Australia - Security Patch April & May

Hi All, It seems to become a monthly tradition of creating this topic.

Australia - Security Patch April & May

Denis.S Denis.S
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Hi All,

It seems to become a monthly tradition of creating this topic. :)

Can we have some insight why we are not getting any updates here in Aus and if we can expect any fix? Currently we are overdue for April security patch and May as well.

Just FYI that update to 8.1 here took more than 2 months to land after lots of contacts with Nokia Customer Care team.

Appreciate if it can be addressed by official representative.

Thanks a lot and happy Friday!


  • Still waiting for a fix very annoying
  • hello again everyone :)

    yep still waiting on an update. and apparently the april update is supposed to fix my audio players crashing after about 30 minutes of playback in the background. so that would be nice.

    i am currently on a reseller on the vodafone network and vodafone has still marked the nokia 8 as "rolling out soon" for the april update :/

    i can't wait for the day when third parties (the carriers) don't get to block android updates anymore, like on iphone or pretty much any other operating system. Google has been promising a better update system for years and so far it's only gotten incrementally better.

  • Supposedly if you have an overseas SIM it will pick up the updates straight away, unfortunately I don't have one of those to hand...

  • Denis.S Denis.S
    Maybe Nokia should supply one when selling phones here is Aus 
  • user1518185860690 user1518185860690
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    The April update is now available for me
  • Unknown
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    Awesome same here, fingers crossed
  • Denis.S Denis.S
    Same here. Got April and downloading May now as well. Now we are up to date.
  • Nothing here yet, I'm on Vodafone.. what carriers are you with?
  •  vodafone too. nothing here so far

  • Denis.S Denis.S
    With Optus reseller - Jeenee
  • Swapped my Vodafone Sim with an optus-reseller one just now and 2 minutes later the update appeared.
  • Well I put an Optus sim out of my ipad into my Nokia 8 and yup, updates appeared instantly.. this goaround every month for these updates is annoying

  • terminusaquo terminusaquo
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    The same sort of thing happened to me here in the UK, got the April update and then a couple of days later I got the May update.

  • I am starting to think that the Telcos are asking Nokia to hold off until the have one approved model running that release on their network, e.g pixel. Telstra always seem to be all over the shop timingwise testing updates
  • A double banger here too, Australia. Nokia 8 TA-1012, unlocked. April and May security patch update.

  • I just got both updates after manually checking for updates.


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