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    So I got the update a few hours ago and I'ms eriously underwhelmed. Quality doesn't seem to have changed and actually got worse for video recording at 1080P. Who at HMD thought it was a good idea to disable OIS and instead use EIS for video recording? Everything looks zoomed in and just behaves worse than OIS.

    I see Bokeh is still not fixed. When choosing Bokeh in settings, why is it still required that the user tap to focus on something before Bokeh will actually activate? Why does the Bokeh setting not assume that the centre as the focal point when initiated? Still a silly decision that a tap, after already choosing Bokeh, is still required.

    As everyone else has already said, video records the activation beep in the beginning. Was this update even tested? Was it rushed? I don't understand.

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    Just installed the update here in Nigeria.. The short tests so far showed that the Google Camera is still the best. Also, the old stock camera produces more details and better quality than the new pro camera
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    I also received the Camera Pro today, and also have the same error : "It is not possible to save PIP pictures. I get a camera error. "
    In french, my error message Is:
    "Erreur au niveau de la caméra
    Un problème est survenu lors de l'enregistrement de la photo ou de la vidéo."
    Pfff..I Hope à new update will fix this issue!!!
  • MarcusJT
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    RE: JPEG quality

    Since I've now seen a couple of comments regarding JPEG quality, I thought I should point out that 100% is completely unnecessary and results in huge files which are indistinguishable from 80% compression, which is why 80% is pretty standard in the photography industry, though some use 85% to get a little more quality at the expense of significantly larger filesizes - see and other similar sources for more info on this.


    Therefore, if there's not going to be a preference that we can set ourselves (which would satisfy everyone but I don't think it's worth building for the reasons given above), the camera app should apply a default 80% compression to JPEG images.

  • Unfortunately, this update has totally broken my connectivity, I have no way to connect to the internet in 4G or 3G, only wifi works, which is the answer I got through the Support app when none of the three solutions they offered me worked. Said I had to wait for the June update...
  • Hi I installed the update today only after using an alternative sim. Don't understand why this is necessary. However the initial issue I have noticed is that I don't always get the reassuring plip when pressing the shutter button, so I don't know whether the camera has actually functioned. With regard to 3g/4g connectivity, I am not experiencing any issue.
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    Finial, Taiwan received new update. Focus speed is faster than previous when using only color lens. But, when recording a video, the screen moves horizontally is grotesque. You can see that moving target A from B, the screen responds delay about 0.5 sec. When I stop moving, the screen still moves over a little. Recording a video is like skating. It is hard to control. Please fix the issue. Sorry for my basic English.
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    Probably has been mentioned... Self portrait, (front camera) low light: Screen is all white so you cannot see what pictire you are taking... Picture is all right after but with funny you are trying to find out if this thing works...
    Also where is OIS? has been removed? You are not allowed to deside if you want it.or not?
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    VIdeo is indeed worse... Bring control to disable EIS and maybe even cotrol OIS

  • Hi, 

    I have got the 600MB update yesterday - I'm living in Germany.

    * First of all I am puzzled that the update is not coupled to the June security patch, so I'm still waiting for that.

    * The Camera App.

    As most people, I take the majority of pics in Automatic Mode because it is all about "the Moment (tm)" and not about fidgeting with touch controls on a phone to get a result comparable to a decent dedicated camera.

    As such, the new Camera Pro app continues to underwhelm. I still find the pics to bright - can't distinguish clouds or folds in light colored curtains as good as in pictures taken with Google Camera on same phone. If a person stands in the light, you receive a white blodge on the forehead instead of skin texture.

    On the other hand, low light pictures have way more noise and overall focusing time is way longer than with my previous Nexus 5x phone. (tbh, my Honor 9 took equally long and managed to produce just as many out-of-focus snapshots as the Nokia 8, so maybe all this dual camera stuff is just a fuzz?).

    The "Pro mode" of the new camera app has two different modes of operation, depending wether you activate it from the menu or by sliding the shutter button? Great, but not well thought out. I find the half-circle movement not very intuitive and the icons you need to drag too small. Generally I prefer the GUI invoked by the menu over that invoked by sliding the shutter button (if you miss the introduction screen, you are never going to find that out, btw)

    I like the new PIP-mode, which might be something I would use more often than the dual picture mode. Unlike others, my Nokia 8 does save the pictures without errors.

    My most frequently used photo mode beside "automatic" is Panorama. I have yet to find out wether this works well with the new app.

