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  • MrBelter
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    Well now i have been out and about and given the new camera update some welly i can say i really like it, i have absolutely no interest in the pro mode whatsoever given the phone is never going to be a tool i use for crucial shots and is just there for casual snapping.

    For me at least it is stable, takes great photos and is even dare i say it fine in low light, i just wish it wasn't adamant the only point of focus was smack in the middle. Deffo needs some work but it is much better than the old app.

  • Still didn't receive update. What problem I don't know
  • Please improve LOW LIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY.

    but please work on low light
  • mighty haggis
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    installed update this morning, all is perfect no problems at all, no bugs

  • Finally got the update today, everything seems ok, only tested the camera a little bit, it seems better than it was but the G Cam port is still superior, seems to be a few bugs with video tho especially recording the shutter sound when you start a video which is annoying, hopefully next update will sort it tho.
  • kodi
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    Thank you for the long awaited camera update ! My phone got it only  3 days ago! I donot know if it is related or not but after this particulary update battery started to drain almost twice as fast !!! Please advise ! 

  • user1521769034246
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    Having updated my Nokia 8 with the new Pro Camera and camera framework, the image quality gets some improvement especially in low light condition! However, the focus issue in low light condition still exists. Sometimes I have found that the noise level is getting worse while I am taking photo In low light condition with duel cameras and HDR. In Overall, I am pleased with the efforts given from HMD and NOKIA team who are promising to deliver the updates with new features on the camera!

    Keeping on HMD and NOKIA! Your efforts on delivering software updates makes your company charms
  • Still didn't get update.
  • user1521742998958
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    Many features missing like pro mode in video recording and possibly to lock focus when video recording, now in many different situations focus jumping who making shaky video and not in focus.

    No monochrome video recording anymore. Focus refocus after a few seconds to center when manually focus when talking pictures. I would prefer to have more settings to play with.
  •  Bring back the old build, this one has to many bugs.

    1. The back camera is too zoomed inn, and it can't focus on the thing i want to record.

    2. The front camera will only focus in the middle, and it makes the recording go all in and out of focus.

    3. The sound when you start recording, it's annoying.

    And here are some options i miss with the camera.

    1. The option too turn off auto focus(in video recording mode)

    2. ISO options on the back camera(in video recording mode)

    3. The option for indoor and outdoor balance(in video recording mode).

    I almost want to go back to my old Microsoft 950 phone, it had the best recording software i ever had. you should take some notes from that software, and make the Nokia 8 better.

  • Got the pro cam app today in Germany, and wtf, it has no video Funktion anymore! Even the options for video are missing...
  • Just got a bricked phone with no access to recovery thanks to this update *slow claps* never buying from nokia again

  •  That's great news.

  • Nokia 8 (2017) w Polsce wciąż NIE MA aktualizacji Pro Camera. Minęło już pół miesiąca!!!

  • equilibrium3663
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    First of, thanks for pushing these kind of updates to features and capabilities of the device. This is why I went with Nokia after using Sony Xperia devices for the past 6 years.

    I just hope that these improvements continue to come by.

    I'd also like to see a toggle for OIS/EIS if possible as well as 60fps video recording.

    Also, I know this isn't the place for it but can we have a built in screen recorder like the Xperia devices have. I don't want to install a third party app with thousands of ads.

    Overall, great work on the new update, it's appreciated and I'm really enjoying the clean interface of my Nokia 8.
  • The camera upgrade is different from the old camera APP, mainly in two things:
    1. Has the Shutter mode
    2. Doesnt have mochrome mode in vídeo

    When we select the Shutter speed mode the ISO doesnt adjust automatically. So this is not a real shutter speed priority. The user has to guess the ISO, to have a correct light balance!!!

    Beyond what already have been said, the camera upgrade seems to have been done in a hurry.
  • Vicky max
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    I realize onething from more then 9 months onwards. HMD NOKIA fail to give us best camera...when we recording camera always re-focusing again and again...don't know what responsibility @juho sarvikas money dog take steps to clear the issues...when ?
  • RaveXII
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    Although I love the new UI.But the video quality has taken a big hit especially as it loses focus in 4k recording and the video is cropped alot.Furthermore front potrait is great but back camera has a slow autofocus as picture tend to be a but blurred.Also can it not do 2x lossless zoom as Huawei flagships with monochrome sensors have been doing that for a while.I really hope you improve the camera quality as right now my iPhone 6 is beating it
  • I like to take quick snaps everywhere I go. Before the update it was quite hard to get a decent photo. Slow autofocus, often no focus at all, often incorrect colours. After the update, with Pro Camera app most of these quick snaps are spot on. Sharp focus, correct colours. I was very disappointed with the old app capabilities and even thought getting a Nokia 7 Plus as my wife. But with the new app I’ll stick to Nokia 8 and I’m happy with it. As most users point out that ISO and shutters speed in Pro mode needs further improvement. And also Pro mode acts quite weird when UI elements and fonts are set bigger than default (I like texts bigger on my screen).
  • ABuyer
    ABuyer ✭✭

