Post May secuity patch update (Wifi)

 After updating my Nokia 6.1, I have found an issue with wifi connectivity range has been dropped. only after updating I found such issue.

Post May secuity patch update (Wifi)

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 After updating my Nokia 6.1, I have found an issue with wifi connectivity range has been dropped. only after updating I found such issue. my wifi router is on the first floor. Before the update, I can receive wifi signal normally but it is hard now.


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    I have very similar issues. Wifi range has significantly reduced and data download rate has gone down significantly too. Any help in this regard please?

  • jobinrjohnson jobinrjohnson
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    I'm also experiencing the same issue. The range of WiFi has been reduced.
  • I also have the same problem. After updating the phone with the May security patch.
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    Strange, I had 47% signal-strength. After the update still 47% (same location in the house). TA-1053 on 5Ghz 

  •  Mine is TA-1089 ... I think it is due to the bugs in the latest update better go to service center.

  • I do not have an issue with the range. However, my WiFi goes to sleep mode when the screen is off. Because of this, I do not receive any notifications about emails, facebook,etc. Does anybody have this issue?

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    Same issue as after i updated to 8.1 before it was working fine now i have to stand near to the Wifi Router to get it connected.. hope they solve this soon

  • technoabhi technoabhi

    I am also facing the same issue. I am having TA-1089. After the May 2018 update the Wi-Fi range has dropped drastically. 

    The Android Security Bulletin for May 2018 ( shows the WLAN component receiving many vulnerability fixes. I guess some of the fixes might have caused the issue. 

    Hope this is resolved soon.

  • tuphan tuphan
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    Same issue for me also....wifi connection not working properly... Please fix this asap.
  • I went to service centre they flashed the February security patch ... Now its working fine ... Note : immediately you should stop automatic update
  • same issue , device Ta-1089. wifi connectivity very poor and no internet. refuses to connect to any router. please fix this asap. also how to roll back to april update without loosing data
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    Go and meet service centre they will safely flash your device ... Its better option rather than you yourself doing such process
  • Same issues do something I think wring decision taking this mobile
  • There Is nothing wrong with mobile ... Problem is with android one updates
  • Nokia people do something regarding this patch pls release the patch soon. We are facing lot of isdurs
  • Then it has to be thoroughly check before releasing. We have to suffer after buying product also?
  • I think we should mail for android one. They were the people who are giving updates to us.
  • Same here. Before the update, the WiFi reception was good. Had no problems. But the update just messed up the WiFi connectivity. I can't connect to the WiFi even if I'm in the room next to the router. I don't think it's a hardware issue because this happened after the update, and others seem to have this problem too. Webpages don't load even if the WiFi is connected.
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