Nokia OS UI and Features.

Nokia really must have and customised OS over android pie, like samsung O, miui10.

Nokia OS UI and Features.

Nokia really must have and customised OS over android pie, like samsung O, miui10.
We need so much stunning features like what other smart phones have like gestures in iOS,
Ui in Samsung and etz. 
Expecting a big update in ui soon.


  • Custom OS?? Why??
    Most Of The Peoples Wants Stock And Stock Is Always Better Than Any ShitUI
    Yes you are right but we need some useful features too like as basic apps ex inbuilt call recorder, voce recireco, audio and video player made by Nokia, dual apps features, and a phone manager ,
    But as just on name stock android.. we don't get these useful daily life features..
    If you want one ,u will have to pay charge for these apps on Google  Play.  😌😌😌
  • Custom UI may or may not be better than stock UI of Google Android one. But I can say this, the updates will be delayed as they have to take new Android version from Google and modify it according to their custom UI and provide you with bugs less experience. This takes a lot of time. As of now I don't know about any mobiles other than Nokia and one plus to be running on Android pie. Nokia is focusing on providing it's customers with new , secured and updated Android. By the way I found stock android experience is far far better than any other custom UI. Even in one plus 6 which is running on Android pie, there is no AI used for suggestions like apps and actions. Only the gestures are available there.
  • Who Wants a custom UI over Stock Android 🤦
  • Game14644 Game14644
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    Just UI Nokia style icon but still no useless bloatware is good idea. I like Meego UI so much and i need it to Nokia android smartphone
  • Mannish Kumar Mannish Kumar
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    I waiting for nokia os ui

  • I'm also waiting for Nokia OS UI with some awesome features..
  • I also think that Nokia should develop his own UI.
  • madbilly madbilly
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    @Ginthozan Varnakulasingam I too would like HMD to produce a UI which feels like a Nokia, because the current UI does not, it feels like Google, which I don't really like the feeling of.

    @Neil Gonzales unfortunately the idea that "stock" Android is pure and doesn't have hidden processes or bloatware is a myth. Nokia phones are full of Google bloatware, e.g. all the various play store apps and many others which I doubt most people use. And if you search on this forum for "Evenwell" you will find that there are in fact many system apps and processes included which are not "stock" Android (i.e. they are not from the AOSP).
  • i agree with you all guys, so then the android should improve their ui. because all the leading smartphones have some extraordinary features which nokia don't have. Atleast nokia could improve their features and apps
  • sayyed vihan sayyed vihan
    Nokia have stock clear android which i like doesn't have any bloatware...nd nokia phones are faster than miui nd Samsung one UI 
  • sayyed vihan sayyed vihan
    And yes if u ll use custom rom more then 1 year u ll see difference...u ll face lag, taking time to open app nd all...i had install pixel experience rom in redmi note 5...nd my phone faster than stock android is far better then the custom rom...but i agree stock android lack with some imp. Features but its ok for me...😃
  • madbilly madbilly
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    Hi @sayyed vihan, I don't agree - Android One and even HMD's stock Android contain bloatware; it's called the Google Apps. Bloatware is just software which is preloaded which the customer does not want to use. I don't want to use most of the Google apps, (e.g. all the numerous Play apps) therefore this is all bloatware to me.
    Cheers :)
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