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  • Having uninstalled it, I find that it keeps reinstalling itself like a bad smell, so I have had to disable Google Play auto install until HMD fixes the problem with this app.
  • This update doesn't meant to be for Nokia 8 it seems. Please do not install this update. This update disables switching between RGB, MONOCHOME and TWIN. Also. Pro mode and live bokeh goes off. I have uninstalled it anyhow and disabled auto update of apps in play store.
  • I even cannot uninstall it nor reset the setting and in play store it says it's not compatible for your devices I am completely stuck on such useless camera update what should I do no camera no clicks
  • I am not to take a pic from front camera. Why they give update if there are too many bugs. OIS also not working. I uninstalled the update in just 10 minutes after updating. 

    Bullshit update :(

  • hughmnyksj
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    I have OpenCamera, among other camera apps, on my TA 1004 Nokia 8, but never use it. NOT GOOD for video on my phone at least.
    It would seem that experiences with the Pro Camera app difference widely. I have recently taken excellent Bokeh photos, albeit not as easy to do as with the old app. Video causes clicks (on my phone they have nothing to do with the camera button sound) BUT only when the sound level is low. I think this must have something to do with OZO, because HMD has already said this is one of the issues with the Pro Camera app. Concert recordings - i.e. very loud sounds - have superb sound, almost like being there. But then the camera can't maintain focus.
    I'm nowhere near satisfied, but using the ported Pixel cam app does most of what should be in place.
    My biggest annoyance with the present camera is the geotagging. I often get GPS accuracy close to 3 metres using Google Maps and the ViewRanger map app, but the tags on both the Pro Camera and portdd Pixel camera app are 10-15 metres out. Useless. That could be because the apps don't register full coordinates.
  • Had a pending Nokia Camera app update in Play Market for TA-1004. When I tried to download the update - 940 error was shown, and app description changed and it was stating that my device was not supported for this update. Now, after reboot, there is no update at all. Will there be any meaningful updates for native camera app?

  • abecedario
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    I've uninstalled it, it's clearly an error made by HDM to release it for Nokia 8 too.

  • user1534853071441
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    yes for me too it was removed. I think they give update by mistake. I also getting not supported on your device.
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    So. Uninstalled the unwanted update. Now it also disappeared from the Play Store. Must have been an error in the device compability list... probably the Nokia 5 / 6 version.

    Now if we could get the pre-"Pro" app version as a stop gap?

  • I have already updated... Help me how to revert back

  • xlbertoespinosx
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    I updated

    Beauty mode error

    Portrait mode error, front camera


    action not support: 708

  • Thanks for the update Nokia, post update the app launch is instantaneous , quality seems improved , I see people complaining about stability and missing settings , I'm not having any of those issues, I did reset my phone a few days ago, non related issue, again thanks Nokia , open the Pie update to Nokia 8 so we can test , thanks again
  • Thanks God I got it uninstall the newer version pls do not update new it's not for Nokia 8
  • LennartB
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    Think they pulled the "update", because after disabling the app and re-enabling it so factory version is restored I can't see the update anymore in the play store.
  • How to uninstall... Please inform

  • @user1512184697340, go to all apps in settings menu and disable the camera application. Any updates will be removed, then enable it again.

  • MrBelter
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    Apps & Notifications

    See All Apps


    3 Dots top right

    Uninstall Updates

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    Thanks mate

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    Why have HMD only made an "official" announcement to a dedicated Nokia news website ( I haven't seen this announcement anywhere else - not on Twitter and not on this forum. Very strange - I wonder how "official" the announcement via NPU was.

  • Derekrs
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    It would seem that HMD have a lot to learn about fostering a loyal customer base. It does not help to focus on the lower end of the market with a view to encourage customer aspirations where all the customers experience extremely poor support at the top end. Not a a way forward in my view.
  • Although the new update was not for nokia 8 phones , i downloaded and tested for a while until it crashes. I have to say GREAT IMPROVEMENT! I was suprised. Very simple and great new menu. Nice UI , mirror option for front camera Auto hdr (improved the quality). I hope HMD keep improve this version in order to get it all nokia 8 phones. Waiting for this update now. @Laura - moderator it would be nice to inform us officially when is going to be ready to roll out in nokia 8 phones the new camera app.

