Bokeh mode on Nokia 7 Plus

Hmd should really focus on their camera of Nokia 7 Plus. As the bokeh mode is really really disappointing.

Bokeh mode on Nokia 7 Plus

nilanjansaha nilanjansaha
Hmd should really focus on their camera of Nokia 7 Plus. As the bokeh mode is really really disappointing. Most of the time even in daylight condition it fails to take good portrait shots. And the portrait mode in mi a1, Redmi note 5 pro , asus Zenfone max pro m1 can easily beat the portrait shots of Nokia 7 plus.Though the picture quality is no doubt better on Nokia 7 plus. And the low light photos shots on Nokia 7 plus is not so good as compared to other phones in this price. I think HMD can fix it with future software updates as Nokia 7 plus has very good quality lenses and have f/1.75 aperture.


  • cwf1 cwf1

     i also think bokeh should put into the wide angle lens as well. like the huawei phones.

  • steve steve
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    Would be nice if bokeh mode allowed for closer subject focus , so maybe making it possible to create a shallow depth of field macro type shot
  • Are you crazy.... Nokia 7 plus has best bokeh mode if we compare with all 25000 ₹ devices even it is better thn mi A1 , 5 pro . I can prf you just send me a msg on Instagram/KeshavYadav1111 i have original images and yesterday i visited mi home and vivo experience store and i compared nokia 7 plus with all devices its far better than others ya in low light the noise level is higher thn others but still it can easily shows more details thn others.
  • cwf1 cwf1

     it's no where near as good as the Huawei P phones. my P9, my wife's P10 is way way better. it can be used in monochrome and wide angle modes. not stuck with 2x zoom for bokeh. the bokeh also looks better on the huawei.

  • Vin_kr Vin_kr
    KeshavYadav1111, I have both MIA1 and 7 plus. The portrait shot in Bokeh mode on 7plus is nowhere near A1.
  • @vinkr lol... I just tested yesterday the edge detection of both the phones are good but the details in nokia 7 plus is better thn Mi A1. Nokia is using zeiss lens so in every picture it can easily beats all others mid range phones in terms of details and sharpness. [email protected] this is my email id you can send me original picture with prf .
  • ajit bagal ajit bagal
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    You may try the google camera app (modified for Nokia 7 plus) as it has proven extra ordinary image  processing capabilities.

    Although Nokia got the decent camera hardware setup , but it lags in software processing part which is crucial now days .

  • The Bokeh mode on the Nokia 7 Plus is extremely poor, as soon as you switch to it the picture quality is degraded and pixelated, my old Z3 did much better Bokeh shots using a double snap function with one lense.  

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