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    Dear laura,

    Good Day,

    I really appreciate your dedication in improving the camera app and regular updates for all Nokia phones. Practically the new UI and pro mode are really better than the old one.

    But, still the camera app lacks in focusing some times, image quality not improved still very noisy image, low light images are very bad it should use both it's monochrome and color sensor. I am very sure that the app is not using both it cameras as well as it should use.

    It still has many bugs , I hope there will be new update soon.
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    P-i-P photos can only be saved when the aspect ratio in both the rear and front camera is set to 4:3 format.

    * P-i-P photos is saved in 16:9 format regardless of the camera preferences (but do come out smaller when lower resolutions is set).

    * The maximum resolution gives a P-i-P picture with 4160x2340 pixels < This is odd since the normal maximum 16:9 resolution is 3840x2160 pixels.

    * I can relatively easily provoke the Can't connect to the camera error when playing with the format and resolution settings and the Dual-Sight modes.

    The Can't connect to the camera error blocks camera access from all other applications until the phone is restarted.


    Only HMD's camera app can use all 3 microphones in Nokia 8.
    The microphone interfaces used by other apps are all noise reduced, optimized for voice (and sounds awful when compared to the brilliant OZO audio!)
    Otherwise I would use Open Camera for video recordings, to avoid the crackles, crashes, avoid EIS issues, avoid focus issues, to have scene modes and more.

    HMD could hire Mark Harman? Or grant him and other third-party developers access to the OZO audio and dual camera stuff in Nokia 8.
    It must be possible to make OZO the system-wide 'Camcorder' audio API?

    I can't provoke the black screen issues you reported.
    - Do you use a SD memory card in the phone?

    I plan to do a factory reset soon and set up the phone from scratch, to hopefully sort out some of the numerous issues.


  • @user389

    The issue with black-out of the view finder and black pics/videos from inter-movie stills has vanished with the June 1st security update I received this morning (located in Germany).

    Yers, I use a SD-card as memory for Camera and Music.

    I have no use for 3-microphone surround sound (see my other rants), espicially if the first 30 seconds of all videos are distorted with crackling sounds. Here also, many videos taken with a mobile phone are snapshots often with a duration under 1min....

    I switched to a variant of the Google Camera App (ex Nexus-user here), which unfortunately also does not work 100% on non-Google phones, but takes better pictures and movies when it does. (Just don't switch around the interface too often....Oh, how I hate progress that only brings new problems)

  • My phone is stuck on the boot screen only showing nokia the whole time please give me some advice to what I can do to fix it. It all happened after the update

  • @user1529495199140 I experienced the same problem and after trying everything else found that the only way out of it was to factory reset the phone, losing everything on it in the process, alas :(

    See instructions at
  • I had a conversation with the Support Team and they said the following when I said I didn't want Pro Camera and wanted to stay using the default Camera App.

    "If you don't want to use it (Pro Camera) just don't activate the option Pricing Camera Settings and your Camera will be working in the same mode how is working now (Default Camera App)

    Can anyone confirm whether this works please as I do not want to download and use Camera Pro, I would rather use the Default Camera App ?
  • Bogus! If you update you will get the new camera app with all its errors and fails.
    It sure has an automatic mode, you do not have to use the pro mode.
    But the errors and issues it has are not so much concerned with the pro mode, but with any mode.
  • That is genuinely what I was told by a senior member of the team. I originally asked the name of the defat App so I could install that instead of the Pro App........they would not tell me the name of the default camera app despite me asking several times. When I complained that no one would tell me the name of the default camera app the answer I wrote before was given to me. I have not done the Pro download as I don't want an app that causes the problems that some folk have had on here.
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    I'm  struggling to understand why so many people are having problems since updating to cam pro,  I installed it when it became available and have not had a single issue with it, every mode works perfectly , I have taken pics with every mode and not a single issue, I have also taken a pic during recording a video and no problems.

    I have to say I love the new cam it's nice and fast and pics are stunning.

    so why are so many people having issues when I got the update I didn't touch my phone until after the update and it requested the restart, maybe people were still playing with there phones during the update and this caused issues, however it is unfortunate that so many of you are having problems because the camera app is fantastic, obviously hmd are going to have to help these people that have issues and find out if it's a installation issue or something else 

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    Likewise I have not experienced any of the issues reported by the users who have complained on this forum. From the sound of it, these users would appear to expect top of the range DSLR quality from a smartphone. There clearly needs to be some compromise in their expectations.
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    Not really, most complaints are about the degradation or total loss of features available in the previous version of the app so for most people it's 1 step forwards, 2 steps back not the other way round.
  • I have now tested since the app (pro-camera) since it became availlable and everything works for me, pip photos saves as they should, and the sound you have in beginning of video is possible to turn of in settings (at least for me), picture quality has improved too.

    I don´t say there are no bugs, but I have not found any.

    Everything can of course be improved with updates, but I have a Nikon DSLR and I don´t expect the same quality from any cell-phone (android or IOS).

    Hope everybody with problems will have them sorted out and fixed, but you can´t expect the same photo quality from a cellphone costing 5-600 USD as you will have from a DSLR camera costing 1000 - 3000 USD

  • I can see from videos that i recorded before the update have much better sharpness and less noise , now the video is so zoomed in when recording and focus out and in. Not everyone one like EIS I want option to change between Ois and Eis and ability to lock focus and not use autofocus. In foto mode also to lock focus for longer then a few seconds.This and other things should be in the settings and picture quality settings also appreciated. Otherwise i need use alternative software but unfortunately without ozo sound.
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    Exactly there are many things need to make best.... No one here expecting DSLR camera.. .we want best results that's it
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    @mighty haggis - certain people are having specific bugs that I or most others haven't experienced, but it's largely missing old features or other bugs that have nothing to do with how the update was installed.