    I dislike the reduced options in movie recording. Also I fail to see the point of surround sound - I'm always glad when I do *not* record the mumbling of the grandmas when recording school concerts ;-)

    What factor does the time lapse and slow motion recording apply? There is no option to choose or even see how many pics per minute resp. fps those features are set to.


    tl dr: 

    New camera app limits previously available features while not improving picture quality and providing a nice to look at but not very well laid out GUI.

    Waiting for the June security update.

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    Guys, I think the problem with the quality is not b cause OIS is removed, it's simply not possible, OIS is physical, ime the lense is floating between magnets, unless Nokia has latches that lock the lense in place to prevent optical image stabilization which is not possible via software, what is most likely happening with EIS, is that the firmware is a port from scirocco which I heard has no OIS but uses an advanced EIS, which if is the case, EIS is the default stabilization method for recording and is clashing with the OIS , hence the poor quality, hope the team releases an update to the camera app, at the very least include a toggle to switch off EIS, which can be done, OIS can't be switched on or off,
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    about 15 hours ago

    RE: JPEG quality
    Since I've now seen a couple of comments
    regarding JPEG quality, I thought I should point out that 100% is
    completely unnecessary and results in huge files which are
    indistinguishable from 80% compression, which is why 80% is pretty
    standard in the photography industry, though some use 85% to get a
    little more quality at the expense of significantly larger filesizes -
    see and other similar sources for more info on this.


    If i delivered wedding photographs at 80% compression and with potentially visible artefacts i would hang my head in shame. Id rather have the quality higher quality and the ability to carry out a couple of edits and therefore the recompression of an image than save a couple of MB.


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    said about 3 hours ago
    Probably has been mentioned... Self portrait, (front camera) low light: Screen is all white so you cannot see what pictire you are taking...


    That is the front flash, turn it off if you dont want to use it.

  • Vicky max
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    9 months onwards we giving our feedback but it looks we shouting ourselves only....but (let's keep the insults out of the posts ~ Laura) HMD NOKIA only do the task what they want.... Laura dear appreciated your dedication

  • At this moment I perfectly understand that considerable time will be necessary to correct the imaging situations described by others (which I also noticed), so at this moment I will only ask for one thing, the increase of integration time up to 30 sec already in the next monthly update so 3rd party apks can immediately be used. Thank you
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    I'm sorry, but it's bad. It's a beta at best. It should not have been pushed as a part of a regular update. 

    * EIS in video is awful. With wobbly motion and massively reduced field of view, I just don't see how it's a better experience. And I don't get how an option to pick the mode you want was overlooked. On 4K however, it falls back to OIS - either a bug in itself or more likely a hardware limitation - and thank God, as otherwise I'd be hesitant to take videos with it.

    * Many complain about image quality. Based on initial impressions it appears to apply noise reduction very randomly, often none at all or way too much. Sometimes it just picks and chooses which parts of the image to apply noise reduction to - and I doubt this ever works out. Like what is this? - 

    I don't know if it was an HDR picture and it failed to stitch pictures together or what, but it's just bad. And I don't remember such results before the update.

    * Shutter slide to enable/disable/reset Pro mode isn't working in landscape. Pro mode works if you turn it to landscape afterwards, the icons within rotate accordingly - it's clearly meant to function in landscape. But the shutter doesn't react. How did this pass testing?

    * Missing level indicator and (I think) compass in options. I found the former very useful in making sure you've got a straight horizon. Definitely something that should be there in the "Pro" camera. 

    * Entering the gallery from the camera I sometimes get pushed back to the previous picture if the last one isn't fully processed. 

    * Not a bug, but an opinion: I don't think opening a huge submenu for three options (flash/HDR/etc) is a good way to do UI. Previously it seemed simpler and faster to get what you want when the pop out menu was smaller and that options like flash or HDR simply cycled through the three settings, instead of opening a menu where you have to select the one you want.

    * Another small nitpick, not sure how I feel about moving the viewfinder all the way to the right (top). In a way it brings it closer to the sensor, which might slightly help framing the image, but then it gives this huge chin with not much useful on it and overlays settings on top of the image. How about keeping it more like it was before? (quick mockup). All I did was move the viewfinder back to place. Hardly matters compared to other issues though. 

    * Is 1/2 shutter speed really the lowest it can go? 

    Some good things: 

    * I like being able to adjust exposure after selecting the AF/AE point. Very helpful. Now if you could lock it there like on iOS devices.. 

    * The monochrome sensor does appear to make more difference than before. 

    * It looks like the color shading issue I complained about before - - has been fixed or at least improved. Will test more later to make sure. 