     Guys can you tell me what build v4.88b is like from a System UI standpoint for the TA1004.

    any bugs or weird issues with this build?

    System stability?

    Does the phone still freeze in split screen use?

    Is fast charging working when screen is on??

    Is aptx and ldac finally working or not??

    I'm holding off on updating since a few people are reporting bootloop did any of you face the bootloop issue??

  • @Abuyer...APTX support is still not there I believe as it was not available earlier too. For me there is no bug apart from charging time which has increased. Even though it supports fast charging, taking almost 2 and half hours for full charge which was not the case earlier. Camera quality is still not improved and video recording is still not the smooth one, though the primary camera has OIS. I don't know which camera is being used at the time of video recording..since there is no way to check that... Autofocus is very bad....☹️
  • ABuyer
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    Aptx and ldac support was present on Nougat, users have reported it as working with compatible HP's.
    Did they f up the charging on the Nokia 8 as well(?) Is fast charging now only working with screen off??? PLEASE CONFIRM.
  • I suffered the bootloop issue after the update installed and the only way to resurrect my phone was to perform a factory reset and in doing so lose all my data - which I hadn't backed up because the previous 2 updates went fine, so I trusted this one, plus Nokia doesn't provide any backup software (unlike Samsung) so now I need to find a third party solution. And no, "store it in the cloud" is not really a solution.
  • navaneethakumar
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    Hi HMD /Nokia
    Still unable to get top notch performance with such a huge camera firmware update in Nokia 8.
    Be frank , this camera is not worth for money and still same issue persist , focus issue , low light problem, in addition to existing issue we have new issue camera is crashing, while doing vidoe recording , I can hear beep while during startup , not sure why such noise, get your QC team to have Round of testing, lock the issue and work for fix.please don't advertise like Nokia 8 is not worth and not upto the mark.
    If there is no improvement , only option is to buy proper flashship phone instead.
  • phone is taking 2 and half hours to charge fully... didn't notice on screen on or off. However, I m sure that aptx codec is not there in Nokia 8 as I m using Sony MDR XB950BT headphones which supports aptx and aptx hd....also my headphone disconnects from phone once I pause music for sometime nd try to resume...☹️
  • Has anyone in ever tried to press the still photo button while recording a video?
    Well my Nokia 8 then displays a black image in the view finder.

    I begin to hate my decision for Nokia
  • ABuyer
    ABuyer ✭✭
    Try using Ampere, you can get it from the google play store. Install it and open the app when phone is charging. If it shows 2800-3000mA with screen on then the phone is quick charging with screen on if its at 1000-1100mA then HMD has gimped the fast charging on Nokia 8 just like they did on the 7Plus with the May update. If what I suspect is true then phone will sort of qucik charge only when the screen is off and that too not as fast as it did b4 the update.

    I haven't updated my phone because I can't get confirmation about charging speeds. Fast charging matters more to me than "pro" camera update.
  • prabou
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    I am located in France.
    This morning (19 june) I received the June update but I still have the PIP error.
    Not able to store a photo with PIP!!!
  • sualfons
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    I can confirm that my Camera also records strange knacking noises in the first half minute of every movie clip.
    The noises are absent when recording with other cam app.
    Also, not only the view finder image turns black when you take a photo while recording video - no, the pictures and the video (from that point on) will be black. Audio is still recorded...

    I am totally speechless. This is not even beta worthy. How dare you publish this rubbish to paying customers!?!
    Apart from the actual photo quality not being better than before you introduce new severe bugs and take out features.
    I could not care less for the pro functions, since my phone is mostly a snapshot device.
  • user1521769034246
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    I just wanna make a recap on the issues I have found on the new Nokia Pro Camera in Nokia 8 so far. I have found that the focus is always returning to the center no matter we have selected a point for focus or not. This makes the image to be blurry especially when we are capturing some details on an object.