Nokia 6.1 WIFI does not connect



  • Ravi
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    Guys, I would suggest let's wait. I got below response from Nokia Team (No ETA). I know phone is unusable without proper internet but rather than we getting into more trouble let's wait for official fix.

    Thank you for contacting Nokia Mobile Care and for reporting to us the impact on Wi-Fi connectivity with the May Security Patch.

    We have escalated your case to our colleagues at R&D and are waiting for a resolution any moment now. Therefore, please keep an eye on the available fix, by checking regularly the availability of a new release in Menu > Settings > System > System Update > Check for Update.

    Please accept our apologies for the inconveniences.

    We remain available in case you have further concerns.

    You can reach us via live chat. The live technical support channel is easily accessible from the support
    application of your Nokia smartphone and from your PC, at
    English support is available 24/7

    Kind regards,
    Nokia Mobile Care Team
  • monjit
    monjit ✭✭
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    Nokia 6.1
    Without WiFi ...
    Very very painful in daily life...

    At least Nokia team can give some deadline..

    We all are waiting...
    Nokia's software Developer team
    This is not a patience test... We already suffer most...

    Do hurry..
  • Rams
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    Hi Laura,

    Please escalate this issue with high priority, so that the R&D team can fix the issue or give some solution to rollback to previous patch. My friends are laughing at NOKIA 6.1 regarding this issue. Please take this issue on high priority.

    Thank You.

  • Hi Ramesh

    The issue has already been escalated and it has high priority. We are aware how inconvenient it is to be without wifi and that a lot of people need it for the daily use. As already stated I can’t do much more and I really hope to offer you a solution  or a workaround as soon as possible. But be assured we are working with high pressure on it. 

    Sorry that I don’t have more info to offer right now. 

    Best regards, 


  • user1527056464107
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    What is this???

    Unexpected services from NOKIA. I always suggesting for using the NOKIA phones. But, I didn't expect that this type of worst services regarding the update will took place.

    Brought NOKIA 6.1 yesterday noon, and update my handset with the authorized NOKIA updated version. Wi-fi issue was raised then and there. Serving internet by connecting through Wi-fi seems too much slow, even so slower than a bullock cart.

    Diagnose, Identify, Resolve ASAP. Don't force me to lose faith and trust on Team NOKIA.

    - Regards,

    Tamal Chakraborty

  • abhijit biswas
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    Hello Laura,

    Any updates on this wifi issue ? At least request team to roll back to April security updates , if it takes weeks to fix this bug .
  • Hello Abhijit, 


    no sorry, no update from my side for the Wi-Fi issue. I forwarded the suggestions of a rollback to the April security patch  already. As soon as I hear something I’ll let you all know. 


    Best regards, 


  • Satty
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    @Laura, Thanks for all your help. 

    But Nokia needs to understand that in this fast-paced world, customer's patience can't be taken for granted. A hotfix for a critical problem cannot take weeks. Hope Nokia keeps this in their sight if they care about making an impact in the highly competitive phone market.

  • Unknown
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    Hi Satty, 

    I stated in some other topics already we are actually not Nokia but HMD and we’re a still kind of a start-up. I totally agree and understand expecting patience isn’t always the best solution. Compared to all the big players in the market, we have a small team and processes are not always that smooth. We are learning but in order to learn there have to be mistakes as well. I know this one is a crucial one since a lot of people are affected and it is an important function in the phone. We’re working on it with high-pressure and do our best to offer a solution as soon as possible. I understand this isn’t an easy situation for our customers, so all I can ask for is understanding and a bit of more patience. 

    Best regards, 


  • Any updates on this?? Already 1 week has been passed.

  • user1527056464107
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    Any update???

    This can't be a good experience from a world wide brand. Losing my patience now. I can't even use my new phone after purchasing it.

    Please fix this issue or share the last software update.

  • user1523565956001
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    I started facing the same issue after May 18 update. I own one plus 5t as well and thats been patched with May18 update ,no issues found in that mobile. Even let it be a problem from Android, how can Nokia release the patch without even testing it? They knew the volume of sales for Nokia 6.1 so definitely they knew how many users will get affeted. If its a problem with Android they should stop the update and take it back to google.

