POLL: Favorite Feature on a Phone

When it comes to buying a new phone everyone always has their own preferences when it comes to finding the right device for them.

POLL: Favorite Feature on a Phone

matteo.m matteo.m
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When it comes to buying a new phone everyone always has their own preferences when it comes to finding the right device for them. For some it’s all about the quality of the camera. Getting that perfect shot whilst out and about is where the priority lies. For others, it’s all about having the fastest performing device out there.

Others simply just want a phone that has a reliable battery and the ability to make a lot of voice calls without worrying about having to charge their phone

Whichever feature you look for most in a phone, we want to find out what was the most popular amongst all of you in our community. Are you looking for a phone with lots of storage? What about the extra battery life?

Take part in our poll and have your say in what people look for in a new phone.

POLL: Favorite Feature on a Phone 3842 votes

Battery Life
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Camera Quality
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  • praveenp praveenp
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    Camera Quality
    Being a photography enthusiast, and mostly using my Mobile to click random photographs, Camera is the most sought after feature for me, but sadly, even after purchasing the new Nokia 7 Plus last year, I have to rely on my 4 year old Samsung A7 because the camera of Nokia 7 Plus is highly disappointing. My A7 seems to be much better in terms of camera when it comes to overall performance.
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    Camera Quality
    @matteo.m My Preference is below.
    1.Camera Quality(I prefer Natural Images)
    2.Performance(Normal Activity and Games)
    3.Battery Life(1 day is sufficient for me)
    4.Design(Aluminum 8000 Series Block)
    5.Software(Prefer Only Stock Android)
    Are you a selfie lover?
  • Camera Quality
    first choice camera
    second performance
  • Performance
    In as much I want strong battery life,I still want a phone performances well 
  • Abhin C L Abhin C L
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    I interested in uptodate android with android one. Will Nokia 1 get android pie update?
  • Rajath S Shetty Rajath S Shetty
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    Was a tough vote. All the features mentioned above are important while choosing a phone.

    But the feature I would really love to have in a phone is water-resistance. Having lost a phone to water damage already, It would  be a great relief to have a phone which can survive drops in water. 

  • dbs dbs
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    Camera Quality
    I voted for camera quality BUT based on HMD's current offering and my past purchases of real Nokia phones.
    The camera is what I value most about a smartphone, BUT the software is the first thing I look at. Because I HATE stock Android.

    Allow me to explain: I value camera quality a lot. HOWEVER, nowadays it's very easy to find a smartphone with a great camera, specially in the tier I buy - premium. No matter if I buy a Samsung flagship or a Huawei flagship, I know I will get a great and versatile camera. So it's not a differentiating factor strong enough to make me put up with software I hate to use.

    Therefore, my first concern when choosing a phone is the software it brings and, more importantly, what that software can do. I do NOT use stock Android phones. I hate stock Android. Why? Because it lacks very basic stuff like a theme engine.
    The most important thing to me, today, is the presence of a system wide black theme on the phone. On top of that, if the phone is not running Android Oreo, it must also support rootless substratum so that I can fix the awful design choices of the developers of apps like Instagram and Outlook who try to blind us with white backgrounds everywhere.
    There's no point in having a phone with a great camera if I then hate to turn it on and use it because the software not only looks horrible with Google's designs but also can't be fixed.

    That's why I've only bought the first generation HMD devices and have absolutely zero intentions of ever buying another HMD phone - even if the camera is amazing - again.

    As long as HMD wrongfully insists in using Android One / stock Android, I will never like the user experience on the phone because of the software. So I will never buy it.

    Then, when the phone passes my software approval process, I look if it also meets my other essential demands, namely:
    1 - It's not oversized. If the screen is more than 5", I automatically raise the level of demand from the phone in all areas (including software, which MUST be able to be used with one hand...which, again, stock Android fails at).
    2 - It doesn't have a disgusting notch under any form (long, small, doesn't matter. I will not buy a phone with a notch, period).
    3 - It supports the basics: headphone jack, microSD expansion, wireless charging, OIS on the camera.

  • Usernew54 Usernew54
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    Camera Quality
    I like best camera quality which previous Nokia known for.
    Also my second opinion is Nokia should have a custom OS like MeeGo / Maemo / Symbian. But not a Custom rom for android which eats more resource for some useless features.
    Basically i like the pure android approach uptill now for time being.
    Please bring back linux based MeeGo reborn we are really waiting for it, You can port existing android apps to it.
    Please #DareToBeDifferent
  • Performance
    Well, this is a very hard decision for me to make because in a phone, I do a lot of things. So I expect more from a phone especially when it comes to battery life, performance, camera quality & software. In this poll, it's very hard for me to choose. The hardest decision for me to take is to vote for performance. Performance in the sense that when there is software upgrade, it improves the camera quality there by affecting the performance not forgetting the apps that will be upgraded as well, slowing down the performances. Performance and ultimately battery life should be a priority for HMD to meet customer's demand. Thanks
  • Software
    Jolla or Symbian
  • DibyaXP DibyaXP
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    We need a close to stock andr
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