Nokia 6.1 WIFI does not connect



  • Phone is useless without WiFi connectivity. Waiting for fix.

  • I too face the same issue. I have to literally sit feet away from the router for having WiFi connectivity. Fingers crossed.
  • Satty
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    Hi Laura,

    We don't have any complaints against the moderators. The pain point is that Nokia has not yet acknowledged the problem. None of the steps provided by customer support seem to help and that is causing all the frustration. It appears that Nokia does not care about the problems faced by the customers.

    As a customer, I would have liked Nokia to come forward and acknowledge that there is an issue and they are working on it. But the tech support person I spoke to was laughing as if selling the broken phone is very funny. 

    So all we are saying is - acknowledge the problem and give a solution ASAP. 


  • Pls help us Nokia
  • aloksarawat
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    Hi, It's an issue for everyone, not for some. After May update, I rest my Wi-Fi router, factory reset of phone and still having issue.
    Nokia customer support does know what is the issue, they have same reply for every issue, take backup and do factory reset or hard reboot.

    Please let us know when this is going to resolve or replace this update with April update.

  • We all have been raising this for sometime on different platforms. No response has been forthcoming so far. In the world of competition, this is suicidal behaviour in Nokia's part. I think we all should return our handsets.
  • tuphan
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    Hi Laura,

    Please confirm whether same has been escalated to the concern team or not? 

  • Hi everyone,


    As stated we are aware of the issue. It is escalated to responsible teams. So far, I can’t say more but I will keep you informed as soon as I get an update on this. 

    Best regards, 


  • Hi Laura,

    Hope, the concerned team had understood the importance of the issue and take necessary steps. 

    Informed us, when you will get an update on this.

  • Hi Laura,
    I hope they will do the needful, I love this handset pretty cool simple and just a perfect handset .
    But unfortunately the happiness lasted only a day for me that's when this WIFI connectivity issues comes .What good is a phone without a WIFI no matter how cool the features are .Please NOKIA team request you to the needful ASAP .Your customers trust you a lot and patiently wait for a positive outcome .
  • Satty
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    The number of topics merged here shows how many people are suffering due to this issue.


    And the funny thing is what they have to say in the FAQ. I wonder what kind of quality was assured.


  • Really this is very strange things, How they release such critical updates without proper user acceptance testing....

  • I got an update (April security patch) ... Thanks for the response atleast now .... But don't repeat it again Nokia we bought this mobile because of the trust we have on Nokia ... Don't spoil it... Waiting for a proper security patch update .. thank you
  • You mean you got the April patch on top of the May patch?
  • Ya ... Its working fine now.
  • Satty
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    How did you manage to get an older update?

  • Yes , I done that, working fine.But unfortunately after configuring everything auto updated.Update was on pause thou.No options for Do Not Auto Update??
  • How did you get the April patch?
  • Actually i went to service centre. They flashed me February security patch Rom. I have been using that from 3 days. But i still contacted various contact centre. Yesterday i sent mail to Nokia. They collected details like IMEI , device model and problem i am facing. After that there is no reply. I think they sent me an update to my mobile. Today morning. Now my mobile is running on April Security patch update.
  • Do anyone else get April patch update?

  • No. And we don't know whom to connect with. I have written it to Nokia Mobile team on Twitter as well but no response . Frustrating behaviour from Nokia team.
  • maxh
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    Personally I don't hope Nokia will go back to the April update. The May update solved my only problem, Bluetooth stability. Wifi still working fine. (TA-1043)

  • [email protected] send email to this account
  • Even I am having the same issue... Please fix this fast
  • shiwik
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    Would anyone be aware of the firmware dump. We could manually flash it

  • @shiwik: Can you please share the steps for manual flash?

  • I don't think it's easy to manually flash the firmware. Because inorder to do a manual flash we need to unlock the bootloader any Nokia won't allow bootloader unlock or we need some mechanisms other than fastboot.

  • user1526538436460
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    Don't manually flash. Better go the nearest service centre to flash ... Or mail to [email protected] for the support. I got April security patch through updating process. By sending a complaint mail to nokia.
  • You dont need to unlock your bootloader to manually flash Nokia provided/compatible firmware. Bootloader unlocking is required if you need to flash a custom recovery and eventually flash custom ROMs. I would not encourage manual flashing if you are unfamiliar with the process.

  • shiwik
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    I wrote to Nokia support this afternoon and they asked me for my location, IMEI and service provider. Interestingly, right after i provided this information, they closed the ticket saying the case has been resolved and here i am left high and dry. There is one other response from Nokia and i am pasting it as received. 

    Thank you for contacting Nokia Mobile Care and for reporting to us the impact on Wi-Fi connectivity with the May Security Patch.

    We have escalated your case to our colleagues at R&D and are waiting for a resolution any moment now. Therefore, please keep an eye on the available fix, by checking regularly the availability of a new release in Menu > Settings > System > System Update > Check for Update.


    Please accept our apologies for the inconveniences.


    We remain available in case you have further concerns.


    You can reach us via live chat. The live technical support channel is easily accessible from the support application of your Nokia smartphone and from your PC, at


    English support is available 24/7

    Kind regards,


    Nokia Mobile Care team


    You might receive an invitation to fill in a short survey to help us improve our care for you. We would love it if you would take a few minutes to send us your feedback! If your case isn't resolved yet, please get back to us and we will help additionally.



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