May Security Update TA-1046 India [URGENT]

Hi Team, Today[17-05-18] when i try to update my phone [TA-1046] through Wi-Fi [Jio and BSNL].

May Security Update TA-1046 India [URGENT]

saravanan saravanan
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Hi Team,

Today[17-05-18] when i try to update my phone [TA-1046] through Wi-Fi [Jio and BSNL].

I Got Following Message "Waiting for Wi-Fi".However i already connected to Wifi and i restarted the device also.

when i press download or pause button,getting the message as "waiting got WiFi".

am using Airtel ,i turned off mobile data also,but still same problem.




  • Hi downloaded this update by using jio sim it was that wi fi is advisory but i was so curious so i downloaded it by jio
  • saravanan saravanan
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    My Base SIM is Airtel [Mobile Data] and Friends Mobile with Wifi is Jio.

    But still issue exist.

  • Which type of issu you are Facing i also faced some problems while installing like downloading failure due to slow speed then i restarted the device and downloaded again after this its finally installed
  • saravanan saravanan

    My Mobile SIM is Airtel with SD Card. My Friend Mobile is Jio.

    I Connected my mobile with my friends mobile through WiFi.

    I went to system update in my mobile, i got the following screen .


    But download not started ,getting message as "Waiting For Wifi",so i restarted my device.

    I tried 5 times with internet Turned On / Off  in my friends mobile and Wifi Disconnect/Reconnect/Wifi Profile Reset in my mobile.When i tapped Download / Resume button system displaying message as "Download Paused,waiting for WiFi".

    When i connected to Wifi, i Turned off my Mobile Data and also i tried with aeroplane mode also,but still not able to update.

    Do i need to interchange my friend SIM and My SIM for update.

  • saravanan saravanan
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    When i connect through WiFi with my friend mobile Jio and checked for system update.

    i got the download screen and advisory notice, after tapping download i got message as "Download paused.Waiting for WiFi" and resume button been i tapped resume button got the same message "Download paused,Waiting for Wifi" now pause button been displayed. 

    i did this for 5 times and nothing happens also i restarted the mobile also.

    do i need to take back up and factory reset.

    Please advise me.

  • said a few seconds ago
    @saravanan I have lots of screen shot of update failure do you have Instagram or fb msg me will talk there /KeshavYadav1111
  • Unknown

    Same issue here as well.

  • Hi guys, i don't think that you can update via mobile data. I updated via wifi and its working beautifully.
  • ashis kar ashis kar
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    Reset network setting and try .. if it doesnt follow following steps 1. Disable Find my device under device admin temporarily 2. Go to app setting. Unintall updates of google play services. Clear cache. Clear data. Relogin. Dont install updates. 3. Try again updating. U shud be able to do that.
  • Unknown
    Same Problem Here,Tried Everything and then I asked the Nokia support Chat they said go to a service centre.
  • saravanan saravanan

    Hey Guys , I made factory reset today and i found "Find My Device" has default admin access.

    When i try to download system update,device failed to download and displays message as "Waiting For WiFi".

    then , i removed default admin access to Find My Device.

    after that my device Connected to WiFi,I Downloaded and Installed Successfully.

    Thanks You Guys.

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