Since the last update the battery has been acting strange. What do I do?


Fábio Simões Fábio Simões
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Since the last update the battery has been acting strange. What do I do?


  • user389 user389
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    Which update and how does the battery misbehave, please?

  • user1508000389810 user1508000389810
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    Hey me to same problem with 7.1.2
    Don't know may b will do rest to last update 7.1.1
  • user1508051791206 user1508051791206
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    Confirm ! After the update battery faces problems after full charge ! It can lose 9% with no use at 4-5 hours
  • since I did the 7.1.2 update that my cell phone has changing. while charging the battery and if i use the mobile phone at the same time it is discharging and it takes a lot to charge and when it has battery it goes out very fast
  • I'm facing the below mentioned Problems:
    1. Phone powers off automatically
    2. When charger is connected to charge and battery way less than 100%, it shows battery as fully charged. Upon restarting the phone it charges properly.
    3. ‎Very frequently battery temperature alarm pops up fluctuating between low temperature and normal.
  • user389 user389
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    Hi again Fábio,

    The phone must be busy doing something.
    - What is consuming power in Settings > Battery?

    In the Battery menu, there is an option to restrict background activity, and to make a white-list of apps that are allowed to run in the background.

    There is no battery performance changes on my Nokia 6 since the 7.1.2 update.
    Excess power drain can be misbehaving third-party apps, maybe an old app that is no longer compatible, or a poor quality or broken SD memory card.

    @ user1508051791206:

    2% idle power drain per hour is not a problem.

    @ user1508131432418:

    That's not normal. Backup your stuff and take it to the point of sale for evaluation.


  • My phone is still running 7.1.1 only.
  • user389 user389
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    Hi Vani Patil, 

    From your description regarding the erratic battery behaviour: Sudden shutdown, recharge very fast to 100%, but has no power afterwards, I suggest consult the place of purchase and have them inspect the phone.

    - The OS version does not matter in this case.

    It is possible to drain a Nokia 6 in 4 hours, for example when used continuously recording video, edit video and share it on YouTube, or it will last for a couple of days with little use - but the power drain, the recharge and the battery indicator must behave predictable.

    I hope you get it sorted out.


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    After my latest update, my battery is draining much faster than before. Within 1 day I need to recharge before it was more than two days. No new apps installed. Could it be related to the update?



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