Dual Apps, Always On Display & Ambient Display Options!

Hi, I have bought Nokia 8 dual sim a few days ago.

Dual Apps, Always On Display & Ambient Display Options!

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I have bought Nokia 8 dual sim a few days ago. The phone is awesome but there are some features/settings which are missing in it which I'd recommend adding in the coming updates:

1.) There is no dual apps option in it unlike all other brands (Samsung, Huawei, MI, Oppo etc). Though it has pure android stock but there is no mean to add a 3rd party software to run dual apps like WhatsApp or Facebook etc in a dual sim phone which takes time to load apps and is full of ads.

2.) There is no option to change the always on display. We can only see the battery percentage, date & time and pending calls, emails and sms. There should be an option to turn on the notification of WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter etc just like in the Samsung Phones. 

3.) The option of the Ambient Display is also missing in the settings, unlike Nokia 7 Plus by which we could set the screen on when a new notification arrives. It's surprising that there is no such option in a flagship but available in a mid-range device. Since Nokia 8 doesn't have the notification led light so there should be an option to turn on the screen on notifications. 

I am a die-hard fan of Nokia and want to stick to this device but these things are disturbing me. I've been converted to Nokia 8 from the Samsung S8 and there are a lot of options which are missing in the Nokia 8. Please do something to enrich the features and add at least these few things as these are very common things which a customer wants in every phone. 

Thanks in advance!


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    1. I think you mean split screen, it is there but you have to open both apps then press and hold the multitasking button then choose the other app. Please be aware that this doesn't work with all apps.

    2 & 3. Always on and ambient display are Glance on Nokia devices and, yes, it could use more options but you need to remember that the Nokia 8, just like the Nokia 7+, are as close to stock Android as you'll get without going for a Pixel.

  • 1.) By the dual apps I doesn't mean the split screen but the the clone of a same app i.e, 2 whatsapp at the same time or 2 facebook apps at the same time. I know about the split screen option which is available in almost every smartphone now a days.

    2.) There is no Ambient display option in Nokia 8 as far as I know, can you guide me if it is there? I even saw full reviews of this product and checked myself too but couldn't find it anywhere. However, this option is available in Nokia 7 Plus.

  • sotosev sotosev
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    I fully agree with you man about glance screen there shoud be some way to make changes to what it shows ( position of clock, size of text, color of text at night) I hope one day we she this update.
  • terminusaquo terminusaquo
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    Why would you want to open two instances of the same app, please enlighten me as to why that would be useful?

    All the phones that allow you to do that have it as a manufacturers addition and seeing as Samsung devices are updated once if ever then that's not a problem. The reason Nokia devices don't have masses of additions is in the tagline "Pure, Secure & Up to Date", if they load up their devices with useless crap like Samsung then that tagline would no longer apply and they would lose Android One status.

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    Well by calling Samsung a crap isn't a solution. What does it mean to offer a dual sim phone when you can't use a dual Whatsapp on the same phone? Do I need a dual sim phone just for the dual standby? What does it mean to keep a dual sim phone when I need a 3rd party app (having a lot of ads) or get a 2nd phone to use WhatsApp for the 2nd sim? I know it is a pure android phone but there must be some advanced features tab where Nokia give some options to their customers. Motorola X4 is also an Android one phone but there are still some options from the Motorola's own OS as advanced features.

    Nokia should look into this and enrich the features in order to compete in the market. They should learn from the history rather than sticking to what they think themselves. This page is purely for the customers to give their feedback/suggestions/ask questions and Nokia has to listen to us if they want to survive in the market.


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    Hi. Does ta-1004 have dual apps yet? I am considering nokia 8 but won't go for it if there isn't dual app. I'd rather stick to Mi.
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  • jamesandy jamesandy
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    The writer is perfectly right.The ambient display doesn't light up the screen upon recieving new notifications.One has to do with Playstore app to customise it.Glimpes notification app is a good alternative.There are othets but that's the one I use.
  • LPPlus LPPlus
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    Yes, the glance display is good, but is not as good as the ambient display on 7 Plus.
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