Notification and ringtone sound not working

I am facing no notification sound and ringtone sound also muted sometime. Only way to solve is to restart the phone. But after 2-3 days again same problem. Again restart solve but occur again within 2-3 days. Am fustarted totally. Any permanent solution for this. Nokia 6.1 TA-1089. Android Pie with December security patch.
Please somebody tell how to solve it.


  • Same here on Nokia 7 Plus. 
  • jaco91 said:
    Same here on Nokia 7 Plus. 
    On Android Pie right with december security patch.
  • rscm
    edited January 2019
    Same here

    Model: TA-1016

    Android 9
    Security Patch: Nov 1st 2018
    Kernel: 4.4.146-perf+
    Compilation Number: 00WW_3_26B
    Compilation: 00WW_3_260_SP01

    PS: At the time I don't have any upgrade available
  • My mother is having the same issue on her Nokia 6.1 and it's driving her mad. Anyone have solution for this? No issue on my Nokia 7 Plus or other 6.1 in the family.
  • Yes. I too have this problem but not everytime.
  • Are you using custom ringtones? Try using the system included one and see if it still happens or not.
  • Same on the 7.2 and 6.2 brand new. The only way to fix it I found is to set the tone/ring using Zedge ringtone app. If I then go back the Chang it using the software settings it will bug out. It has error 23 on the ringtone in settings from new out of box...

  • Does anyone have a fix for the error 23 ringtone problem?