Don't stop doing real Dual-SIMs

 Hi, I'd like to say that I really value the fact that each of Nokia dual-sim phone is a real Dual-SIM, i.e.

Don't stop doing real Dual-SIMs

Mateusz Mateusz
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I'd like to say that I really value the fact that each of Nokia dual-sim phone is a real Dual-SIM, i.e. has two slots for SIM cards and separate one for memory card. Please don't even think about making optional dual-SIMs!

I've never seen anyone who said that he's glad not having ability to use two SIMs and memory card at the same time.


  • madbilly madbilly
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    Unfortunately the Nokia 8 has a hybrid SIM/microSD card slot, so it's already not a real dual-SIM phone like you suggest.

    I fully agree with your request for 3 slots - two SIMs and one microSD card.

  • madbilly madbilly
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     I note the Nokia 2 has proper dual SIM, not hybrid,

  • VelS VelS
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    One of the reason I picked Nokia 5 but not Nokia 6 was it has dual sim slot and a dedicated SD card slot last year. Please HMD Global! we need dedicated SD card slot for upgrading memory. 

  • madbilly madbilly
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    I'm not sure why HMD and other smartphone manufacturers continue to think that dual-SIM is not wanted on flagship phones. I love tech, want the latest and greatest, but I have a life in two countries in Europe, so I have two SIMs. I don't want to carry around two phones, I want to carry only one phone, so I need a flagship phone with dual SIM.

    AND an SD card slot. Come on HMD, I'm looking forward to the Nokia 9 being my "wishlist" phone :D

  • VelS VelS
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    I think it's HMD Global's wrong decision having hybrid sim slot on Nokia's 2018 smartphones.

    There is no dedicated SD card slot, no 128GB variant for either of the Nokia 7 plus or New Nokia 6. 

    How we extend our storage with dual sim on these smartphones if we buy? 


    Disappointing! already waited for a better smartphone ideally i'm looking for after bought Nokia 5. But now there is no choice other than waiting for months/year for a mid-range Nokia phone with dedicated SD card slot.

  • VelS VelS
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    I hope the upcoming Nokia smartphones will have 3 dedicated slots for both sim cards and sd card.
  • niraj limaye niraj limaye
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    My opinion is companies approach is wrong.

    They thing SD card in terms of memory only not facility.

    e.g. I am using 2 sims for personal use and for business purpose and want to accommodate friends micro SD.

    We are going for outing and that SD card got songs( content) which we want but my friend is fed up with phone.

    Then someone will say phone should have 2 dedicated SD card but companies should consider at least for 1 dedicated slot. :)

    This proves phones are designed by engines which don't use phones. :)

  • gajesh gajesh

    Sorry ! I have same feedback but Before searching my topic in this forum, I posted this duplicate topic.

  • Prasanth G Prasanth G
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    I'm really liking my new Nokia 6.1 Plus which i bought few days back and it has all the options i needed. But, only thing missing is Dual SIM Card Slots with Dedicated Micro SD Card Slot. 

    I hate Hybrid SIM Card slots.

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