Problems I facing.

There are few problem In my nokia 6 phone and here I going to share with you. 1.

Problems I facing.

There are few problem In my nokia 6 phone and here I going to share with you.
1. Total silent mode- If I turn my phone on vibrat mode only then all sound should be silent Including camera shutter sound.
2. Camera shutter sound- It's not turning off even if I turn it off from camera setting.
3. Micro photography- whenever I chose micro option in camera it not shift on micro mode, and auto mode few second to focus on particular object that I want to focus on.
4. Camera brightness- In low brightness whenever I open camera I always need adjust brightness on high level, so it should be adjust automatically on high brightness when turn on camera.
5. Network selection- I facing problem of network shift automatically it's good, but it's leading problem in internet connection, when it change network from 2G to 3G or 4G to 3G or 2G there's problem of in internet connection. It always disconnected and I couldn't access any thing. So there should be network selections like only 2G, only 3G, only 4G and 2G/3G/4G mode. It will solve the problem I'm sure.
This are my top most five problems I facing and the some possible solutions.
Hope you solve my problems in next update.
Thank you.


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    Regarding the camera shutter sound, please read the FAQ pages ...

    Other camera issues can be worked around by installing the Open Camera app from the Play Store. It has more manual control and works for me ...

    The network handover between 2G/3G/4G is up to your mobile operator. Please make sure the phone is fully updated, and answer 'Yes' if the phone requests a reboot to apply carrier settings.

    If it still fails, then I suggest you consult the mobile operator and ask for a replacement SIM card, especially if the SIM is old, or if it is cut to size?

    They should provide a replacement SIM for free in case of any connectivity issues.


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