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    @user1530775523638 - "is there an option to record monochrome videos?"

    Only with the original camera app. 

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    I really want that Nokia8 will update app's camera with resolution 16:8 (13mp) instead of 16:8 (8mp) . Thank you.
  •  I have been using cameras for the last many years and to what I have seen this new Nokia series is a blessing , but it came with some BUGS and Errors too ... The new Camera interface is very lagging behind in terms of options given by other competitors ... Long Exposure isnt good, it should be 30s and 1/2000s at least ... other are RAW or DNG as given in the Lumia setup, because RAW gives one freedom of everything.

    I was and am a fan of Zeiss Optics as i had started my photography career with Nokia phones back in 2006 till 2011 ...

    Please, DO consider these points and roll out UPDATE for the beautiful CAMERA that has been long awaited ... Nokia always will be Nokia if it wins hearts of its fans by Camera atleast !!!

  • Where can I download original Camera app?
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    For me the most disappointing thing is how slow the camera is to take photos in low light. My wife's Moto 3G can take snaps really quickly - just point, click, then the flash goes and the photo is taken - it takes a second maximum.

    But on the 8 it takes ages trying to focus and decide if it wants to use the flash or not - smiles change to grimaces during this time! (Or the moment is lost forever).

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    Just use the Google camera port, works way better then anything else, it ended all my troubles with the default app. The cstark version requires virtually no settings changes to work perfectly with the Nokia 8.
  • But cstark27 does not support slow motion video... For me Arnova pixel 2 mod 8 works the bestest..
  • Install Google Camera. Image quality is superior, auto noise reduction, great low light images, lens blur (bokeh), portrait etc...Just play with the settings until it looks good. Video is very jittery and unstable on selfie side camera using any app unfortunately with this phone...

  • I have a lot of errors about nokia 8's camera . When i open camera app, it happen a error that take me out to access my camera. And when i open camera already, i see a big problem about changing normal to live bokeh. It happens the error again that i can not change .
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    You can download pixel camera from here. I have been using it since pro update. It is much better than nokia stock camera.
  •  @user1528727982608 : Having a lower resolution in 16:9 versus 4:3 ratio is due to the physical sensor being 4:3 format. This is true for each and every digital camera I have ever used since years. Unless you change the physical sensor to a 16:9 ratio one (I don't know if they even exist), you will only ever use a part of the sensor fpr 16:9 pictures and thus have more pixels available when using the full sensor in a 4:3 picture.

    Pro tipp: Use a 4:3 ratio an crop afterwards to your liking. It is always better to have more of anything and crop it instead of making sure to find the correct 100% fitting 16:9 frame in the moment of shooting the picture. Many picture editing apps will give you the option to crop a picture to a fixed ration - like 16:9 or 3:2 or quadratic.

  •  Hi, me again on the topic of crackling sounds while recording video. During my vacation I discovered the following:

    1. There are no such noises when recording 4k video. Also the damned EIS is off then. But - 4k video fills the memory fast is is of no benefit to me since I do not use a 4k display to view the films on

    2. There are also no such noises when using the Google Camera App or OpenCamera App, even when recording "only" in 1080 HD.

    3. Videos recorded in Google Camera app show some wobbling and are not very pleasant to watch.

    In the future, I will probably buy a Nokia phone for lack of alternatives (want clean Android and fast updates), but I will need to extend my tests from Android Auto compability to basic camera and video recording, too. Fortunately, a 14day no questions asked return policy is in place for all things ordered online in Germany....

    I have no idea how this piece of software could be released - isn't it a requirement to do some tests in each of the operating modes? I mean, it just takes 5 minutes to try your favorite modes and nearly everyone in here reports several issues with the app... It just can't be that no one at Nokia experienced any of those bugs.

  •  A, yea. I have been on a 10day trip on my vacation and only had my Nokia 8 with me as a camera.

    Guess what, never used the pro mode once.

