Nokia 6.1 WIFI does not connect



  • monjit
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    Hi Laura...
    I installed the update yesterday and till now no WiFi issue.
    Thank you...

    With best regards
  • After some eighteen days, smiles are back on us -  Nokia loyalists. Yeah, thank you HMD and Laura. The WIFI issue is resolved and my Nokia 6.1 is getting good signal - 12/15Mbps @ some 12 meters after two walls. When the issue was there I was getting 0.2 Mbps!

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    Hi  everyone, 

    Thanks for the feedback. 

    Really great to hear that it is working now they way it should and thanks again for all your patience. 

    Best regards,  


  • Device is stable now. Wi-Fi connectivity back to normal. Thanks Laura & Nokia/HMD team . Hope we will get June Android Security update soon.

  • Lorenzo
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    is this being rolled out for Nokia 6 too? I have the same issue on a Nokia 6.


  • d-mi
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    @Lorenzo, Not sure about that but hope they will do so if there's an issue.
  • Please Laura, could you confirm that the fix is global? I am in the UK, and the problem with WiFi is huge.

  • Varma Bh
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    I am ok now with the update of Monday. WiFi is Woking normally now. But felt that the handset is getting heated. Also battery is draining.
    Thanks to Laura and HMD.
  • monjit
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    Yes. I also notice, after the update WiFi issue is fixed but battery issue arise. Now, battery drain more quickly. This update degrade the battery performance.

    Why Nokia??

    Are you facing this battery issue too ?
  • Laura, can you please confirm if the fix is released everywhere??
    I am based out of Maurice and haven’t received anything update.
  • I own a Nokia 6 model TA-1021. Received the June security update, and did not fix anything. WiFi connectivity is still horrible, constant turning on/off of wifi. What do I/we have to do for Nokia to take their customers seriously? I recommended Nokia to friends and family. Now I believe I've made a grave mistake doing so. I will continue to believe such until Nokia finds an apt solution for this.
  • I apologize if this post seems out of place. But for those who own the older Nokia 6 with the same issues, I opened a topic under Nokia 6- Hope you guys can check it out and upvote so we too, can get our phones fixed. 

  • Ashish
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    After the latest update, the wifi is working wonderfully

    Phone heats up a bit 

    When is the June update coming up 

  • I am also facing same issue, while hotspot is on trying to connect Nokia 6.1 wifi signals are very week even 10 feet distance not able to access wifi.
  • user1529516538293
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    I'm in Holland having wifi internet connection issues. Last update I received is the may security update but not the patch for this issue. Does this still has to be released in the Netherlands?

    Thank you!

  • Im still facing the issue with Nokia 6.1. Model TA1089.  I had a chat with Nokia support and even the official support is clueless as when we receive a fix or we receive June security update. As per official page the update is not released for Nokia 6.1 (though it is released to Nokia 6)

    I hardly used this mobile for a month and for more than a month I'm struggling with wifi issues. I contacted Nokia in twitter , not even a response from them. I really regret buying this mobile. When it's Nokia and you pay extra money to get great support but in reality Nokia proved they are same as other local brands.

    I'm happy to sell my Nokia 6.1, I lost my trust and confidence in Nokia. This will be my last mobile with Nokia and I will never recommend to anyone. If anybody interested you can reach me, I would like to sell it for cheaper price as well.


  • Am also facing Wifi problem on my nokia 6.1..after May security update can't find 5Ghz plz

  • I have a nokia ta-1050, in the uk, and it still has huge issues with wifi after may update. The fix has not been pushed in the uk, but only in india. This is unacceptable from HMD.
    Could you at least answer something, we are still many people facing issues in Europe with this variant.

  • maxh
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    That's not true. A lot of people received the update in Europe. It's probably you provider. EE?

  • Thanks MaxH
    I am in O2 in the UK, and the last update I have received is the 8.1 oreo with May SP, about 1 month ago (TA-1050), with all the wifi issues
    I do not get what is the point of android one, if I get updates 1 month later (compared to other variants of the same model).
    And I am still unable to get decent wifi.
  • I reset my network settings and it works great for me now. Maybe this method will help you.
  • Have the same problem. At home using the DSL router everything is fine, The connection is stable. At places with captive portal based wifi the login works mostly fine, but after a short time (1-5 Miinutes) I get disconnected.. Resetting the network settings, or disabling bluetooth and/or gps (as proposed from other users)  didn't helped to solve this issue.. When do we get an update which fixes this ??

