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as mentioned in another thread with other issues about this phone recently recieved....

There is no way to add a second sim to this phone recieved it seems?!? Getting started guide included shows you can but this sim tray doesnt allow it so i dont even think the phone supports it??

what the rubbish have i been sold Nokia?? FM Radio doesnt exist even though advertised, Dual Sim non existant, Proximity sensor doesnt even work so calls cant be taken properly like using a normal phone!?

Resolutions to these issue would be good ASAP!!?!


  • pallab03 pallab03
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    All Of The Above Complaints You're Mentioned, Only "FM Radio" Makes Sense But The Phone Have The FM Radio Capability But Nokia Didn't Include Any Software For This . You Can Use A 3rd Party Software .

    And Just Recent Update Nokia Brought Dual VoLTE Support & You're Writing No Dual Sim ?? What Rubbish .

    Last Of All , Proximity Sensor , Yes It Do Work Buttery Smooth . If Anyone Turns Off The Sensor How Could The Screen Goes Off ??

    Did You Really Facing Those Problem Or Just Going With That Thread You Mentioned ??

  • kedar kedar
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    you have posibility of buy N7p single sim or dual sim, if you buy single sim, then yes have single sim, i buy dual sim version and have dual sim, that simply ;-)

  • Hi both,

    Appreciate your responses and obviously wouldn't have started a thread if these were not issues that were being faced. From other threads on this forum and others, other people are also experiencing the same problems.

    To both users, as shown below (because i took this screenshot when ordering from Nokia originally as i posted a message to customer service asking why the white variant was not possible to select as well) Clearly there is no option for selecting dual sim.


    Regarding youre response Pallab03, Maybe you should double check your facts as the other user has written there seems to have been 2 variants, so any software update wouldnt just magically support dual sim. 

    Again Pallab03 - clearly if the sensor worked "buttery smooth" on this unit purchased this wouldnt be mentioned in the thread would it, your assumption (of which is clearly a wrong and useless assumption) could have been more useful to this "Community forum" had you said something like:
    "have you tried going to where you can turn the sensor off and checked it isnt turned off by mistake" could have been more useful. 

    Having already googled where this "mysterious and wonderful" setting is that you seem to make reference too is and checked that before creating this thread. 
    You could then "Assume" that yes i had checked this and - no this setting could not be found so unable to check if it was turning off any sensor, also having performed a factory reset as mentioned on the other thread and by other threads also having had similar problems. This sensor problem still exists.

    Did you really read the threads or think of something useful before writing your post??? I ASSUME NOT

  • Pallab03 - i see in your responses to other threads you offered some helpful comments to users. yet here its rather aggressive and not helpful. i dont see why you couldn't offer some more useful suggestions here as you seem to have some experience with issues others have experienced...

  • kas kas
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    For FM radio.. it's just as others said.. for sim tray.. it's a hybrid it should have one small cutout for sim1 and a big cut-out for sim2 or microSD whichever u want to put. Also try contacting support for the proximity sensor problem.. if they can't help.. try to visit a nokia care maybr and ask for replacement... the sim tray should look like this for dual sim model.. 


  • kas kas
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    for FM radio it's just as oters said.. and for sim tray.. it's a hybrid slot.. so it should have 1 small cut-out for sim1 and one big cut-out for sim2 or microSD whichever u want to put in..the sim tray should look like this -


    and for proximity sensor try contacting support see if they can help if not try visiting a nokia care..if it's defective u could ask for a replacement i think

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