Nokia 6.1 WIFI does not connect



  • mosinh
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    WiFi works but you need to sit near by the router and about the workaround u said we have already tried all - network reset even I hard reseted my TA 1089 my other phone and laptop works fine but this phone does not connect at all
  • I am also from India, facing the same WiFi issue in Nokia 6.1 (4gb). After reading so many complaints posted since two weeks without any solution, I seriously request Nokia to take some concrete action. Even I wrote an email to two days back, but no response so far.
  • With WiFi also Bluetooth is a problem with connectivity with distance .phone which I have purchased in 2014 it WiFi and Bluetooth are better than Nokia 6.1.
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    With the may update the range of wifi has decreased drastically but that is just a bug and hope google will release a patch soon for June. And it's Google's fault to releases patches with bugs not Nokia's.
  • shiwik
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    Not true. Google releases the code which is then modified by the manufacturer to match the hardware. I have a OP5t and it has the may patch with no issues whatsoever. This is Nokia's responsibility to provide a fix and not google.
  • I had
    purchased the New Nokia 6.1 in last week of April 2018 considering that Nokia
    is good and came with Android Oreo.

    But I
    felt extremely bad after I face the severe Wi-fi connectivity issues, after I
    install May 2018 security update.

    I tried
    everything and followed Nokia Customer Support chat. Done factory reset for 3
    times in the last two weeks.

    When I am
    1-2 meters away from Wi-fi router, then it works fine and the connectivity is
    ZERO beyond this range.


    This is really non sense and I didn't expect this from Nokia. I will never buy any Nokia phone
    in my life again and will never recommend this to my friends if the problem not
    rectified immediately.


    I also
    would like to roll bank to previous update, as May 2018 security patch might be
    the issue. Can you please do this for me for rolling back to the previous
    update. OR please send the next security patch immediately to solve this issue.

    Hope at least this can be done. 


    I even
    went to Nokia service centre and they told that there is no such issue.

    I am
    really really unhappy and request to solve this Wi-Fi connectivity issue.


    Also bad
    signal in mobile network.

    All my
    other phones get good Wi-fi and good Network with no problems in Wifi


    Hoping to
    receive a positive response. 


  • They'll probably fix it in the June Patch

  • Hopefully! because June is here and there is still no update or commitment from HMD.

  • Both the April and May Updates came at the end of the respective months.

    Pixel and Nexus devices are updated at the beginning obviously.
  • Facing d same issue since d may security update, wifi keeps on disconnecting and reconnecting every now and then. Didn't expected this from nokia.
  • Hi Laura,

    Please update on this? When will we get WiFi fix update? Already we are in the first week of June...

    Please confirm.

  • @Laura - Nokia/HMD has callously ignored customer grievances on the May security patch. It is evident cos there has been absolutely no news from the company.

    Would you be kind enough to respond to us realistically when we can see an update?

  • The last update was on 18th may, so I don't expect it to be in the first half of the month since Nokia has no interest in resolving the issue urgently. Who knows June update might come in July. Btw, I have also started getting issues regarding the mobile connectivity and battery backup. Plus, everytime I close a heavy app like NFS the wallpaper position and scale changes. It's not that big an issue but adds up cz it might be because of this update only. Anybody else facing the same problem??
    I got a mail from Nokia. They apologized for the delay in replying at least and they asked me to reset the WiFi but nothing happened. No reply from them after that.
  • I just got a notification about a new patch. Anyone tried this? V2.22c.

    I would need to get back home to see if it fixes the issue. Currently on 4g.

    Could someone confirm the build number of the may patch please?
  • Unknown
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    Hi  everyone, 

    Yes, we started rolling out a patch for the Wi-Fi issue about an hour ago. It should arrive everywhere within the next 3 days. 

    Please check your phones :) 

    Have a nice day, 


  • @Laura -are you referring to V2.22c?
  • Yeah just checked. It's v2.22c.
    It says "Update Google debit patch 2018-05. Hopefully they are referring to the may patch issue. Will update as soon as I connect.
  • Hi,
    Update recieved and done!
    Fortunately wifi connectivity problem fixed, just installed need some for time reaffirm thou.But its seems fixed!

    Now we appreciate your efforts HMD team!
  • Thumbs up. Its fixed. Thanks hmd.
  • mosinh
    mosinh ✭✭
    WiFi strength seems to be improved I see no issues until now will confirm later after using for more time

    Thank you HMD team
  • WiFI strength has improved. Not as much as before May patch, but good enough strength to make the device usable. Thanks.

  • Wifi is working normally now
  • rajat
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    Thanks  HMD!
    Wi-Fi working fine after getting update!
  • Unknown
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    Hi all, 

    Good to hear it works :) 

    Best regards, 


  • shiwik
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    @Laura - Fortunately the new patch works. However could you ensure future patches are smoked before it is released. We have witnessed the commitment from Nokia and another setback is non-livable.
  • after installing update and restarting system, i'm not able to find Home-Buttons (Navigation keys) auto-hide , please suggest me that how i can auto-hide navigation bar.

  • I didn't receive any update, I am based out of Mauritius.

  • Is there any other bug in this update? I just need to make sure that they haven't added any new bugs to fix next month.
  • I got an update minutes ago and I can confirm that the problem is fixed.


  • Hari M
    Hari M ✭✭

     Thanks for the Effort hmd. I installed update yesterday TA-1089 . Its working Normal.