    The app is missing: monochrome video, compass and level indicator, OIS in video below 4K (essentially behavior ripped straight out of Sirocco/7+)

    Bugs: shutter slide to enable/disable pro mode doesn't do anything in landscape, gallery takes you to the previous picture if the last one is unprocessed (had the camera die completely after doing it often enough, requiring a restart)

    Among other things, it still struggles to decide when to apply HDR, finding focus, properly applying noise reduction, you don't get pro settings for the monochrome sensor.

    Maybe you're just happy it takes a picture at all, but it's far from fantastic and mostly looks like a shoddy port from the newer phones. I don't expect DSLR, I expect the app to function at least as good as my old SIII or Lumia 925, at the moment I'd put them way above in reliably getting a shot. If that's how they're gonna treat us while pushing out more and more phones to their lineup, I can't say I expect anything good.

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    @ignas these items below im not experiencing 

    (Bugs: shutter slide to enable/disable pro mode doesn't do anything in landscape, gallery takes you to the previous picture if the last one is unprocessed (had the camera die completely after doing it often enough, requiring a restart)

    Among other things, it still struggles to decide when to apply HDR, finding focus, properly applying noise reduction) as for your comment I like to take the best quality pics I can and thus far don't have issues with quality or bugs with the camera, hmd did specify that pro works only with twin cam not mono, looks like your wanting to much from a phone camera

  • Camera Error on PIP Mode, Bokeh Mode not working please help. 
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    The self timer function has the worst icon I've ever seen, last night when I hunted for it (because I needed to use it for the first time) I completely missed it because it's so ambiguous and couldn't take the shot I wanted to, only now I'm looking at it again in the cold light of day did I think to tap the icon to find out what it was, and thereby discover its function!

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    It's a shame there's no official firmware release feedback thread - it's too late for one now, this thread is effectively it, but Laura next time there's a release please start an official thread for feedback about the firmware and a new separate one about the camera app...

    Anyway, relating to the firmware in general, and other than the catastrophic bootloop bug which (because I trusted the update mechanism and thus hadn't taken any precautions before permitting the update) forced me to factory reset my phone and lose everything on it, the other major issue I've noticed is that fast charging seems less reliable - i.e. it doesn't always fast charge using the same chargers & cables it fast charged with before the update - and thus the phone takes longer to charge.

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    Try using Ampere app, you can get it from the google play store. Install it and open the app when phone is charging. If it shows 2800-3000mA(when under 40% charge) with screen on then the phone is quick charging with the screen on if its at 1000-1100mA then HMD has gimped the fast charging on Nokia 8 just like they did on the Nokia7Plus with the May update. If what I suspect is true then phone will sort of quick charge only when the screen is off and that too not as fast as it did b4 the update. I haven't updated my phone because I can't get confirmation about charging speeds. Fast charging matters more to me than "pro" camera update.

    Could you please check it and post the findings on the thread here.

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    Video pause and play missing
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    Hi all,

    So I finally did the update. I had been delaying it (using developer options) until I'd had chance to back everything up because all the talks of bricked phones made me nervous. Thankfully I had no problems with the update except I had to reselect my default launcher when the phone rebooted after the update.

    I note that this was actually classed as a system update so maybe there are more deep rooted changes than in the monthly security updates. Makes me even more surprised it didn't go through beta labs first. I note that the source for 4.88 isn't out yet.

    I've not had chance to test much but the UI looks fine in general. The pro UI from the Lumia is already a good design. However, on the Nokia 8 it uses too much of the screen, HMD can shrink those dials to half a screen or less. The options for flash, HDR etc were better when they cycled through the options or had a drop down, generally I don't like the new sub menus. Changing from auto to pro is not exactly intuitive - I like the swipe gestures but more onscreen indication would be helpful.

    I'll give more feedback when I've had chance to test and review results.

    Cheers :)
  • This professional camera update is generally better than the built-in camera, but it is still buggy. It cannot be turned on and off in the horizontal mode. In professional cameras, the professional mode is sometimes delayed, and the shutter speed is not 4 seconds or more. , I hope that later will be optimized ...
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    Thank you for the update, the new app is better. Still missing the sphere feature of the Nexus/Pixel line though, will it come one day? :(

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    Dear sweet @laura dear, last time you said..... You are the bridge between customers feedback and developer team... hence did you reach our feedback to TEAM?. if yes then what they replied to you like how much does it take to build best?.... kindly know us what going on....!
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    I did a comparison against the original Nokia Pro camera UI in the Lumia camera app. The HMD version for Android is still missing presets for night and sports mode. I used these A LOT on my Lumia, so would really like them on this phone too.

    Also, why no monochrome video recording?
  • After getting for pro mode in my nokia 8,The quality of the bokeh mode has gone down.It can be improved
  • After some time using the new app I have to notice these:
    The app wanted to be a clone of Google camera but with Zeiss lens which are great but need an app developed for them. Missing features which are missing in Google camera too which could have Nokia 8 camera app (sphere or mirror effect or better bokeh or slow motion or because of monochrome lens existing some special features!). In conclusion try to make a Camera app for the Nokia 8 and not a ported version of Google camera app.thanx hope to improve the app soon.
  • Worst experience of having Nokia 8 after the camera update.i have been facing the issue since I got this update when I open camera it show cannot connect to camera. No one could able to solve please help me out even service people can't do anything about this
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    Camera error Can't connect to the camera:
    Restart the phone.
    It will work again for some time (hours or days) but it will happen again.

    This issue persists after a factory 'hard' reset and new set up of my phone.
    Another update of the camera app is necessary to resolve the error.