Nokia 6.1 WIFI does not connect



  • Hi everyone, 


    No, I still don’t have an update on the fix. I’ll post it as soon as I get it. Sorry that I can’t do  more. 


    @Mr. Dev78: it is true not everyone is facing this issue, but a lot of people do unfortunately. Happy for you it works :)  


    @user1526846382607: Mr.Dev78 just contributed to the topic and has the same right as you to comment on it. This is a community and people are allowed to express their experience, no need to tell him to mind his own business. So please keep it friendly in here, even though I know it is annoying to wait so long for an update. 


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  • @Mr.Dev78: no need for that comment though. 


    Please both of you end this or I have to block both of you from this topic. 



  • Its not that I am angry on anyone just annoyed because I have contacted or emailed 100 time to Nokia
  • @user1526846382607 

    I totally understand that and I wish I could provide a solution instead of asking for more patience but right now I can't. I'm really sorry for that. 

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  • I know update will take time and we are waiting.
  • Rams
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    Hi Laura,

    First i want to say 'Thank u' for ur +ve responses regarding the issue. Mine also '4GB RAM' mobile and i'm also struggling with the same issue after updating to the 'May patch' . I don't know why 'Mr.Dev78' is not getting this issue after installing the 'May Patch'. 

    (He is not getting the issue, It is possible only in 2 cases: 1. May be he is using wifi with less distance, 2. May Nokia has removed that bugging May patch and replaced it with working one, and now they may are searching for the solution to the the affected mobiles )

    and 'Laura' i had found that ur yesterday's comment here it is

    " Concerning the rollback, I think (and from what I heard) the main issue is the rollback would be too big for Mobile data and since the Wi-Fi isn’t working it is not possible to get it to the affected phones. 

     Best regards, Laura "

    Issue is: 

    wifi is working fine but only in closest distance(very close: we can say with in 2-3 meters distance it is working, if we move beyond 3-4 meters distance it won't connect at all. This is the issue), so even if Nokia provide's 'RollBack' solution, we can manage to download it by sitting on top of the wifi router. 

    So Please ask for an ETA to R&D team, and provide an ETA to us, then we can hope for solution. We are asking ETA because we r losing hope on NOKIA.

    Thank You,


  • HI Laura,

    Given that this issue has been around for over a week, the response/attitude from Nokia/HMD has been abysmal. How long does it take to provision a rollback OTA. This option has been repeatedly mentioned in this forum to no avail. Just saying that a fix is being worked with no ETA is absolutely unacceptable. It just needs one disgruntled customer to go the consumer court way. We need an ETA/resolution and no indefinite times. 

    What are our other channels of escalation - anyone at Nokia. We are here at the weekend and i am sure none would be working over the weekend. Asking us to go to the service center is absurd as there is nothing wrong with the device. It is the shoddy software that was provided. What is your advice here other than asking us to have patience and wait indefinitely.

  • maxh
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    With all respect but demanding an ETA is BS(excuse the expression). As a programmer and bèta tester for several commercial firmware/programs, I know bug finding is time consuming. There are a lot of variables in this. eg. I don't have any problems with the WiFi connection. I'm on 5 GHz with a concrete floor between the router and the phone. No difference between the April and May update. My only problem is the Bluetooth with my car. I thought the May update solved the instability, unfortunately it didn't.
    But, I honestly do believe that many users have the WiFi issue.
    Ergo, give them time to make a suitable solution, and not fix something and break something at the same time.

  • shiwik
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    Your response is quite amusing. A phone with connectivity issues is a brick and this has been confirmed by several users. The basics of every service is an SLA and that is governed by an ETA. I am a developer myself and the least i do is provide a stable ROM and provide rollback options in cases of eventually.

    Would encourage you to go through previous posts, there are several acknowledgements on the complexity of a fix. I am sure they have a device tree and it is a no brainer to bundle up the previous branch into an OTA. You could still choose to stick to your current version, but there are several who would be benefitted.

    This is just a clarificatory response and i have no further intentions of any further response to your messages.
  • I have given up hope of HMD releasing any patch. According to me, they feel that they can make the customers wait till the patch for the next month. 

  • Yeah.. Hmd. Wont release the update before 15 june...
  • I visited the service centre this morning for a roll back. Guess what they claim the Nokia servers have been down all day and they could do nothing. Shameful to say the leaset
  • The problem is getting worse for me.... Earlier I had been able to use the WiFi atleast when I was close to it now I can't even do that... And someone here had said that they are not rolling back to April's patch because noone could download it because the WiFi isn't working and people would have to use their mobile data.... Now what I am asking is that how will we download the new patch ? The WiFi isn't working so we will have to use the mobile data itself... So what my suggestion is to bring back the April's patch and those who have mobile data can download it... So when the June's patch comes so we can easily download it using the WiFi.. so what I am saying to bring back the April patch for time being..
    A Nokia User
  • I am facing the exact same issue. I have to sit literally next to the router to get the internet connection. I am not sure if it is hardware issue or software issue?

  • leadpb
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    I am also facing similar issue.

    1. While being far (~10m ) from the wifi router strength and connectivity is extremely bad, whereas my old phone just works fine.

    2. Even when close, sometimes the wifi doesn't connect or looses connection.

    My router works on the 2.4Ghz band.
  • Guys .. Request April security patch through email to Nokia. By submitting your mobile details they will send you April security patch update.
  • I sent my details more than a week back. Not heard back anything. They took my operator and IMEI details

    to no avail. Have you received anything

  • Check your updates
  • I have been checking several time everyday and i dont see any! Do we need to VPN it?

  • monjit
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    Hi, user1526538436460
    There is no OTA update available till now to solve the most demanding problem. Did you get any OTA software update for Nokia 6.1?

    Dear, Laura...
    Still waiting for the day when OTA software update is available?
    When it will be available?
  • I had received update to April security patch next day. After updating if i tried to update mobile. It is showing your device is up to date
  • Even I got the same problem after the May update. The WiFi reception is very bad after the update.

  • Ashish
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    same here. wifi is not behaving at all .

  • mosinh
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    Waiting for the solution HMD Nokia
  • My wifi option also not working with my latest 6.1 phone and its very annoying 

  • Dont worry it will be fixed in 15 days and guess what there will be an option for face unlock too (not trusted face). China variant got face unlock.
  • It has already been not working for close to two weeks now and wait another 15 days!! Shameful on Nokia's part. Customer service is terrible

  • Navjot
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    I don't think anyone at Nokia use Nokia phones.
  • i was about to purchase it instead of Moto G6, but seeing this thread is not encouraging.

    not only does it seem obvious that Nokia follows blindly the AndroidOne program and doesn't test upgrades, but on top of this it seems that nothing is in place for rollbacks, and on a critical issue it can take above 2 weeks (and counting) to solve it.

    Well.. I think the conclusion is clear. My business and personal life can't depend on poor customer service.

  • Yeah but Its better than Moto g6... You may go for something else than these both. Go rore Huwaei p20 lite