Need to register complaint for nokia service center

Hi i purchased my mobile on Nov 2018, and due to charging jack issue , i submitted my mobile in Nokia service center, bangalore.

Need to register complaint for nokia service center

robengg91 robengg91
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Hi i purchased my mobile on Nov 2018, and due to charging jack issue , i submitted my mobile in Nokia service center, bangalore. But after submitted mobile they call me and told that your mobile is liquid damage, when i told me that show me the CCTV clip when you opened my mobile then they told me to wait for some minutes, but after some  1 hours  they told me that they dont have CCTV login credentials. after 5 days owner told that i dont have any authority to see the CCTV footage. since the date i submitted the mobile they told me so many lies . i am dame sure they change the small PCB on which charging jack is, Kindly tell me what i do now 


  • ritesh mishra ritesh mishra
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    job sheet : 572433527/190204/003
    Device;- Nokia 5.1 plus
    My phone charging was loose, after few days it becomes very difficult to charge phone. I visited service centre and they accepted the phone after inspection and told me to wait for 1hr , after 1 hr they come to me and said it is liquid damage due to moisture entry. You will be charged 1200 rs for charging issue in phone.
    1- my phone never even encountered even a splash of water, still if moisture is damaging the phone then is it a customer fault or device build quality.
    2- I asked what you did with my phone in room for 1hr, they told be they opened the font and checked the color of indicator. I told them show me the video of the repair or why if you had doubt you didn't open it in front of me. That told they can not help me.customer care also not helping.
    3- if it is liquid damage why sometimes charging is working sometimes not. If there is liquid damage it should completely stop charging. It is just to fool consumer to avoid warranty cost. It is simple case of poor build of USB port.

    *This was my first Nokia phone and it will be the last. Trust of Nokia is broken.
    I will never buy any Nokia phone in future, also I will recommend everyone not to buy Nokia phones since they are cheating customer.
  • Niting Niting
    "Same cheating happened with me, Service center people said liquid damage out of warranty to a software issue"
    I have bought nokia 6.1 plus recently on 18th of march 2019, just 20 days back.
    Yesterday (08th april, 2019) when I took it out of my pocket at around 9 pm it was showing white screen with android one in center and and "download mode"written on top left. I tried to reset but nothing was happening so i took it to service center next morning.
    Service center people took my phone and after checking told me that your phone has got liquid damage (Showing me some green spots, marking corrosion) and because of which it will not be repaired under warranty. The executive told that phone is dead and has damage on main board, they wiil try repair it and if they succeed it will cost Rs. 2200 to Rs 15000 anything.
    I swear that my phone has never came into contact with water or any liquid.
    How can I accept that my phone has liquid damage when I knew that it was not mishandled.

    It has came to this position on regular day to day use.
    Further, let suppose if it has been dropped in water or water has been dropped on it, then I would have not dried it under sun for atleast one day and then take it to service center the other day.But I have reach service center the next morning.
  • nsakq v30 nsakq v30
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    Once upon a time my phone falled inside toilet..and not taking charge I took it to service centre Nagaon Assam.. they suck my phone speaker and charging port with his mouth and charge me nothing.. I always appreciate NOKIA service centre... Such a great service personnel they paid.. really hard worker..😂😂
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