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    I don't think we need to question MrBelter's, or anyone's motivations. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Let's discuss the camera app, not each other.

    I've not spent as much time analysing the photos as the rest of you have and I've only ever used the built-in app. Personally my biggest disappointment with the app is the blur in low light and when taking photos of moving objects - I notice that all the photos I see people post on Twitter are of static objects, no movement at all (except for the Earth's rotation and travel through the solar system...).

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    Conqueror stop talking garbage you are making yourself look very foolish. I own a Nokia 8 which i bought and paid for myself thank you very much and i do not get anything for posting on here. However i do very much like to post the flip side of the coin to try to counteract some of the inane, pointless and absolute cobblers some people post.

    What i do find hilarious is you was having ago at me the other week for me saying how good the Google Camera app was so you need to make your mind up really pal.

    I have previously posted some videos and photos and asked people to critique them and to actually explain what they think makes them so bad in their opinion but because of how this forum works they never appeared, clearly the people that are supposed to moderate etc. cant be bothered with the place.

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    @conqueror, hey mate you need to understand mr.betler is not paid customer but he always thinks he was best among other people's in this forum and he mostly satisfied what he get with Nokia just ignored ...the naked truth is Nokia bad in camera department
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    I'm sorry user1512184697340 i didn't realise my opinion was any less valid than yours or anyone else's on this forum. Maybe you would like to add something constructive once in a while rather than just trying to gain favour with other posters, just saying like.

    Bizzarly your last sentence is a more brutal version of what i posted and yet you still criticized me, clearly you don't read what other people post lol what a belter you are, well done.

  • Pictures taken with the front camera are saved as a mirror image. The camera in the Facebook Messenger app is seen upside down. Great update... :(

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    Nokia engineers didn't seriously focus on Nokia 8 flagship... their just sending security updates by ignoring camera bugs and focusing on new models

  • I agree, I have had faulty Bluetooth for 9 months, all HMD/Nokia do is ignore the problem. It makes me think they do not have Engineers and are just a Sales orientated organisation and ONLY interested in Sales. Any company can produce good looking products BUT producing products that work properly requires something extra that clearly Nokia/HMD don't have and don't know how to achieve it or they would treat their existing customers much better.
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    Hey folks. In my humble opinion, this part of the forum is losing direction. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I don't personally believe the moderator is doing much, but then that's not really her job.
    What I have found out, though, is that if you contact [email protected] and talk to them nicely you don't get ignored.
    They wrote to me saying that they are "actively looking into optimizing the Pro Photo app ever since its release on the Nokia 8. The person who replied to my mail - which contained screen shots of videos I took at 1080p to show how they zoomed in - said adapting the app to the Nokia 8 was "more difficult than originally estimated" due the device's "specific hardware characteristics, including its dual cameras and OZO technology".
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    Regarding the front camera image being mirrored, the same thing happens on my iPad mini 4, Samsung Galaxy Cover 3 AND my 2011 Nokia E6, so...
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    Google camera pixel 2 mod by Arnova v 8....
    After using this, I seldom need to open stock camera... HMD will never ever to able to compete with google camera apps.... G cam is light- year ahead...
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    After the update my camera is unable to focus and makes a humming sound. However pictures in black & white mode works fine.
    Tried contacting support and they don't have any and other than phone reset.
    Service centres do not respond.
    Serious quality and support issues.
    Total waste of money.
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    New camera update is mediocre and slow. Please fix the terrible noise that all pictures suffer. Surely the Snapdragon 835 can do better noise reduction. Just port the Google Pixel camera app for us.

  • bheeshma
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    The autofocus does not work as expected in my Nokia 8 pro camera (updated). With a timer, the focus automatically moves to the center of the screen from where I had placed it before. The Carl Zeiss lenses and Snapdragon processor aren't being used to the fullest due to such issues. Kindly update the stock camera app for an enhanced user experience. Porting of the Google Camera would be nice, too.
  • I suggest we get the stock camera app from Google... I have a Moded version and it takes better photos than the one from Nokia.
  • I think nokia need to put noise reduction in processing after take a photo. Actually at night view. Like another phone. They put that inside their camera app like samsung, huawei, also apple iphone and the result was clear at night shoot and sharp.
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    The camera app now launches incredibly fast after the July update but sadly focus is still adamant it is should be in the middle and still does not remain where you set it.

