Glance screen

Hello everybody Everyone is talking about the camera. It is also right, sas because what must be done. but what about the glance screen?

Glance screen

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Hello everybody

Everyone is talking about the camera. It is also right, sas because what must be done. but what about the glance screen? I can not see any WhatsApp messages received! the nokia has no led!

@ laura can you tell something about glance screen?

br Frank


  • terminusaquo terminusaquo
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    I agree, there needs to be more customisation of the Glance Screen. I loved that functionality on my Windows Phone as it displayed any notifications that I had set it to display.

  • LennartB LennartB
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    Agreed, the Glance screen isn't of much use as of now.
    On my Nexus 5x the ambient display from AOSP Android was much more useful.

    I think someone posted a thread here a while ago during the 8.0 or 8.1 beta for Nokia 8 digging in the system files and there was evidence of an unfinished glance update, so i think they're workng on it.

  • Unknown
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    Due to the Nokia 8 has no Led, so no notification options for the user. Glance should have been updated for a long time! that's because WhatsApp is the most widely used messenger! I can not understand why just the messenger does not work under glance ... br Frank
  • kael kael
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     I really hope they will enable notifications for other apps in glance. I mostly use skype, viber and whatsapp. I don't use sms at all and my main email is yahoo so no use of glance for me. I also noticed that whatsapp, viber and gmail messages late when glance is turned off. Four ''i'' and one ''me'' in this post :D

  • revanmj revanmj
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    I wish they would just use Ambient Display from Android instead Glance. It's just more useful because it shows all notifications.

  • terminusaquo terminusaquo
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    @revanmj I'd rather they didn't. I want HMD to just add more options to Glance instead as they need to differentiate themselves in a market saturated by phones from the likes of Samsung, Sony, LG and Moto.

  • revanmj revanmj
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    @Terminusaquo they had one and a half year to make it more robust and did nothing. So being realistic, I'd rather have more functional Ambient Display now, than wait indefinitely for better Glance.

  • @revanj I agree with that! prefer an ambient display that works as all the time without living.
  • terminusaquo terminusaquo
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    @revanmj Updates take time and I would rather have something that works correctly than have HMD rush an update out that barely works and causes more issues than it solves. As @LennartB says, there is evidence in the 8.1 beta of an unfinished update to the Glance screen so they are working on it but I guess it wasn't ready for the 8.1 roll out.

  • Unknown
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    that's right what they say. But the Nokia 8 was sold with glance ... and without LEDs !! So something should already be there and work !!! with the other nokias it works well ... and honestly ... the glancescreen without WhatsApp or other messengers, that's ridiculous .... well let's hope that after 6 months what happens.

    @Laura can you tell us ober the Status ,from glancescreen

    Br, Frank
  • Any updates about this?
  • eelis eelis
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    I have read that Sirocco has this, so it would possibly not be so difficult to implement for Nokia 8.
    But given the quality of the programmers at HMD Nokia 8 crew, it must be a mission impossible.

  • New Nokia 8.1 smartphone have glance screen function?
  • petrus petrus
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    @HMD_Laura ;
    Can you find out when an update for Glance will be released?  We need to extend the capabilities of notifications from other applications. 
    Thank you.
  • alpkarakurt alpkarakurt
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    This thread should be top too. Glance screen is still not useful. 
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