    In fact I made 9 of 10 photos and films with the Google Camera app (which produced wobbling videos, though :-( )

  • July 25, 2018 19.15

    What's up? My post with a comment has been removed twice. I'm not offending anyone, but I'm asking why in Poland after more than 2 months I do not have an update to ProCamer in the flagship Nokia 8? I have an unpleasant impression of censorship, from the times when the communists ruled in Poland. I have used Nokia phones for 20 years and ... with this approach, the sentiment may end ...

    I make screenshots.



    24/07/2012 at 20.47

    Hi. Why was my post removed? When will Nokia 8 Pro Camera be in Poland? How should I write about something that is not there? Could HMD Global exclude certain devices?


  • Please improve the camera. Feel like an idiot when having an expensive phone with a low quality of camera.
  • Hi Laura,

    when can we expect an update on the situation?
    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards, Lennart

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    It is hard to believe there has not been an update for the "Pro" camera in the 2 months it has been available, some of the problems with it are glaringly obvious.

  • @MrBelter I know right ? if they release a broken update they should fix it ASAP and not leave it for months without mentioning if it's even coming or not! this is my first and last Nokia device 

  • Nokia 8 (Oreo 8.1+Pro Camera) here.
    Stock camera app keeps crashing randomly way too many times upon launch. This is super annoying, beside auto-focus is dog slow.

    Most of the times I need to use camera, I see this..

    " ! Camera error
    Can't connect to the camera.

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    Nokia it's been a long time since Pro update please fix the bugs especially the super slow autofocus problem. Because I really hate the camera in this phone now because of the bugs . It's creating a bad impression on those of us who bought it when it first came out for premium prices like 600$
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    I need the camera app previous version back. it's better than Pro on Nokia 8 now. I have try ro reinstall the old version but did not.
  • I get it's really annoying that the camera app is so buggy, but your simplest solution is just to forget about the built in app. Install the Google camera port and your problems taking pictures are gone. It's been my solution for the last few months, the built in camera app is awful in my opinion.
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    Please share to me the link to fown Google Camera. The one that i have i not fully functional.

    But yes, thr solution is Google Camera.

    Could have been great if Nokia never removed that App 
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    I see patience is not the strongest quality here... August patch will arrive as usual, sometimes in the first half of the month, sometimes in the second half, it's perfectly normal and so far Nokia did not miss a month. You can't get better then this. As for the update, it will come, most likely with Android P since it makes no sense to push an update first and an upgrade second. When, it doesn't matter, I am confident Nokia will upgrade all its devices as already announced. If you want update first go with google. But forget to have a hassle free phone because pixels too have their share of problems and bugs. As for me, since I paid Nokia 8 less than half a pixel 2, I am more than satisfied with the updates I have received so far, that were also quite timely.
  • Eu am o problema cu partea de video in timpul inregistrari se chinuie camera sa focalizeze daca te misti in stinga sau in dreapta , asa ramine si pe inregistrare ar trebui sa fie ma stabilizata camera trebuie sa modificati softul camerei atit frontal cit si principal. Va multumesc.
  • I cant use video after camera pro update. video icon is missing. what should I do? 

  • @user1508928527225 I can remember a time when swiping left/right was used in Google Camera App to switch between modes.

    They changed it for a reason, one might think ;-)

    Apart from that, I find it very convenient, once you know it.

    Now I would reallly really really like to record videos in "mere" 1080p without distored sound (don't care for OZO Sound when it gives you crackles all the time) and without _both_ EIS and OIS enabled.

    For now I also have resorted to use of Google Camera (which cannot save to SD-Card and has a bunch of issues itself...but HDR+, Panorama functions, manual focus setting and movie recording is still much better than with Nokia's "Pro" app. Even without the use of the second camera and without OZO sound. Also the app "Open Camera" may be an option (ugly interface but very convenient guiding lines in the view finder for example. Also very reliable and can be set to save to any directory on your phone or SD-card).

    @Nokia: roll back to the initial camera app and get the basics straight. Then maybe think about issuing a new camera app with more manual (aka "pro" options). Even packaging the AOSP camera app would be an improvement in terms of reliability...which tells a lot.

  • If you access the camera and lock the phone and the reaccess it from the recent apps this happens i had to restart my device to make it work can you please at least revert back to the original ?