    I tried changing lot of settings in my wifi router to get rid of this problem, unfortunately nothing worked as the patch is overriding.
    It works fine when I'm near to router and connected in dual band.
    Choose a channel which doesn't have any interference from other wifi router
    Checked in my one plus 5t, it's working perfectly fine no issues at all.
    Contacted Nokia customer care via Support, i think a bot messaged me a default answer as it will be rectified in next update, but the bot doesn't know when a fix or update will be available.
    No information from Nokia or I dont know ehen this will be fixed.
    I owned Redmi note 3 and 4, even their customer care is far far better than Nokia support.
    Whoever bought Nokia 6.1 has to live with this kind of support for **** up the great model.
    Im not ure whether they stopped pushing the May patch, I would expect atleast this help so that new users won't get affected.
  • LN Ayyagari
    LN Ayyagari ✭✭
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    When a new version severely affects the functionality of a major feature, the immediate response is to ROLLBACK. Because identifying errors and writing code to fix it and then again test it and then release it for public consumption obviously takes time. Even the giant photographic company Fujifilm has done a rollback recently. When it found some malfunctions in the Firmware 4.0 for its mirrorless camera XT2, it immediately released Firmware 4.01 which is the exact copy of a more stable Version 3.0. So Nokia can do something of that sort and make the Nokia lovers happy.

  • user1526652198111
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    Testing our patience, its been days, pathetic!
    Stopped using the device, started the alternate.
  • technoabhi
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    I think we should give some time to the Nokia guys for providing a fix for this issue.
    As we can see that they have already made a mistake by rolling out an update without testing, so now we can only hope that this time they will provide a fix for this issue in the next update after a through testing.
    Also, the May update contains security fixes . A Rollback means you are leaving your device open for a whole lot of vulnerabilities that have been fixed in the May update.
    So, in my opinion the devices security is more important than the current WiFi issue. As the issue might get fixed in the later update.
  • Well, i don't see such a major threat by not applying the may security patch. Atleast we would have a working phone by rolling back.
  • Unknown
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    Concerning  the rollback, I think (and from what I heard) the main issue is the rollback would be too big for Mobile data and since the Wi-Fi isn’t working it is not possible to get it to the affected phones. 

    Best  regards, 


  • shiwik
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    Wifi works, albeit poor range and reception. The same problem would persist when the patch comes out. I can recommend couple options

    1. Provide an OTA for the April patch
    2. Provide a dump of the April version which we can download and manually flash
  • user1526652198111
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    Hi Laura,

    Please note, the problem was NOT like the wifi was not connecting at all, wifi is available near Router,so rolling back can be done on wifi.
  • Hari M
    Hari M ✭✭
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     Hi ,

    I am using the phone for past one week where i am seeing similar behavior where the WiFi signal strength is getting reduced after upgrade to may patch. kindly make sure that this is fixed as early as possible.

  • venkataramanan
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    Already a week gone, but no solution from's very bad..we are suffering like anything due to the above issue...when Nokia will solve the above problem and allow us to live without tension..compared to other phones, we are giving extra premium to Nokia believing that in Nokia mobile, we won't face any problem..but reality is worst ..
  • shiwik
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    Hi Laura, do you have an update/eta on the fix? Also, is there a possibility of getting an ota for the April patch?

    You can imagine the anxiety and annoyance from this community and non-responsiveness is only worsening things.
  • I don't know why people are complaining about WiFi issue..
    I got 4 GB RAM variant on 20 may and updated to may security patch and everything is working fine..
    The only issue I'm facing with Nokia 6.1 is with fast charging.
    It takes 2 hours for 0 to 100% charge.
    It takes 90 minutes for first 90% and 30 minutes for last 10%
  • user1526903342536
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    You're the only person I've seen WITHOUT the problem. Maybe it's fine for the 4gb ram version.
  • Navjot
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    Mr. Dev. I don't know why are you complaining about Fast Charging its working fine on my device....
    Understand now...
    If we are having problems with wifi then only we are here..
    No one is free like you so please mind your own business and yeah 4gb version is different than 3gb version.. If u had 3gb version then u surely should be among us.
  • Hi,

    Also I have 4GB version and I am facing WiFi Issue after May update.

  • I don't use WiFi always.
    I bought on 20 may (4GB) then with WiFi I updated it to may security patch.
    After updating to may security patch I used it with WiFi for sometime then I inserted sim cards and started using on mobile data but on 23 may I again connected to wifi and used and it was working fine with WiFi
  • Try to show your anger on Nokia and HMD not on me..
    I just put my view that my 4 GB variant wifi is working fine so be calm
  • Even with the 4gb variant this issue is there, earlier my WiFi was working fine even in my room (my router is just outside my room) and now I have to stand on top of the router for WiFi to work and that also sometimes doesn't work. It's after this may update, can anyone tell how security patch is messing with the WiFi
  • Who wrote that why people are complaining here? Weren't that You? You tell where we go ? To Finland ? If we face some issue?