No DRM protected video on 7.1.2

Ever since I got 7.1.2 update to my ta- 1021 I have had only sound but no video when playing drm protected content.

No DRM protected video on 7.1.2

warre1 warre1
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Ever since I got 7.1.2 update to my ta- 1021 I have had only sound but no video when playing drm protected content. Like in Finnish apps Cmore Suomi and MTV Katsomo but also Gods of Egypt (only movie in my library) in Google Play Movies.


  • warre1 warre1
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    Now those Finnish apps seems to work but Google Play Movies still gives just audio and black screen.

  • user1507445306346 user1507445306346
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    I have the same problem too, my google play movies purchases have audio and black screen, can someone from nokia help.?
  • Exact same issue, impacting différent applications for days. I m starting to be concerned with the lack of reactivity fromage Nokia on this latter.
  • Same here until today still cannot view drm protected videos such as on iflix. Need an answer please.
  • Unknown
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    Same issue, even just after the very last security update.
  • user1511137115502 user1511137115502
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    I spoke with Google on this and was elevated all the way to level three. They say that the Nokia 6 is a valid Android device, but not an authorized device. They gave two options, either a full factory reset may help, or talk to Nokia (HMD). Not sure what either of those are going to do.
  • I am having this problem too. I cannot play purchases from Google Play Movies @ TV app or through the YouTube app. The screen goes black and only the audio plays after a few seconds. Hoping Nokia can give us some info on this?
  • I have the same problem with "my canal" in France since Android 7.1.2 still the sound but more image.
  • warre1 warre1
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    Just got about 150mb system update and after it was installed tested Gods of Egypt in Play Movies and it worked! so they fixed it now!

  • Thanks @Warre1 .Just updated my Nokia 6 today and the videos now can be play like normal! No more blackout during the video play! Thanks Nokia(HMD)!

  • What was the name of the update and what version shows on the update screen when done?
  • warre1 warre1
    Security patch level was not changed, but build number is now 00WW_3_72A.
  • It's OK for me for "my canal" with build number is now 00WW_3_72A
    Thanks Nokia
  • mrjoltz mrjoltz
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    Unfortunately, it seems I have this problem and I have the Nov update. Hopefully this trial will pass.
  • I have this problem too. I've just spent a frustrating hour chatting to Nokia 'support' who insisted that I have the latest software but I can see my build is not 00WW_3_72A - why wouldn't this be pushed to my Nokia 6 yet if others have got it weeks ago? The support kept talking about Oreo and suggested I should contact Google 
  • Having the same issue as well with Google play movies.
  • The same issue with 00WW_3_700_SP03 build (January 2018 security update).
  • Can confirm the above my build is also 00WW_3_700_SP03. Anyone from Nokia want to reply with a possible fix or some timescales around a fix.
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