Camera app always crashes..

When ever i open the gets stuck to a single click and thus crashes completely...for 10 sec nothing works..whole phone crashes it happening…

Camera app always crashes..

user1523211101063 user1523211101063
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When ever i open the gets stuck to a single click and thus crashes completely...for 10 sec nothing works..whole phone crashes it happening with only mine or with all 6.1...


  • thecripplednewt thecripplednewt
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    definitely not just you. still happening to me even after the latest updates.
  • surfer dad surfer dad
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    Two new, as of Saturday 26 May, 2018, N6.1 (TA-1050) here in Australia BOTH having this issue.

    Both running Orea.

    One a full new fresh set up.

    Other had data and app migration from an N6.

    Both did Orea update on set up.

    Disappointing to have this issue on new phones. It seems it is an Android Orea issue from my internet research, do PLEASE Nokia, fix this ASAP.
  • thecripplednewt thecripplednewt
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     The strange this is, when you reboot your phone into Safe Mode, which is something that Nokia Support asked me to do, the camera works fine. But when you actually use your phone in normal usage, the camera performance is abysmal in terms of lags and crashes. My phone hanged and reset twice just becuase of using the Instagram camera

  • user1526855612116 user1526855612116
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    I suspect that this might be due to the 4G/LTE problem:

    I have experienced the camera problem but not since turning off 4G. My phone has been rock solid since doing so, including taking a fair few photos.

    I suspect the camera app is getting the location when it starts up and getting the location can (by default it does) use phone signal to help get an accurate position which probably triggers the 4G bug if you are using 4G.

  • thecripplednewt thecripplednewt
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     hmmm possibly? in that case, should the phone not hang when in airplane mode?

  • It happens all the time. The camera app is not reliable at all. The phone is stock Android. Nokia had to work on just one app that is the camera and they have done a very poor job with it. Waiting for the update.
  • charles charles
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    Try going to the app permission settings and disabling location services (you'll lose geo-tagging). I heard there's a bug with it. I'm trying it out now, seems like it's better, but I'll test more tonight.

  • K Sarath K Sarath
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    In Nokia 6.1 camera app crashes everytime it is very horible
    When I try to use what's app other social networks it crashes and hangs my phone
  • Ditto, I even got the phone replaced by square trade and the new Nokia 6.1 had the same camera crashing issue. WTF Nokia not a good way to build brand loalty.
  • i am experiencing the same with the camera app either it is the new November patch or camera app causing the update. please do fix the issue fast
  • I had the same problem but i cleared the app data and restarted the device and its now working fine.
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