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  • @1512184697340, understand your logic, maybe that's the reason before launching new products in moscow juho firstly announced the nokia 8 pro camera which reduces the trolling of negative comments when he speaking

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    I read your posts and sorry if you don’t feel acknowledged enough. I understand all the frustration in here, but as you stated I opened this topic to get the feedback from you all. 

    Further, I  can’t respond with anything you wish because it is not in my hands to stop a software rollout, nor can I offer a roll back or influence how long the next test-phase is. I am just a link between this forum and HMD. My main function is to forward feedback and issues popping up in the forum. What happens next is not in my hands. I’m sorry for that. 

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    @laura, appreciated you doing your task best and also as you said it's true nothing in your hands.... How many suggestions we give here no use... Like shouting in deaf ear.... That's why I decided to target Twitter let the world will know how happy flagship phone customers
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    Thanks for the appreciation :) it’s nice to hear that too. Sure, Twitter is another channel to reach out to our company and bring in your feedback and suggestions. I’m not sure if this will speed up the processes since an update just takes its time, but Juho and the Nokia Mobile team wouldn’t have twitter accounts if they wouldn’t appreciate to get feedback there as well. 

    But be assured your feedback here is forwarded to the R&D team as well. 

    Best  regards,

  • IDK if someone will even read this , but i have a serious problem , nokia 8 lives in the stone age , only supports FAT32 SD Card (and we cant format sd card as internal either) , so file sizes are limited to 4gig , so i need to stop my videos after 6-8 mins , thats annoying af , secondly they updates the whole camera thing but still forgot to add the option to shoot in RAW (DNG) , and i still need to rely on 3rd party apps then , if any mod is reading this can u guys ask ur software team to resolve these issues ?

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    Trouble is ExFAT is a Microsoft file system and if you use that you are moving away from pure Android and someone will have to pay Microsoft for the pleasure of using it.

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     Sorry, this is off-topic and annoys people following this entry because of the new camera app (I am aware that my posting is off topic, too)

  • @user1512184697340  i agree with you i am also not happy with camera focus &also posting here seems no use, better to tell the public by giving our comments under juho & nokia tweets...hence many people complaining means definitely their show attention to us and speed up the process to settle the things faster....

    juho link --

    nokia --

  • @Laura - Moderator. Is there any kind of info on how the rollout goes? There are plenty of us that have not got the update yet. Is that normal?

    (Out of topic: Is there any thought on realizing the updates as downloadable files?)

  • I still have not received the update is that normal ? TA-1004 Jordan

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    @WeZLi yes it is normal, i am in the UK and i have yet to see or hear of anyone here get it and lots of other counties around the world have yet to see it, it is just how phased roll outs work as frustrating as that is unfortunately.

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    Still waiting for the update in South Africa, why can't Nokia release a PC suite like they used to back in the day so we can flash our phones if we don't want to wait for this staggered roll out, what's taking so long , all support says is be patient , my patience ran out a week ago, atleast share some information on this,
  • I could imagine the roll out of the camera app is on hold given the negative feedback until now. There are definitely some things that need improvement before it is really ready for the public.I love that Nokia pushes the camera, but it might be better to do it in some kind of beta period. If things work as they should it is going to be a rocking app I am sure.

  • Stopping the update cause a few people are complaining would not be a wise move, rather give them a way to roll back and move the update to the better channel, give choice to those who want to test and provide feedback to do so, and when Nokia feels the update is ready , release it, we vocalising cause we care and like Nokia else, again why not release a SW for PC so we can flash the phones to revert back to production or stable release should we need to, personally I've never needed to and like being in the beta to test and contribute however I can, Nokia are you listening, and Laura , are you the same Laura from the windows central forums?
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    As i said before my problem with updates huge because of the constant freezing of my phone and rebooting. Even an hard reset doens't fix it. But getting proper assistance? NO. 

    If the problem isn't solved with the Monthly update of june i will take legal steps. This update really f*cked up a good working phone. 

  • Hi there, Grertings from Burma, after the update, I cannot record video anymore. There is no more video option in the camera app. What do I need to do if I wanna record a video?
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    Tot make video swipe in the Middleton of the screen tot activatie videomode
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    Those who not happy with camera immediately post your comments here...let's every one can read how they treating flagship customers.....
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    Pro camera is in my opinion a joke, after 9 months of work.......  The cam hardware is the next Joke....
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    @juho sarvikas is great drama artist...HMD Nokia is a big jocker
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    Hi everyone,

    I see lots of people starting to carry flaming torches to protest at the gates of HMD/Nokia. Well, there's nothing to stop you doing this, the internet is free after all. But how many people do you know who react in a positive way when they are embarrassed in public? Not many I bet.

