

    Do you guys also experience this bug only after using the camera?

  • user1507120418350 user1507120418350
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    Yes this is very disappointing though even though this device is entry level they need to release a stable build for nokia 3 I am very annoyed with this bug because I my phone screen just went blank so I will miss new notifications and calls during that time the issue was triggered.
  • i have nokia 5 and i am facing this software problem,blank screen with sentence nokia flash problem i havent even downliaded a single malicious file,new device just one week over

  • Same problem here I will agree with Alexander , the camera is the problem. When I use the camera after 1 or 2 hours the phone freeze. And that problem appeard after the update to 7.1.1
  • After using my device for some time I could agree with Alexander that it might be due to the camera because I hadn't use the camera or even open the camera app during these past days and guess what I didn't get any black screen. Lets just wait for 7.1.2 this month if they found anyway to resolve this.
  • Hi, I too have the same issue on my Nokia 3 Phone, i suspected "press power button twice for camera " and disabled that option, will update if problem persists 

  • Hi Alexander - are you referring to "Adaptive Brightness" in Display menu ?

  • Hi user1510228509566!

    Yes, but it is not the source of the bug, as we figured out. Turning it off does not work. 

    When I had no black screens for several days after turning it off (as I report in the top post) - it must have been a coincidence. I probably simply did not use the camera then.

  • Apooo Apooo
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     I have exactly the same problem. It is super annoying that the screen goes black in middle of video and you have to start searching the part you left off all over again. Problem has started only few days ago. Android 7.12. I have not been able to find any root cause for this issue. Nokia 5.

    I think this is software issue. Nokia, please fix this as soon as possible!

  • Alexander Alexander
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    Hi Apooo!

    On my Nokia 3 I have never seen this bug while the phone is in use - only when it is left alone for some time.

  • I have the same problem as well. I bought the phone almost 2 months ago. Maybe less than 5 days since I purchased the phone, the screen won't turn on but I can still hear the notifications sound so it is still "working". I had it repaired shortly after that since it happened again and again. They did something to the phone and I got it the same day. Not a week after that, it happened again so they replaced the LCD and it took such a long time (almost a month) before the new part arrived at the service center. I have it back now but it happened again yesterday, after everything they did to fix this. It is so frustrating. I wish I read this forum earlier so I can try and test out every suggestions that people mentioned here. I hope it will be fixed permanently when the new OS comes out.
  • They updated the camera app but still the issue persists after using the app. I don't know why is it that after using the camera triggers the problem. Still waiting for the fix. 
  •  I have the same problem! The retailer doesnt have anwers. Dont buy this phone!

  • Display-Abstürze, hatte ich auch gehabt, die beiden Tasten (Laut- Einschaltetaste) 10 Sekunden lang gedrückt halten und das System kann neu gestartet werden. Damit müsste das Problem bald verschwunden sein.
  • Am having the same problem! Six hours the screen is dead but I can still hear notifications! Just has the retailer Safaricom fix the thing and this has happened again! Is anyone at Nokia working to fix this? Really inconviniencing

  • Shubho Shubho
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    Hold Power and Volume Up Button For 30 Seconds. Phone Restarts from the freeze mode.

    Am doing this daily when Phone freezes. No Permanent Solution from Nokia.

  • Alexander Alexander
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    Hi everyone!

    Here is what I've noticed. After I've used the camera, if I close the camera app with the main camera activated in the app, I face the black screen problem in a couple of hours or so. However, if I switch to the selfie-camera before closing the app (no matter which camera I actually used), everything seems to be OK.

    So try this: after you've used the camera and taken some photos, try to switch to the selfie-camera before closing the camera app. Does it prevent the black screen problem for you?

  • user1510404281881 user1510404281881
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    I tried doing what you instructed, Alexander. I switched to front cam after taking pics from the rear camera before exiting the app. It went dead after a couple of hours. I will try to do it again and see for sure.

    Maybe if we restart the phone after each use of the camera will do the trick? Has anyone tried that before?

    It is sad that we are (buyers) the ones who are thinking of ways to fix the issue and no help from the company, not even an acknowledgement at least.
  • Alexander Alexander
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    Hi everyone!

    The December update I received a week or two ago seems to have fixed the black screen issue. 

  • Rhett Rhett
    Hi Alexander ,
    First if all thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us.I had the same issue it was so annoying,frustrating and quite scary , having bought this phone with such enthusiasm.i had tried using the Nokia support app in my phone to get help with the issue too. They didn't seem to give a damn.

    About 15 days ago I gave my phone to its authorized service centre , they replaced with a new board . I've been using it now for like 3 days haven't felt anything go wrong till now . But let's see.


    By the way did that update fix the issue for other people too?

    Alexander is it the 7.1.2 update that fixed it ? I haven't yet received it.
  • Alexander Alexander
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    Hi Rhett!

    I received this update somewhere around the beginning of December, but it was not 7.1.2, my phone still shows it runs 7.1.1.

  • It seems to me, as well, that there is no more problem with the black screen after a December update. Can someone else confirm this too? How is the situation with your phone till now Alexander?

  • And yes, just to confirm, it is still 7.1.1. after the update, not 7.1.2. ;)

  • Hi user1513944253029

    So far everything is ok, haven't seen the black screen bug since the update, despite taking photos.

  • Seems like a fixed thing. We will see.
  • I have a Nokia 5, and I experienced this bug today for the first time. I was fortunate because its battery was nearly out of juice, so I had to wait for a couple of hours for it to deplete the battery fully, and it sprung back to life after charging it.

    So here is my questions for people who have obviously been dealing with this on a daily basis - how to snap your phone out of that state? Some people mentioned restarting the phone, but I could not do it as it was seemingly unresponsive to anything but locking and unlocking. Is there a way to do a hard reboot with just the buttons on the phone?

    Many thanks,
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