Bluetooth connection with Samsung Gear S3 and carkit

Hi, I recently bought a Nokia 8 Sirocco, and I am having tons of problems with BT connection, especially around my smart watch Samsung Gear S3 and the carkit.

Bluetooth connection with Samsung Gear S3 and carkit

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I recently bought a Nokia 8 Sirocco, and I am having tons of problems with BT connection, especially around my smart watch Samsung Gear S3 and the carkit. Many times, when I switch on the watch, it doesn't automatically reconnect to the phone, so I need to that manually. Then, if I go to the car, where I have a BT carkit, the carkit doesn't connect (this seems to be related to the HFP connection being taken by the watch, and carkit cannot take over), but this used to work before with Samsung Galaxy S7 and previous Android version. If I deselect the HFP profile for watch, then BT connection cannot happen once disconnected... All in all, very bad user experience around the BT connection, reconnection and multiprofile/multidevice usage.

Any help from Nokia or from Android in this? It seems BT problems in Android 8.1 are very big...




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    Hola Raúl.

    2 weeks with my Sirocco and BT works fine. Car, smartwatch, smartband... Everything OK.
  • Hola! OK... good for you :) Do you have the smartwatch connected when you enter the car and connect to the carkit? what BT settings you have active (profiles) for the smartwatch and carkit?

  • 1- yes
    2- default settings
  • Hmm... and no disconnections or reconnection problems whatsoever? Which smartwatch do you use?

  • No problems at all. Lg G watch and Microsoft Band 2
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    Same problem with nokia 8 and gear S3.
  • dinis dinis

    @user1527590342270 (Raul) I have one question. How did you manage to pair your phone Nokia 8 Sirocco with Gear S3? Because I have been trying to do that for 3 days now without any success.

  • Sorry for not answering before, I was on vacation... I assume, or hope, you have managed now to connect them? Just in case, if the problem is that it gets stuck in the pairing screen, you just need to manually go to Bluetooth menu in the phone and connect to the Gear S3, then the pairing process finishes.

  • dinis dinis

    Unfortunately, I still did not manage to connect them, and when I go to the Bluetooth menu on the phone and connect to Gear S3, it only stays connected for about 1 second.

  • Have you checked the settings of the Bluetooth connection for your Gear S3, the settings icon on the right of the Gear S3 entry in the Bluetooth device list? If you have not selected "Phone calls", I see the same behavior, if it is selected then it stays, but then you will have the problem that your carkit will not automatically reconnect to the phone if it is already connected to the watch. 

  • dinis dinis

    I have 3 options to select (Phone calls, Input device and Contact sharing) and I tried different combinations on these (all selected, none selected, only one selected, etc ) and I still did not manage to connect the phone with the watch.

  • I am starting to run out of ideas, I am afraid... what does your watch and phone show? Have you tried to reset the watch and do a new pairing from scratch?

  • dinis dinis


    Yes, I tried that several times, I think the only thing I have not tried yet was to do a reset the phone.

  • @Dinis, sorry mate, I have no idea what else to do... I am myself very frustrated now with my phone and watch.. I hope the new Android fixes this...

  • dinis dinis

    @user1527590342270 I am too hoping new Android fix it, thank you for your help anyway.

  • You're welcome! Let's keep our fingers crossed.

  • I have a similar issue.
    I have a Garmin 5x connected. When I go on my car the audio is always disconnected. I must play something on the phone, go to the car settings and enable audio again on the phone...
    Pooor but experience. It was working perfectly with my Samsung S8.
    How can we get a real support?
    Nokia support tell me to change my car... Lol
  • madralphw madralphw
    I have a problem with Parrot ck3100, Bluetooth connects and disconnects every 30 seconds approximately during a call :_(
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