  • "That is the front flash, turn it off if you dont want to use it...."

    No I need the flash... But I need to be able to see the screen while I am taking the picture also... Software can easy work on that especially when the pic is finally ok as you discover aftwrwards
  • After one day of using new app:
    2 Stabilization in video is AWFUL!EIS OR OIS pronlem I don't know what happened but is tragic
    3 blip sound at the start of video
    4 portrait mode blur me rather than the background (crying from laughs when happened)

    In general dear Laura the app needs improvements the lens of Nokia 8 are really good but they need a better app to upgrade the photography experience.We don't need to experience professional photoshoot but take as an example modded Pixel camera app the algorithm works much better with the lens and the photos are looking great.kindly requested to try to fix and improve as many features and requests you can. I really like this phone the only two things that I need is a better camera app and an improvement to Glance NOTHING ELSE!THANX IN ADVANCE!
  • My experience with this update was that the Nokia 8 TA-1004 was bricked...

    I got the update, it was installed in the background, I restarted and the Phone hang at the white on black Nokia with the backlight blinking and getting very hot.

    To recover from that state I had to find out how to get into the recovery mode and do a factory reset LOOSING ALL DATA. Not so nice experience. And it's not me alone, several users in the german forum "" had this problem.

    This was the first time since my original HTC Desire with Android Froyo that an update bricked my phone, for me this was the first and last Nokia phone.

  • user389
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    The camera update is not stable for me, sadly.
    I will probably wait for the June security update before trying a factory reset of the phone, since not only the camera but also a (YR) weather widget and some notifications have become unstable.

    On top of what is said already, some screenshots and comments:

    1: Can't connect ...:
    I haven't found a way to reproduce. It has happened twice in two weeks. A phone restart or soft reset corrects the issue, so far.
    This is particular frustrating when Sports Tracker is running and the choice is to stop tracking or stop taking pictures:


    2: Trouble saving ...:

    Is currently a stable issue when trying to save a P-i-P shot (P-i-P video works). It worked temporarily after one of the soft resets, or perhaps it was after running the phone in safe mode or after clearing camera app cache and data.
    This also occurred once when taking a regular picture, but corrected itself in that case:


    3: Photos saved incompletely:

    It has not happened recently. I don't know if the camera app or Google Photos is to blame, but it must not happen, ever. - Kodak Moments only exist in a splitsecond, which is why I prefer use a camera-phone instead of a real camera.
    There is also some duplicated photos in the camera roll, where both the original photo and the reduced file size Google unlimited storage photo is available after auto-sync.

    Note: I use Nokia 8 without SD memory card.


    I hope the above issues is sorted out one way or the other before the summer holidays. It will be much longer before my confidence in the phone camera is back where it was before the camera app update.


  • Recoder video more useless than before updated . Why i cant chose focus on one point, it always auto reset my focus point.
    Can u add lock-on focus and add 1 button to turn off that stupid autofocus.
    Bug autofocus ( autoreset focus) that is need to turn off
  • Vicky max
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    At first day I bought Nokia 8 till today these HMD NOKIA dogs didn't fix the focus. focus is heart for camera. I don't know why they ignoring us ,these money dogs not even giving refund?
  • Please also include a choice to switch off surround sound recording by default.
    Right now I'm sitting in a school concert - people talking in the audience is not what I want to record...
  • @SuAlfons,

    you can already do that, tap the microphone icon when in video mode and you can select front, back or surround recording.

  • ...I have to switch that option every time I start the camera app in movie mode. I want the app to save the last setting or let me choose a default
  • ignas
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    @SuAlfons - It does that for me. I even restarted the phone to make sure and it stayed at the last setting I set it to.

  • According to the discussion, I found recording a video in 4K mode is better than 1080P. Performance of recording a 4k video is acceptable, except autorest focus. Please fix problems that users mentioned e.g. focus on video, photo quality, shotter speed limit… Don't let us waiting another 9 months. Thank you.
  • user1528202647004
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    Another bag. When called camera from other app (keep  from Google for me) app seems to be with minimum functionality (no zoom, no anything...) and sometimes it does not even produce the photo. Google camera works fine in the same case

  • user1517130938553
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    Can I downgrade camera app? The new is terrible, no macro mode, laggy, it's useless...

  • The new camera app is not stable enough. Now I'm getting a "Can't connect to the camera" error and the only way to make the camera back to life again is by restarting the phone. I really hope HMD is working on a fix for all these issues.