Perf governor is pretty bad and must be updated

I have some rant here: Reported this while in beta but they haven't fixed it.

Perf governor is pretty bad and must be updated

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I have some rant here:
Reported this while in beta but they haven't fixed it.
The thing is Nokia 8 is using an outdated interactive governor while many OEMs has switched to schedutil, this including Google's Pixel. But the thing with Nokia's governor is even worse it uses 800MHz on all four bigger cores in standby/sleep while it should use 300MHz instead. This leads to a battery drain and sounds like really dumb bug, I can't imagine it was made on purpose as a working standby freq for SDM835 is exactly 300MHz. For those who interested, you could use CPU monitor like Trepn or CPUFloat from the Play Store to see how freq are acting.
Hopefully mods could push this to a product management team. Another thing a lack of sRGB implementation is also inexcusable as it's part of AOSP


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    Please HMD !!!
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    The phone is not in sleep or standby mode when there is an app running in the foreground and the screen is on.

    With all radios, mobile data, WiFi, GPS (assisted, high accuracy), NFC, Bluetooth etc on, logged in to the default Google apps and services, with three mail accounts configured, with enhanced 4G (VoLTE) set as preferred network at Telenor DK, my Nokia 8 use around 1% battery per hour when the screen is off, both at home and also when driving around the country with Google maps recording where I've been.

    ~100 hours standby time on one recharge works for me.

    How is your phone doing, practically, and what do you hope to achieve?


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    I am more than happy with the battery life on my Nokia 8 but standby times when the phone goes in to deep sleep are clearly nowhere near as good as they were on 7.1.1.

    8 hours overnight the phone would lose between 0 and 2%, now it loses 8 or 9%. No exactly earth shattering but significant enough to be noticeable.

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    I kept an eye on the overnight battery drain last week.
    During 8 hours in Do Not Disturb mode my Nokia 8 lose 2-4% power.
    There is no social apps installed, but it is logged in to everything Google, both mobile data and WiFi, location services, NFC etc. is on.

    My Nokia 8 insisted to update to Oreo when it was switched on for the first time, so I can't comment on any difference.
    Please consider the battery indicator measures the voltage, not the actual remaining capacity. It may seem to lose power faster when close to 100% than at around 50%. It varies for chemical reasons, and as the battery wear down.

    I'm unable to find reliable, official information regarding the 'interactive governor' from the original post, only unofficial guesswork from questionable sources.


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