    Now, remember that this thread was started by Laura from HMD! It is HMD who are asking for your feedback, they want to know all about your problems so that they can fix them! They are not ignoring you, they do not want to do a bad job or treat their customers with disrespect, why would you think that they do? Do you know many people in your life who go to work and want to do a bad job and treat people badly?

    No, you don't. So why do you think HMD are any different.

    I fully expect that HMD are regretting not issuing this update first through Beta Labs. However, the update is now live and I expect they are working overtime to fix all the problems, because they want to do a good job when they go to work, just like you and me.

    Like you all, I look forward to a positive and content-ful update from HMD in the near future to give customers some meaningful feedback and hope of fixes for these problems.

    Cheers :)

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    @Laura if you are merely the messenger and can't actually answer anything on Nokia's behalf then who (from Nokia) is actually providing support to end users in this "Get support" forum?

    If (as it would seem) the answer is "nobody" then it's NOT a support forum, it's just an echo chamber, with Nokia is asleep at the wheel, and this thread is the inevitable consequence - of releasing software prematurely, and of inviting user feedback and then failing to meaningfully respond to it.

    I know it's not YOUR decision/fault, but you seem to be the only one at Nokia reading these messages, so please make your superiors aware of the situation so that it can be escalated and addressed urgently.

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    Hello all, 

    @madbilly  well said. Thank you for that. 

    @MarcusJT:  As stated in the house rules >here< this is mainly a peer to peer community  (like a lot of forums are) where people can exchange their experience and help each other.

    But to let you all know, just today I had another talk and passed on the feedback from this topic here and I’m sure it will be considered, but to see an improvement will take a bit, since Updates just take time to get developed. I know this is not an answer you want to hear, but at least you know your feedback gets passed on.


    Best regards,

  • Thanks Laura for the update. Great you are communicating about this.

    Kind Regards Ben

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    Nokia/HMD has had alot of money from me and many other customers .......we have done our part and are helping make Nokia/HMD successful BUT as customers many feel Nokia/HMD are being condescending/complacent, are not really interest in existing customers and merely after more sales from new customers.
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    First of all, thanks for  camera update, but I have some suggestions for next camera updates:

    1) add wider options for shutter speed 1/500-1/2s is not enough

    2) add more slow motion options to video

    3) images are so big.  Pictures taken by original Google camera have size ~  3.0MB (8Mpix 16:9), but the same picture taken by Nokia Pro Camera has ~ 6.5MB. My old Lumia 950 with stock camera make 16Mpix 16:9 pictures ~ 5MB. Is it possible to add option to choose picture compression? 

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    Beside everything that mentioned before from other Nokia 8 users I would like mirror option of front facing camera to add to the next release please.i was disappointed that couldn't find that option in new camera app.thanx in advance.
  • ok got the camera update. First with the good stuff.

    Picture quality does seem improved.
    Manual mode works great. I would like to see the shutter speeds being a little greater.

    Now on with the bad stuff.
    Video now has both ois and eis. This is terrible. Not only eis crops the frame but it introduces so much noise and grain to the footage that is awful to the eye.
    Also ozo audio has bugs.
    Shutter sound is being recorded at the beginning of the video.
    If you saw that video quality became much worse than the previous version why did you have to touch it in the first place.
    Please add pause function on video mode, let us switch off the trashy eis, and fix ozo audio.
    First time i see an update ruining good working stuff and making it worse, and the previous nokia 8 video recording was decent if not very good!

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    Update starts in Germany today.
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    This is just based on playing with the app in auto.

    The Good:

    • Shots in low light seem much improved albeit with more noise but hey ho it is always going to be a compromise and fingers crossed some form of software noise reduction software like what Neat Image can achieve will be implemented in further releases.
    • Shots in good light focus reasonably fast and are perfectly acceptable.
    • Dealt with an extremely high contrast scene very well indeed.

    The Bad:

    • Too much compression used, there is visible artefacts photos i took, either set the compression to 100% or at least give us the option to alter it ourselves.
    • When you focus on an area of the screen, the phone still reverts to the centre of the frame and refocuses on that.
    • No touch to shoot, by far the easiest way to tell the phone the subject to wish to take a photo of but gives the phone a much better idea of the lighting around the subject and tells it to take the shot now, an absolute no brainer to include it.
    • Finding the video camera was not the easiest, ill admit now i know swiping to get it is great but it wasn't so obvious to begin with.
    • Audible bleep on the beginning of a video recording.
    • No 60FPS at 1080p, absolutely bonkers on a phone of this spec.
    • Slow motion now includes audio.