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Hi Laura, Thank you for your suggestion.

May update - No mobile data connectivity - TA-1046


  • Hi Laura,

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    I have the same problem with Sosh, so I just sent a message to the support, I hope it will help you to escalate this.

    Best regards,


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     I don't understand.

    The update v2.22A was available on 16th of may.

    I have contacted the support on 19th may, just 3 days after the update,  and got an answer the same day saying (in french) that "It is a well known bug. Please note that this has already been escalated. The next fix will correct the issue"

    On 23th of may, a fix is already available for Telia users.

    We are now the 30th of may, and still nothing for Sosh/Orange users. So :

    - How can it be possible if this is the same issue ?

    - Why do we need to make more reports if "it is a well known bug" ?

  • @Bab :

    Because they're full of s***, that's why. They're just trying to buy more time right now, simple as.

    By telling people to "keep reporting more" they're just trying to keep us busy while they look for a fix so that you don't get too upset and pile on them on forums and stuff. But it won't accomplish anything more, obviously.

    In short : that's damage control for you.

  • Hi all, 

    Well, I can just tell you what I see and we haven’t received many tickets from France  concerning this issue. 

    @nitoo: I’m not trying to buy more time. I’m openly asking to give us more time. I really don’t know what you want to hear. I admitted that I don’t have a fix time for the solution right know. I gave you just a suggestion what could help to increase the urgency of the problem. But feel free to bash and complain as much as you want (in the forum without swearing words and insults from now on because otherwise I will block you out). I understand that it is annoying to hear the same thing all the time and I’m very sorry for that. Fact is we can’t provide a fix with the snap of our finger. 

    So again, I  have to ask for your patience. I’ll keep you updated as soon as I get more  info. 

    Best  regards, 


  • @Laura : Sorry for being a bit harsh, I didn't mean to be disrecpectful or made it "personal" really. Was just being sarcastic and a touch cynical.


    But seriously : "fact is we can’t provide a fix with the snap of our finger" when the problem exists for over a month is a bit hard to digest. Granted, people in France don't seem to have reported the issue as much as people have under Telia. BUT. There's supposed to be a thing called Q&A, and I find hard to be "OK" with the fact that a major phone company like NOKIA (in conjunction with the concerned phone carrier, Orange here), can just release an update to one of their latest flagship phones and still have such important bug slip through. Sure, to err is human and it can happen to anyone. But we're talking about a big company here, not a regular joe in his garage. So the level of "patience" and understandability from customers isn't exactly on the same level.


    Therefore it "puzzles" me (to put it nicely) to see people starting to "organize" themselves in order to provide some form of Q&A for a company and an update that should ALREADY have had that job covered. In short : it's not their job, they paid good money for an otherwise excellent phone and they should expect it to work. Period. This is what gets me the most.


    All in all, I'm just trying to, albeit bluntly, tell people not to expect too much from you and wait it out (as it's obviously understandable you can't do much more than that in your position). So if anything, I'm going your way. I also do appreciate you replying to us often, so thank you.


    I'll just shut up now, and wait.

  • Many Thanks Laura for your answer.

    You say " I don’t have an exact time".

    For me it's not acceptable.

    I have just been reimbursed for my phone in Darty ( french store).

    Glad that Nokia had a mobile on Android, I will retry my chance only when your phones will be improved.

    Subject closed for me.

    Best regards.

  • Hi nitoo, 

    That’s the way I want a post to have. Thank you. And I totally agree with most of the parts of the post. We screwed up in this update and I’m not just talking about this problem and this should definitely not happen. 

    Concerning the ‘big’ company. We use the name Nokia (as a brand license) but we aren’t Nokia. Nokia is far bigger than HMD is right now. We have around 500 employees working here. For a global company this isn’t a lot and our processes aren’t that smooth by now. But I think every company makes mistakes (no matter how big  they are), we acknowledge them and try to improve which takes its time. Anyways, thanks for your understanding. 


    I’m sorry to hear that and hope we can convince you to be part of the Nokia community again in the future. 


    Best regards, 


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    Thé best to do is to post on Amazon, les numériques... to discribe issue and explain that Nokia is not fixing the bug impacting 4G on Orange/Sosh network
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    @Laura: I get this is a community support forum, and not a direct support forum, and I get that there is nothing *you* can do, except trying to explain and bring news if any. What I find hard to swallow is the fact that Nokia/HMD is leaving us in the dark regarding this issue.

    I personally contacted the support after struggling several days with the issue, factory resetting my unit (yeah, very happy to do that), and then finally finding this thread. That was good to hear I was not alone, and I did not cause the issue myself, or even may be a faulty unit. OK. But the support told straight to me "yeah we know, R&D is working on a fix, will be available next week. Bye." And then nothing for us french guys, except "we will keep you updated" from someone who has no clue.

