Phone shuts down spontaneously

 Hi, Since installing the May patch on my N6.1 TA1043, it shuts down spontaneously, multiple times a day.

Phone shuts down spontaneously

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Since installing the May patch on my N6.1 TA1043, it shuts down spontaneously, multiple times a day.

At first I thought it was my device or just a patch gone wrong, so I tried a factory reset - no improvement. Then I contacted Nokia Support and ran my phone in Safe Mode for a while to see if that would improve matters, but alas, still my phone shut down and I was not even using it! Then I brought it in for repair on Nokias advise and thought that would be the end of it, only to discover my wife's TA1043 had exactly the same issues!

I then looked a bit further on the internet and apparently there are dozens other users with the same issue.

Anyone else here with the same issue? And what can we do to fix this? Is Nokia going to correct this anytime soon?


  • I have The exact same problem. My 6.1 worked perfectly until it installed Android 8.1. After that it randomly shuts down at any time. The worst is of course that it can shut down during the night, making it completely unreliable as an alarm. This is completely unacceptable. I assume that since it's obviously a software issue it should be possible to fix it with a new revision but they can start reacting to it and taking it seriously. I loved the phone until this happened, now it both annoys and frustrates me. Having to use my old S4 as backup for wake up alarm is silly.
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    You need to set mobile networks to 3G as a temporary workaround. Hope this helps!
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    Just adding my voice to this issue.

    Two, yes 2, brand new N6.1 (TA-1050) in Australia purchased on Saturday 26 May, 2018 both have this random shutting down.

    Both updated to Orea on set up.

    One was a fresh start, no data migration.

    Other one had data migration from a N6 (TA-1033)

    So far we've noticed it does this shut down when the camera is being used, using Google maps, and just this morning, when I was doing a review post on Google maps.

    From my research on the internet, it seems every phone brand is having this issue, but some are calling it a random reboot. It seems to be an Android Oreo issue.

    Please Nokia can you fix this ASAP. It's really disappointing to have new phones just randomly shut down.
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    Hey user1527453923513, I'm in Australia too although I bought the phone a few weeks before you. Try turning 4G off as per the following as user1526017322327 pointed out:

    It is almost certainly software related as the phone was rock solid before the May update, so will hopefully be fixed.

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    Thanks @ user1527453923513.

    I need my 4G for mobile internet as a mobile hotspot for my laptop as I travel for work. 3G data is just so yesterday :)

    I don't believe we should accept sub standard software. Both Nokia and Android developers need to get this fixed ASAP.

    Thanks for the information.
  • Between this and the ugly wifi issue, I think the engineering team better gets his act together quickly.. in this market segment there's quite some competition, and having a PoS software will just drive this product to the ground very quickly. Too bad.

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