Why Nokia making mistakes again and again

I wish HMD launched Nokia X6 than launching Nokia 5.1 in the global market. See just the price!!.

Why Nokia making mistakes again and again

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I wish HMD launched Nokia X6 than launching Nokia 5.1 in the global market. See just the price!!. Nokia X6 is a superior device but costs less than what Nokia 5.1 would cost. Nokia X6 would be a runaway hit if launched timely. Are the Nokia bosses really stupids or acting like stupids.


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    Nokia X6 Will release with X5 and X7 together. A company needs time to validate their phones around the world so launching is not a joke. So don't cry and shout like mads. Unfortunately most of this mads and childish people with no knowledge are shamelessly Indian customer who are saying Nokia to die. Why they should launch for you people when you deserve Nokia to die ?
    India has both most intelligent and most stupid people . Now it is proved today by utter stupidity.
    See their launch event video . All bs are said by Indians like Nokia go and die.
    Nokia X6 Will price more out of china . If you want cheap stuff with more features which doesn't last for a year . Go for Chinese brand's like Xiomi,realme so on who has terrific after sale service and poor quality software , **** build quality and insane amount of spyware. You people don't deserve Nokia . Go for any **** you like but stop bullying a brand like Nokia . They will not die. They get much better support from their Chinese, Russian and European customers than you stupid people . If you people think notch is technology then better stop using phones.
  • No need to get angry boss. I just said a fact. I own a Nokia 8 and want Nokia to succeed to flush out all those cheep Chinese brands from market. People were expecting Nokia X6 to be released but Nokia launched other phones which can't compete with those Chinese brands in terms of value for money. In countries like India, this is very critical. Nokia X6 will be a runaway hit knocking out Redmond note pro if it is released at this point. If they delay it by 3 or 4 months the phone will become irrelevant
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    I can challenge you by 2020 . All Chinese ship will be rested in peace . People are slowly becoming aware of privacy and quality of product.
  • Yes. I hope so. But we as consumers should push HMD to achieve this. They have proved that they listen to us by providing camera update for Nokia 8.
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    They listen us but I wish they fix Nokia 6 sound issues after Oreo update.
    I always wants to everyone to push them
    But I get angry how people use bad languages against Nokia like you are going to die again.
    Sorry I was reading and listening all offensive language over YouTube which made me Angry to reply such stuff.
  • yes, Nokia is not understanding the market. Nokia has already had a name in our hearts and if they launch the smartphones at a good price, they can do very well. They can leave all the companies behind. The Nokia 5.1 should be launched at a good price and it can rock.

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    Given Nokias spectacular rise over the last year and a bit i suspect they understand the market extremely well to be fair.

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    I think not all is aware. Most phone popular we use today mostly manufacture at chinese factory. Did anyone think why Chinese got to taste Nokia X6 or other new phone first. It made from China..
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