Fast Charging broken on Nokia 7 plus

Since the dual volte update the rapid charging is no working. Anyone facing the same issue?

Fast Charging broken on Nokia 7 plus

user1525758329930 user1525758329930
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Since the dual volte update the rapid charging is no working. Anyone facing the same issue?


  • user1526652378068 user1526652378068
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    I think everyone is facing this problem. Just hope to get this solved ASAP
  • puneet puneet
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    The fast charging takes place when the screen is off. Now whether Nokia resorted to this behaviour by choice or it's a bug isn't clear.
  • user1525632314710 user1525632314710
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    pheeww.. i thought it was a hardware issue and i was the only one facing this.. hopefully nokia fixes this issue asap

  • ABuyer ABuyer
    I also have this problem.
    B4 last update fast charging worked even when phone was being used while charging now I think it only works when phone is not in use. I hope this is a bug and is fixed with an OTA since this is very annoying.
  • Same problem faced by me I thought of replacing my phone
  • vibhor vibhor
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    I dont think it's a bug. Rather this is something intentional done my nokia.Earlier many people complaint about the overheating issue during charging.It is normal for a phone to get heated in a rapid charging mode , which nokia enabled from 0-50%. Post may update the charging rate from 0-50% has been reduced to minimise the heat. Also the device now takes more than 30 minutes to reach 50%.

    In a way this is good for the device hardware life.

  • Anirudh Sood Anirudh Sood

    Day one i am also facing same issue. Even Nokia service center's executive told me that this is not a problem this is a feature in Nokia 7 plus. Very bad experience Nokia Android phone & service also. Rating from my side 2/10......

  • ABuyer ABuyer
    This slow charging when screen is on is not a "feature". Even with screen off the charging speed is slower than b4 the May update.

    Ultimately the phone is charging slower than it should.

    In my experience people who haven't used phones that support fast charging find it alarming that quick charging produces heat.
    Battery temps reach around 40C when the phone is quick charged, this is normal.

    Also fast charging does not degarde battery health, charging the phone to 100% everytime or leaving the phone plugged in to charge overnight is the biggest culprit in ruining battery health.

    I have 2, 4 year old SD801 phones both support QC2.0 and I have only fast charged them since the day I bought them and the battery life on those phones is still as good as new. The onlynthing that I did was never charge the battery over 85%. Keep battery charge between 20-85% for optimum battery health.

    I've applied this rule to many other rechargable batteries and it helps overall battery cell longevity.

    I've even used QC 1.0 on my HTC One S and trust me people 40-42C battery temp while quick charging is not a problem.
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