  • I fed with HMD and Nokia.. It's only 2 weeks it worked fine and more than 2 months Im struggling with the wifi issue. Im using Nokia 6.1, TA-1089 with build number 00WW_2_22A. There is nothing released for this version after May update. June and almost July mid past , no fix or no security update released for this model. However 22C they released a fix and even July security update. 

    I dont think it will be released or focused on this model as they are busy releasing the newer model Nokia 6.1 Plus. I'm fed up and frustrated with Nokia. Never ever recommend to anyone. Not worth for paying extra money. 

  • My nokia 6.1 TA 1054 cant connect mobile data.

  • d-mi
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    I am using the model TA-1089 previously it had WiFi issues in may security patch like a huge decrease in wifi and also in Bluetooth range but that was fixed in the June update and since then it's working just fine WiFi working fine and I am on July security patch build 2_22E_SP01. And you're not clear about on which build you're currently on, are you still on build 2_22A or have you update to the the latest as mine and still got problems with the WiFi?
  • Hi, @Laura,

    I bought 6.1 today and see the same issue. The security patch I have on the device is of July 2018
    I use 5GhZ wifi channel. Any clue why I am facing this?

    Any pointers would be of great help

  • For the people whoever still facing this issue and waiting for an update. I had a long chat with Nokia support and here is the summary.


    As I said earlier I bought this Phone in India and currently in UK (with Lyca and Virgin) . My model is (Nokia 6.1) TA-1089 and build number is 00WW_2_22A. After having a chat with the support folks they support person said the update depends on below factors


    • Location 
    • Operator 
    • Model 
    • Build Number 


    Further to add the update is influenced by operator and location. From the chat I understand HMD or Nokia doesn't have any influence in releasing the monthly update and it's mainly decided by the operator ) which itself completely differs from what's been advertised for Android One by Nokia. It's been two months since I received my last update in May 2018, though it's been a nightmare update, plus two more security update has been released by Google but this device or the model I use never received an update after May 2018 and I don't know in which year I'll be receiving this as Nokia support says its probably held by the operator for verification (The weird thing is that even they don't have a list of operators who verified or who yet to verify the latest update, at least in UK) . PFA screenshots below, support person is claiming operator has to validate the update and the operator is responsible to pushing it to user. I still have below questions , if anyone knew the answer please help me to understand


    • Why do the operator or Nokia need to know the location for releasing the update? Even without location, they should be able to release the update. 
    • Why operator plays an important role in releasing the patch as I would expect the release to happen from Nokia or HMD. Since the device supports multiple base band frequency, Nokia or HMD need to complete their testing on all the base band frequency to ensure it works.  

    Next thing is that from link when you choose Nokia 6.1 you could see the latest update, the technical support person is not sure which update is applicable to which model or build number but they claim it's depended on model and build number which is again confusing as they were not able to find which update is relevant to which model thats been updated in their own website


    *) Support person gave me two workaround to give a try to receive the update, Unfortunately both the workaround doesn't work for me. More over I dont understand what's the use of VPN as the support person didnt insist to connect from different country which means you will be connecting to the sane country and it's not going to make any difference..









    with all these concerns and probably very bad customer experience I wont recommend Nokia mobile to anyone.

  • I don't agree the network operator has to approve the update, if so that's a huge Android flaw.

    With the old Windows Nokia phones, on Windows 10 you got the updates immediately as you got them directly from Microsoft. Furthermore if you were on the Insider programme you could get new builds a couple of times or more a month, each time directly from Microsoft with no operator restriction.

    The purpose of Carrier Services function in Android I believe is meant to achieve much the same as this. Any carrier requirements are programmed into the Android OS app updated through the stire, meaning the OS can be updated independently without carrier restriction.

    Phones that are carrier tied wouldn't benefit from this, they are the modified Android tailor programmed for the carrier. That makes updating a lot more difficult. Android One devices are not operator devices, the only difference between the variations is the band support for the regions and the out of box stuff, like default language, supplied charger and literature, and warranty responsibly.

    Maybe there should be an option in the settings to bypass carrier approval and check/download directly, with the acknowledgement that you are doing so 'at your own risk' (of which is realistically no more than normal).
  • I have Nokia 6.1
    TA-1043. I am also facing wifi issue. Apps are not working on wifi except youtube
    & chrome. On mobile data all apps are working. Today i update the july security patch but issue not resole. Could you help me how to fix

  • Nokia 6 from my wifi has wifi issues. Sometimes at home it doesn't connect. I dont have this problem with my Nokia 6.1.. is there a Fix???.
    And dont give me te reset story, I did that allready and wiping cache does not solve this.