    I accept having issues with a phone that is fresh on the market, but come on, big issue, biggest network in France, and no real official statement from Nokia/HMD.

    Users have not reported enough to support for Nokia to notice? No, support was perfectly aware right from the beginning, and were very busy because of that.

    Please do not try to make us responsible for the long delay.

  • I agree with some customers. Xhy nous official communication to Orange customets. Many of them spend hours to try to fix. Some tried system Factory reset that requirs to setup evrything again....
    Are you managed by people coming from SNCF ?
  • I also understood you fixed quickly Telia issue. Perhaps because of some of your VP was impacted !?!
  • telia issue is not fixed for model TA-1046 - android 8.1.0 - program version 00WW_2_22A

    telia or hmd support dont know what to do, i've contacted them both yesterday from this matter.

    got this f*****n problem yesterday morning after update!! +24hours and still not working!!!*#######****

    also i've tried to do everything requested here so far...

  • also forget to mention that buyed my phone just month ago and much to soon things went wrong with this model...veeeeeery dissapointed! looks like hmd is riding with nokia brand here??

    already miss my old trusty real nokia 1520!

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    Very good timing for this issue :-D : Nokia is not capable to provide good Android One support, french forum/online store are now aware of that and at the same time Xiaomi arrives in France and annouce is next Android One smartphone that will replace A1... (With specification equivalent to Nokia 7 plus for lower price).
    Nokia can be sure that people that buy Android One will look at this point.
  • rbfr rbfr
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    @Maxime @Laura

    Finally. Was it that hard for Nokia to acknowledge the issue??? Sad it had to be brought to twitter to get an official statement. Thank you Maxime :)

    Let's hope the fix really fixes this issue, does not break too much other stuff, does not remove too many features, and is delivered earlier than the 15th this time.

  • And this is not the first time that Nokia (certainly same ingenieer working now for HMD) introduce this kind of bug :
    Some french users complained because they loose 4G after firmware update on their Lumia 920.
    Can found other threads with this issue in english for some other contries/networks
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    June 5th, still no update or announcement from HMD. I guess once again it will be patched mid-June with the monthly update but we have still no warranty and we'll hit the one month mark without 4G, perhaps it will last even longer. 

    The phone has a great build quality, a good balanced hardware but i'am speechless about the software part, which is astonishing considering it's a bare stock android. The camera app could be improved (better HDR, RAW shooting capability) and some minor features could be Added (screen calibration). 

    I feel concerned about a few things, still software Wise. First willthe next updates be tested in the future before getting released? Secondly, @Laura said HMD is a small firm but they are releasing a huge number of phones that they'll have to keep updated as well, will HMD be able to keep that pace? 

    Even your own fans are starting to mock your support:

    I was passed the 15 days mark when the update came and broke 4G. Now my Connectivity speed is on par with my 4 and a half years phone. Even though the product is still usable, I strongly feel like a beta tester (but i didn't sign up for that) with an unfinished product. I would like that HMD give us the possibility to return the phones to our vendors and get a refund.

    I am strongly disappointed by the phone which software makes it impossible to exploit its full hardware capabilities (which are excellent). For now, Nokia is a clear no-go for my next phone (and it may become a definitive one if it comes down to the fact that i have to resell it and lose more money). I won't be advertising for HMD either. And that is too bad because i feel Nokia brand has what it takes to make a comeback at the top. 

  • Hi, french customer here. 

    I have the same issue with the rrench carrier Orange/Sosh since the last May security update.

    I'm still waiting the next security update in June, and i hope it will fix this LTE Bug.

    In same way, why HMD/Nokia don't give a way in order to rollback on previous operating system version, or a simply way to uninstall buggy patch ?

  • ramz6 ramz6
    My carrier is Jio
    Location India
    And after the may update everything is working flawless and getting a solid 2day battery backup as well
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    Don't know if its the solution, but after update phone Android app (on play store), it seems to working well...
    Nokia 7 plus, French carrier orange/Sosh.
  • Maxime Castella Maxime Castella
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    Same here. I don't know why but it works for me too (Sosh).
  • I confirm too. Was this a silent update ?
  • rbfr rbfr
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    Just saw your messages guys, so I reverted back to 4G, and I confirm it is working for me too :)

    Let's hope it will last.

    I have no idea if a silent update was pushed by Nokia/HMD, or if Orange/Sosh modified some of its network settings.

  • I'm happy for you guys, but for me, 4G is still not working with Sosh. Still having to switch on 3G. 

  • Go to play store, find app " téléphone" and update it.
  • I don't have any update, my current version is 19.0 from May 7th.

  • I have 20.0 of 31 may
  • The fix didn't come with the "telephone" app. I have the version 19 and my connectivity issues are fixed.
  • rbfr rbfr
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    @YannYann @Chrisdu66

    like YannTann no update for me 19.0 / may 7th

    4G working now

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