Manually update to pie stable version



  • negrroo said:
    no one replay on my Comment..
    If i use this manual update what happen to the next ota !!?
    I installed pie manually and now I can not install the security patch for January

    I got the patch after manually installation
  • RaveXII
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    Considering that it's a pure Android phone . It's really a shame that Nokia have broken their promise time and time again .Will probably go for Samsung next
  • Ivan Carr
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    edited May 2019
    Thank for the post!!!
    Can I install this PIE over beta PIE? I have TA-1004 and build number 00WW_5_110SP01.
    After installing this manually on December last year, not any update after.
  • After 4 and more months new auto update about 1 and half GB big. Let see what is inside
  • I think nobody from asisa or southern Europe get it till now
    I think nobody with ta-1004
    Received update till now 
    But if you cannot wait any more like me

     just download it here

    And follow the instruction below
    1. Download Android Pie OTA package for your Nokia 8.
    2. Rename the OTA package to “”.
    3. Next, connect your phone to the PC using the USB cable.
    4. Transfer the OTA package to the root (Outside all folders) of the phone’s storage.
    5. Open the dialer app on your phone and enter the following: *#*#227#*#*
    6. Ensure that your phone has the latest firmware with December/November security patch.
    7. Once confirmed, enter the following code in the dialer to install Nokia 8 Android Pie Stable Update:
    8. The installation process will begin immediately.
    9. After the update is finished, your phone will reboot and the OTA package will be deleted from the internal storage automatically.

    Once your Nokia 8 reboots, it shall be on the Android Pie with the latest security patches. Go ahead and enjoy all the latest features on your phone now.

    @ Behinamaki

    I am Shanmuga Subramanian from Chennai, India

    I am having Nokia 3.1

    Kindly send the  link OTA zip file for Nokia 3.1.

    I will do install for my phone Nokia 3.1