GUI lag

Hi, I have brought this phone last Sunday and I have updated the may security update.

GUI lag

gowrisai gowrisai
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I have brought this phone last Sunday and I have updated the may security update.

After that there was a stutter while swiping up the menu. This didn't happen while it has 8.0

I tried changing the animation scale however based on the spec that Nokia 7 plus has it should run smoother. Expecting a fix update soon from Nokia aka androidone.

Gowri J


  • hemant hemant
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    I have the very same problem. I started a similar thread as well. The GUI lag makes it feel like a 100$ device. Key board inputs is where i feel the maximum slowness. And often a lot of touch misses
  • Have you tried to reset the phone, it may cure the problem
  • MKh979 MKh979
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    I've the same problem with the last update (May Patch Oreo 8.1). After some usage hours the N7 plus become laggy, the animation speed in multi tasking become like an LG phone of 10 years ago.……

    I hope that Nokia suppport read this posts, because this phone have a great potential, but it's incomprehenible that a pure android one have this big lag problems! (I've try the factory reset 3 times….. nothing change)

  • barnacles barnacles
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    Nokia have to know this is serious and fix this animation frame drop problem.
  • barnacles barnacles
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    It doesn't make me feel this phone is running by a pure android.
  • gemini75 gemini75
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    Maybe it's an app or apps your using causing the problem.
  • No GEMINI75 it's the UI itself being slow and laggy, had this problem since the April security patch, only tiny improvement with May security patch, I hope Nokia will fix this soon! The original software of android 8.0 was much more stable

  • user1528053379789 user1528053379789
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    I am also experiencing same UI lag and frame drop issues....i have also post a thread for the same...check it out.
    I hope nokia will look into the issue and provide an update to fix it....or it may get automatically fixed with androi P as it has more smooth animations.
  • user1528444285693 user1528444285693
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    I've got the same issue. The GUI stutters happens in these situations for me:

    1) Swiping left to the Google app from stock launcher (Launcher3), or just launching the app. About 60% of the time now, to the point I have switched launchers and have stopped using the Google app.

    2) When switching apps using the multitasking. Some apps lag (frame rate stutter) more than others when switching. About 90% of the time.

    3) Changing orientation in settings. happens about 30% of the time.

    4) App Drawer pull up in stock launcher. Happens about 80% of the time.

    I've factory reset the phone a few times. No difference. Also tried with just the pre-installed apps in the phone after reset. Still no improvement on frame rate. 

    When first I tried the phone at the store to check it's performance, it seemed fast, but the difference was, the phone wasn't connected to any network or wifi or was associated to any accounts, the Google App page was blank, and most of the apps didn't have much to render so, sure it was smooth then. And no, it's not having the wifi or phone network on that makes it stutter, I've tried it on flight mode on my phone.

    Also, I'm stuck with this phone now, since the store won't take it back unless they can verify an actual defect with it...  

    I am convinced that the problem is poor optimisation of the firmware or with oero 8.1, or both. 

    I hope they patch it soon, and way before Android P releases, mainly because I'd rather not have to wait a few more months for a fix so that my phone doesn't feel like an old cheap low range phone.   

    This is my first time back to Nokia since my Windows Phone days (Lumia 820, Lumia 930, Lumia 640XL) , so, Nokia reps, devs and moderators and decision makers, please don't make me regret my decision of coming back to your brand.

  • I purchased with very hope my new Nokia 7 plus running on may security patch and android 8.1, But after just 24 to 36 hours of use The Ui of phone become very laggi.. While swapping menus it is very Slow , it feels makes me feel like I had purchased low cost cheap phone by giving 25k high price. In speed it can't even compete with my old redmi note 4.. which is much faster .. I m very disappointed.. pls Nokia And HMD fix it fast樂 And one more issue is there .. The Camera performance is too bad in comparison to its same budget priced smartphones.. So please work on this Both major issues so can customers feel happy after buying this smartphone
  • Any update on this? I got my phone recently, and have the same issue. It is extremely disappointing. I had high hopes from this device
  • Anyone heard anything from Nokia yet? I'd return the phone (400 euro... Isn't small money for a phone ,even if not flagship level) but too late to do so at this point.

    I've been using the Android p beta as the os itself is easier in animations. Better ,but still the same issues more or less remain for me. Moto g6 for nearly half the money , comparing side by side, feels more fluid.

    The Nokia is still overall faster but the lack of smoothness.. and almost constantly dropping frames is really annoying me; this isn't a 150 euro device, not even a 250 euro one.
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