    Thanx in advance.

  • I get message:" action not support : 708 " when trying to take a photo with forced flash.
    Nokia 8 with 8.1.0 .
  • I personally feel shame myself to say camera improved. It's been more then 11 months guys since we saying again improved improved improved.... When it get final best? We are not buy middle budget mobile. To be frankly I also updated recent camera UI changed completely didn't check quality but still out of FOCUS as usual when it fix? Besides lot of things missed in that, I don't like to mention them because these HMD NOKIA not even simple things from the past 11 months. I don't know how you all people about your Nokia 8 camera, we are shouting again and again for camera bugs but these people keep focusing on upcoming models... Let's wait and see, I clearly told my family and friends don't go for NOKIA because they listen our feedbacks very well and making changes as costumer desired lol...NOTE - all Nokia camera has common issue called OUT OF FOCUS
  • Anyhow. With all due respect, HMD's Nokia has my utmost respect, and belief that this will triumph greatly as a brand. Probably, Nokia need only some time to enter at least the top 4. Should Nokia could manage to negotiate Google, and get a hand on the exclusive Google Camera applications. I think there will be a huge chance for Nokia to wreak havoc in the smartphone world. As I have seen great hardware inside Nokia 8 itself. I still believe that this is a flagship worth all the attention. This one surpass almost all flagship I got myself into in terms of telecommunications and GPS stuff, one which is vital for a phone for me. Inside a mall, I got a good accuracy in which even iPhones and Samsungs fails miserably. (We got weak connectivity in my country) and Nokia reminds me of how they connect people. As I have been keep on using Google Camera so far, I have great belief if a deal was struck by Nokia for the Google Camera, it shall be a huge victory!
  • BoreasYevone I agree. My Nokia 8 is a great piece of hardware. And Android 8.1 is provides me a really good user experience. As a daily driver smartphone it really is great. But those little moments (like the experience with camera app) distort that experience. The only thing I don`t understand - if company has put so much effort into the production of this smartphone, how come they cannot manage to support it in a more convenient way? Business is not only in pumping out new year models, but also to support previous models. 

  • LenAye
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    A couple of gripes/wish list.

    -In normal mode (of the Pro app), I'd like to add exposure lock. Right now, I can tap on the screen, and a little vertical slider appears. I can then slide it up and down to adjust exposure (that's way faster than switching to Pro mode and then adjusting Exposure compensation). But, once a picture is taken with a selected exposure, it loses that settings, so for the next picture I have to do the same thing all over again. Implement something like iOS camera works: lock the exposure by long-press on the screen and then allow user to adjust exposure, and this setting will remain that way until you close the app.

    - When in Pro mode and I need to take a video, I swipe Left to open video and then when I switch back to Camera mode, it defaults to normal mode and not the Pro mode I was in earlier. So, if I'm shooting in Pro mode all day and want to take a quick video and then switch back to camera, I lose the Pro mode. Switching between camera/video should retain whatever the camera mode I was in.

  • Agree, in iPhone camera web can lock focus and adjust the exposure....I don't know what wrong with Nokia team, it's been 11 months since their fail to fix camera bugs

  • user1535155649699
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     Why the fastest speed I can select in Pro mode is 1/500 s when in Automatic the camera made photos at 1/12600 s ?

    What is missing?

    And when comparing  with my Lumia 925 camera vs Nokia 8:

    - Max Iso: 3200 vs 1600;

    - Max Speed: 1/16000 vs 1/500;

    - Slowest Speed: 4 s vs  1/2 s.

    Also verified that with Nokia 7 Plus can select Iso 3200 and 4 s, albeit the fastest speed is only 1/500!

  • user1526470024443
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    @Laura when we will get the update for the camera like the other phones of Nokia???