Nokia 7 Plus (TA-1046) touchscreen getting unresponsive randomly

My Nokia 7 Plus touchscreen gets unresponsive randomly even after the recent January 2019 update. It is getting really annoying, especially while working. In fact many users have reported this problem with their Nokia 7 Plus smartphones. Fix it or your ratings are gonna go down very much.


  • Same Problems here mostly after loading The phone
  • Restart device
    Check your screen guard (if applicable) ,when broken or not

  • And without a protective glass there is a problem
  • Yeah since the january i have the same problem, only in injustice 2 app issued that problem for now (at leadt 2-3 times per day), and sometimes in instagram, but i heavily use both apps
  • Elot said:

    2) In System Settings -> Display -> Tap to activate (double tap on screen to activate screen) -> Enable this option.
    Now the screen will not get unresponsive anymore.

    With this option for about week it seems problem is happening less times, but it is not 100% fix. It happened two times with it. I haven't restart phone or done anything, after some time, maybe 15 or 20 minutes everything was normal again.

    And what should this double tap to wake screen option do actually? I guess you can wake up phone when screen is off, but on my phone it's not working at all. 
  • Same issue. Doesn't happen that often but me mostly when I try to slide down the notifications. I week have to use my fingerprint sensor to pull them down mostly
  • I am also facing this screen freeze issue.ita very annoying .#HmdGlobal please provide any fix asap
  • I am facing same issue from past 2-3 weeks non of the 2 solutions given above works
  • I am also facing the same issue and none of the fixes seems to be working.
  • reicchimaster
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    Yeah the touch response issue is annoying especially when playing games. What could be the problem? The software or the screen built itself?
  • Same thing. Very bad, and no response, as i see. 
  • Same issue here since 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Si3wc4
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    I had the same issue since march update. In last few days screen freezes at least 30 times a day. 
    Today i have disabled developer options and I didn't experienced freezing for about 16 hours.
  • Si3wc4 said:
    I had the same issue since march update. In last few days screen freezes at least 30 times a day. 
    Today i have disabled developer options and I didn't experienced freezing for about 16 hours.
    It is very random and sometimes you cannot link it to disabling something. I have so far disabled developer options, digital wellbeing etc and it still gets stuck.

  • The issue has gotten so worse in the past couple of days that I have practically given up on playing games on my phone, it is such a shame for a great phone to have this issue, I will have to think twice before buying another nokia, I had so much faith in the brand, great built quality but sadly this touch issue is just unacceptable, even while typing this the touch froze and I had to lock unlock my phone. 
    Same here. I bought Nokia as my first phone, even bought it when Windows Phone was there, and now this. Except for first time (Symbian), Nokia has now let me down twice. I am gonna spend some extra bucks next time and go for OnePlus
  • vinayak
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    I had the same problem earlier when I updated my phone to Android 9, then I took it to service centre and flash my mobile to oreo. For some months it worked smoothly then again screen freezing issue started only to some point. So after searching a lot I updated my phone back to Android Pie and disabled the digital wellbeing app. At present my phone is butter smooth but I don't know how long will it stay... Try disabling Digital Wellbeing on your device if you have updated to Android 9.
  • Hi,

    I am using Nokia 7 plus since August 2018 and I was working perfectly fine. Since after updating to Pie, the touch screen gets unresponsive randomly. This is happening after a security patch in March 2019. I have tried  to enable double tap to wakeup and all other workaround but nothing seems to be working. I do not have any screen guard on the phone. 

    Please suggest. It is very annoying. I have to lock the phone and unlock to get it working everytime the screen get unresponsive.

    Naveen Jangid
  • Removing Google Camera mod and disabling Support app seemed to fix it for me.
  • I started facing this issue after upgrading to android pie. A factory reset solved the issue for me.It has never happened again ever since then
  • abhik94
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    I am facing the same problem after the April's security patch update. The updates are making it worst instead of making it good. Nokia has become an unreliable brand. I had so much expectations but now nothing matters fed-up with the phone. Performance also degrading day by day☹️
  • I am facing same problem, no help from Nokia customer care. Simpli saying vist service centre. Not even ready to confirm the issue. What a pathetic support.
  • I disabled the evenwell apps from the settings menu and I have not experienced the problem for the last couple of hours. Before that, everytime I unlocked the phone the issue happened at least once. 

    I recommend trying this to see if the problem goes away, you can enable again the apps in case it doesn't work.

    You need to go to Settings -> Apps&Notifications -> See all Apps -> Show System (within the ... Menu) -> select any "com.evenwell.." app -> Disable

    <span>Hope this works! It feels really good not having to lock/unlock your phone every minute. I really did get used to doing it lol.</span>
  • dmt1992
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    I was having this issue even under Oreo. Now it's past May security update of Pie. My phone warranty is expired. In fact, almost 90% time after purchasing this phone in May 2018, I am having one or the other issues. Most previous issues were resolved with updates. Touchscreen's random unresponsiveness is the only issue still not resolved for the past 9 months. I will never buy Nokia again!
    Now there are other Android One devices in the market and if I have the budget, I will go for Pixel!
  • After may sp update it started more problems. Freezing every time.
  • after may 2019 security update, my phone started ramdom screen freezing. needs to lock/unlock the device. already restarted and reset the phone. but still happening randomly. 2-3x a day :/
  • I'm not sure from when but seems something wrong with recent updates.
    Not facing this issue earlier but now it's worst. Random freezing while playing PuBG and using what's app or sometimes any other app. It's not specific.
    Plz fix this issue asap, now I'm kicking and unlocking to make this working but in game mode it's worst.
  • Solution:

    Hey, One question to all are u guys using dual sim?
    If then then disable second slot and try. 
    It's a glitch when Nokia introduced dual volte .
    My mobile is working fine now with one sim.
    If this solution works for u then we can ask Nokia to fix.