Headphone sound quality

Hi All Nokia 6.1 User, Please share your experience on the sound quality of Nokia 6.1 through headphone.....

Headphone sound quality

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Hi All Nokia 6.1 User,

Please share your experience on the sound quality of Nokia 6.1 through headphone.....


  • maxh maxh
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    No problem with my TA-1043. Great sound quality.

  • Unknown Unknown
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    My TA-1043 do not have a good sound.
    The sound in my old Oneplus 3 was way better.
    Some speach is har with a lot of whispering with s.
    The dynamic is low.
    It sound like the DAC have cost 1/2 of my old Oneplus 3.
    My inears are KZ ZS5. Cheap but better then my old Shure and Sound Blaster to 10 times the price.

    Is any one having experience with a good equalizer.

    Or will the next update improve the sound quality ?

    Apart from the sound i Love 6.1.
    Android one.
    Battery time very good.
    Fingerprint sensor on back like my old Nexus 5.
    Sound quality with calls.
  • sanomat sanomat
    The sound quality is terrible compared to my old phone. I took my first 6.1 back because I thought there was something wrong with the distorted audio but then I realised it's just a terrible phone.
    First and last Nokia Android phone for me. The quality and number of bugs are unacceptable.
  • moosa mahsoom moosa mahsoom
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    pretty good. but, a bit down on the loudness front but, the sound is well balanced. not too much bass and bit towards the high end of the spectrum. sound is detailed well throughout the spectrum but, however, people who are looking for bass will not like it at all. The phone survived a scrape with the side of a lorry with only minor cosmetic damages yesterday. 

  • When I first bought the phone in May, the sound from the headphone jack was fine. In the last month or two, it has become terrible, regardless of the app I'm listening to. I would describe it as tinny or a low-end static. The sound is fine using bluetooth speakers/earbuds. Have not tried if I can get sound through the USB C port.

  • Yes, that's what I get. It sounds like a _really_ low bitrate mp3 going through a 2 cent DAC (which it probably is).

    When the audio suddenly cuts out (probably due to the well known memory management problem with this terrible phone) it comes back quiet, thin and distorted like this.

    Another reason why the TA-1050 is not fit for sale.
  • I have the TA-1045 on the August patch. Would love to hear if there is a workaround or fix coming.

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