3310 3g final review. fatally flawed.

Dear Nokia. Please read this, thanks! 

3310 3g final review. fatally flawed.

Dear Nokia. Please read this, thanks! 

This has been my only phone for the past 5 months so I feel I have a good handle on it at this point. I really really really want to love this phone, huge nokia fanboy,  but a few things are stopping that from happening. I rarely write reviews, so go easy. 

The good:
1) It works fine as a phone, I get the same service as my iphone, maybe even better in a few places. 
2) battery life is excellent. I charge it about 2x a week. 
3) small, light, dropping it multiple times has not resulted in anything bad. 
4) the MP3 player works fine. 

The bad: 
1) No group texting! Seriously. I can send a text to multiple people (but to the receiver it only shows me on the text, not everyone that i texted), but when im on a group text and someone texts me within that group text chain, the message is a lot of times completely blank. So, you can see that you have a text, and who its from, but the message is blank. In this day and age of so many group texts, this means Im simply missing out on a lot of texts from others.  My nokia candybar phone from 8 years ago had group texts.  WTF Nokia.

2) When texting and it does not know a word in T9, you can add a word (like the name of my daughter), which is suppose to save it in the memory so next time it remembers that word. Well, it doesn't work like that. It may remember the word for a day or two, but eventually it forgets it and you have to add it again and again and again. I honestly don't mind T9 texting, but this is frustrating.  Again, my nokia candybar phone from nearly a decade ago was able to remember words when you added them to the phone memory. 

3) Nokia support is truly non-exsistant. Im fairly tech savy but trying to figure out things that should be fairly simply is like cracking a secret code that requires going to 12 different websites or forums. For example, good luck transferring your contacts from an iphone to this nokia. Oh, its possible, but not in any way that is explained by nokia. 

4) the phone memory fills up very fast, so you are constantly deleting text messages because for some reason the text messages cannot be stored on the SD card even if you choose that as their destination. 

5) the internet is pretty much a joke on this thing. Fun to play around with once and have a good laugh, but thats it. All the "apps" on the phone just a hyperlink on the intenet, so not an app at all.  Honestly, get rid of the internet nokia, people are not buying this thing for the internet. 

Who is this phone for?  I honestly don't know. My dad asked if he should get it for my mom who is old and has zero tech skills and just wants to call and receive calls. I told him no, this phone is much less intuitive, and way more complicated than old nokias, she would struggle too much, not to mention the tiny buttons. SO this phone is not for old people.  THis phone is not for hipsters either. the internet sucks, and no group texting to share the crappy hipster photos the camera takes.  Maybe the best user of this phone is someone who is pretty tech savy, likes to almost exclusively talk on the phone, and maybe only texts 5x total in a month. This phone would be good for that. 

Conclusion: Its sad that the nokia candybar phones i had from nearly a decade ago had MORE function than one released in 2017.  I would love this phone with only a few minor changes: Give me group texting. Give me the ability to add words to T9 permanently, and give me the ability to add my texts to SD card so I don't have to constantly delete old ones to free up more space. A simple "notes" section would be nice somewhere to, but now im just getting greedy!  SO basically, give me my EXACT nokia candybar phone from 2008 with modern 4g coverage on a GSM network that is compatible with current cell phone towers (tmobile)  and I will be a happy camper.  

If anybody knows of such a phone, let me know! thanks 


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