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     I have a question about the V4.88B update, the pro cam
    1. Is fast charging working for TA 1004 when the screen is on on the
    latest update?? What I mean by working is, lets say battery is at 10%
    and you plug in the phone and keep using it to watch Youtube or do other
    social media stuff does the phone fast charge or is it charging at
    reduced speeds??

    I have a Nokia 7 plus as well and with
    that Nokia change the fast charge behavior with an update so it no
    longer fast charges with the screen on and that is very annoying, I just
    need confirmation that this is not the case with the V4.88B update.
    Also some users reported boot looped devices, did any of you face any
    issues while updating to pro cam update??

  • Aki
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    [email protected]
    After Pro Camera Update the image quality of pictures is very very bad poor.....
    Colour camera mode it's not captured pictures like original picture have looking
    Please reupdate camera app
    The Google camera better better than Nokia pro camera
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    It seems there is only me reasonably happy with the camera bar a few niggles.

    This is "as shot" using auto, it was resized in Photoshop but nothing else was applied, it seems fine to me when it comes to exposure, colour, sharpness and detail.


  • Dear Laura,

    Nokia 8 i great phone, what disappointed me mostly was camera performance. New Nokia 8 Camera Pro is a bit better then previous version but still a lot worse then Google Camera port . I like addition of more controls in Pro version but I don't really use them. I would like to use camera app as simple as possible like Google and Apple phones are working on auto settings. 

    So I would suggests Nokia to partner with Google if possible, so that Google will add support for Nokia phones i their Camera app, or at least support for Nokia 8. That way Nokia users will get simple easy to use app with great results which will be updated regularly by Google, same as for Pixel phones.

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    Quality and focus.... irritating... Front cam is horror movie
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    You can beg  Nokia until you are blue in the face to use the Google camera but Google wont let them, if they were happy for people to use it it would be in Android One, clearly it is for Pixel and Nexus phones only and if you want it you are going to have to sideload it.

  • No logro encontrar la imagen del vídeo, en la cámara, para poder grabar vídeos. El problema se ha originado con una actualización de android.
    Agradecería, mucho su ayuda. Llevo trasteando en el teléfono, varios días sin éxito.
    Reciban el testimonio de más distinguida consideración más alta
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    Hello all,

    when using PIP mode with:

    -main camera = rear camera

    -second camera = front camera

    -rear camera resolution = 16:9

    In this use case, I have an error message, and the photo cannot be stored.


    Can you fix this bug asap please ?

    For me, even if this resolution is not supported, the photo should be taken and stored in another resolution WITHOUT ANY ERROR MESSAGE.


  • In Nokia Pro camera it's changed. You need to swipe from right to left to enter video mode, or vice versa if you want to go back to photo mode. 

  • ABuyer
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     So finally successfully updated to the pro cam update. Didn't update the moment it came out becasue some users reported bootloop. Atleast my unit didn't bootloop.

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    Me (and also others) have stated here that the camera will record crackling noises when filming.
    Others did not find this issue.
    I have found out, that the crackling noise does not occur when recording in full 4k resolution (which is also a work around for the abismal EIS *and* OIS issue).
    Unfortunately, recording in 1080HD is good enough for most occasions and save a lot of space on your phone. So it's what many people will use... I know I will since we do not own a 4k display to watch the movie on anyway..

    So please Nokia, how can you not find this issue before issuing the "pro" camera to those customers that bought your (former) top of the line phone?
    I do not expect the cam to beat a big camera, but I do expect a fix for the crackling videos and a more efficient HDR automatic. You can leave out the "pro" nonsense. Nobody has time for that in a freaking phone!
  • I bought this phone couple of weeks ago and Phone updated to Pro Cam. Hence didn't get the chance to test Original app. This phone has monochrome sensor, is there an option to record monochrome videos?
  • Nice and thanks to hmd global for new camera pro app update but but it's not more useful because it's not include many features i.e. portrait mode, bure mode, etc. So request to hmd global please update again camera features. Thank you hmd global
  • Buddy live bokeh is portrait mode