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    get camera update than I can't use my app camera at all, very very disappointing
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    Everyone please stop thinking about your camera app, as nokia does not care about Nokia 8.

    Please use google camera app which will give u 10 times better result

    @laura please dont raise topics if u cant provide solutions
  •   just discovered that you get get much better dynamic (meas: more things to see in the dark areas of a photo) when you not only switch on HDR or HDR auto.... BUT YOU ALSO HAVE TO LIMIT THE APP TO USE ONLY THE COLOR CAMERA. Btw, that's what Google Camera does all the time because it doesn't know about the second b/w cam in our Nokia 8s...

    Now, what a finding....and it shows, how useless all the second camera fuzz is!

    Also my favorite pet peeve, the crackling noises on video, become less the louder the movie is that you record. My bad my hobbies are typically rather calm...

    Another one of my love-to-hate-features is the difference in perceived zoom when you switch between photo and video - why does it have to bee like that?

    I noticed it is the same when you use another camera app. I never noticed this on my previous phones (which were not 4k video enabled). It becomes less when you record videos in 4k resolution (which I do not want).

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    Get this Google camera for Nokia 8. I use it 99.9% of the time for all my shots with HDR+ enabled and is perfect. Great low light images with very low noise.
    Sometimes I use Nokia 8 camera only for video as audio quality is better. DOWNLOAD LINK
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    There is officially community of Nokia phones... Where is feedback? At least a word, at least something... Silence as in a tomb! I would understand if it was a cheap phone like Nokia 2,3 but 8? A year ago it was better that you presented, but a year later silence. In community, in official community which you created. ***What's the point?***. Well, at least you do not remove angry messages

    Please... Please, administrator tell that you care about us. Please. I do not want to sell this phone ...
  • Experience is not good at all and in my honest opinion the quality was much better in the previous version. Low light photo quality has also worsened than before. While shooting video one gets to hear the shutter sound... disappointing to say the least. The only redeeming feature is front portrait mode which is good. Rear camera portraits have worsened. Overall very disappointed with the update.
  • You can shout as bigger as you can but nothing can happen.... It's all waste to put hopes.... just accept your loss while selling it and go for other brands...
  • Is the focus lock going to be fixed ever? What is the point of it reverting to the centre after a few seconds. Surely it is just a single variable change that should take literally seconds to fix.

    I have also discovered when the flash is on, when you press to focus then press the shutter button the focus immediately moves to the centre.

    And on the delayed shutter option it always moves to centre focussing given the existing ridiculous focus timeout.

    When will these bugs be fixed?
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    Please increase the shutter speed. 1/2 is not enough for long exposure.
  • There's a rumour about nokia buying pureview from microsoft. Could this be ported to our phone?
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    They can't be bothered to fix basic bugs in three months, think they'll port something to their older flagship? 

    But to answer your question, PureView seems primarily hardware related, so probably not. 

  • there's an update today. downloading update from Play Store (around 247 MB). The comment is "fix version for Nokia 8". TA-1012 Germany

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    The same for TA-1004, Ukraine. Now the switch for choosing monochrome lens is gone. 

    708 error 'Action is not supported' for selfie camera when retouch is turned on. 

    Also, macro focusing is corrupted. 

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    same issue again,' fix' didn't fix the issues

    dual camera no longer usable.

    pro mode gone, bokeh mode gone, monochrome mode gone

  • Another update for 67 Mb. Lets see...

  • ignas
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    Fix for Nokia 8? 

    What fix? It works the same way the previous "accidental" release did - no bokeh, monochrome, pro mode, etc. I even deleted the data/cache to be sure. 

    This is so bad it's funny  Do you guys even have a Nokia 8 to test on at your HQ? Should we get together and buy you one? 

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     I usually do not care too much about Photo quality on my phone. Coming from a Nexus 4 a couple of years ago, everything was better than that.

    I thought so. Now I have found Nokia, a brand I have chosen for their promise of updates and near stock Android.

    They manage to cripple their camera hardware with the lousiest camera app I have seen yet. To a degree that even bugs me. Then they issue huge updates that are clearly not meant for the Nokia 8, as it lost all 2nd Cam functions. Now they do it again. How can you ever trust Nokia's updates again?

    I started to actively counter-promote Nokia to people that ask me about my Nokia 8.

  • user1534854853285   

    what is your model number? 

    does this 67mb update fix anything?

  • Still not happy with focus, we could not lock always going to center

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    What has happened to the carousel this update was supposed to include? From what I can see this is a reissue of the previous update which was not meant for the N8
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    I just got an update for N8 camera, but it is exactly the same thing like the other one. Monochrome, Bokeh and manual mode are broken. Why does this happen? I though that Nokia learned from mistakes and will not do them again

  • user1516208771621

    It is like a roll back to previous UI. About performance - didn`t test it though. 

    Phone - TA-1004

  • Zeeshan Mazhari
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    They have done it again. The app version jumped from 8 to 90 and the issues with the previous update are back again. Looks like my last Nokia phone and will definitely not recommend this brand to anyone.
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    Monochrome and Bokeh mode is not. Camera include manual mode. I agree, design is like the first application.

  • petrus
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    Monochrome and Bokeh mode is not. Camera include manual mode. I agree, design is like the first application.

  • ignas
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    Some people are reporting a version 85.- update on TA-1012 phones that actually fixed the issues. Looks likely that Nokia released the wrong app for dual sim phones this time.

  • True. I have a TA-1004 with the broken app. If TA-1012 have a good app then HMD released a bad one

  • LennartB
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    So, updated to 90.9.1123.20 through Play Store. 

    Says "Fix version for Nokia 8"

    My model : TA-1012

    No Pro Mode

    No Bokeh

    EIS still enabled on front cam when filming lower than 4K

    No monochrome mode

    No HDR+ toggle, only auto HDR mode (i like to force it sometimes)


    Please Nokia, get it together.

    Back to GCAM.

  • LennartB
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    Meant to say EIS enabled on back cam* (it has OIS so no need for EIS)

  • cri347
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    On TA-1004 (EU dual SIM) the update is the 90.9.1123.20 dated August 17th. It's the same version they pulled because of the problem, in fact there are the same problem...
    They upload again the wrong APK or they are working on the Play Store page and by mistake release the update for Nokia 8 without upload the new app.