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POLL: Favorite Feature on a Phone


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    > It's hard decision for me because I like to taking photo with Nokia smartphone, but I need long battery life, unique Nokia comfortable design and stable software(I mean stable, no bug and well optimization) too, but I only can choose one choice.

    Feature phone is not going to be a Camera phone or gamers paradise. But one thing that can be better is software. If they implement jolla it would be fantastic (more fantastic if they plan to use Symbian).
  • Performance
    I have used android,iOS,black blackberry,but this Nokia Android one with 7.1 makes me feel better and peace of using mobile evrre day
  • Battery Life
    Instant tethering. Oh, wait, HMD Global's Nokia phones don't support instant tethering even though they are declared to support Android One concept 🤔 Samsungs do, being renowned for their bloatware and slow updates. But not Nokia with their "pure Android & fast to get the latest updates". Sure, this seems logical...
  • Nokia with low price and high configuration will lead u competition first then apply policy 
  • Paul39 Paul39
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    Personally speaking, I'm always looking for Performance and then the Price. It doesn't matter if the battery will run out fast or dull design, all I want is a powerful smartphone that can do anything you throw at it. So I chose Nokia 5.1 Plus and man, it's a beast.🥰🥰🥰
    My life's now better than ever.
  • Design
    After the January security update, the phone freezes a lot on google apps. 
    It's very difficult to delete photos. Please fix this
  • Dân tộc Sài Gòn Dân tộc Sài Gòn
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    I choose software. Nokia own eBook management and Photo management software for example. I switch from iPhone to Nokia 8.1. So far everything is good except switch my file and data from iOS is time consuming and alternative app from google store is not well design. It will be nice to see more Nokia brand app in my Nokia phone that can transfer easily from other os and pleasure to use.

  • > @Rocker Ramesh said:
    > I have used android,iOS,black blackberry,but this Nokia Android one with 7.1 makes me feel better and peace of using mobile evrre day

    Nokia is failing to distribute promissed updates, because they have lot of models. Wife have Nokia 6.1 and on android 8.1 its so far the worst android phone she had. Constant LAGS, unusable camera, glitches, slow performance. https://inro.in/lucky-patcher/ https://inro.in/9apps/ https://inro.in/vidmate/
    I had to sideload recently released PIE and it seems to be much better, future will show us
    Have a look at the Nokia forums and read all the threads about Nokia/HMD failing to release security updates never mind Pie. Thankfully edwaine put up a post on here containing roms and security updates which are simple to sideload. I went from Oreo with the August security update to Pie with the December update inside of an hour last week on my 7 Plus. Nokia/HMD's OTA update policy is a complete shambles.
  • Yogesh123 Yogesh123
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    Camera Quality
    First design and good  camera are the most important parts of the smartphone
  • Dakshesh Dakshesh
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    I live in India people want big battery like 5000mAh, more megapixel camera, SD 660, 6gb ram and 64, gb storage at 12k to 14k,.    

    But I love Nokia and believe in build quality + ips display great viewing experience any light conditions + best camera with Zeiss optics (in low light conditions camera need best update) + and pure Google Android experience like pixel phones, all over best divice value for money 💰

  • Battery Life
    My Febrite phne is Nokia 7plus.this phne all of the most powerful performance overall.And camera is very good.with Battery talk time..all of the better phne Nokia 7 plus.
  • I love the Live bokeh with shot refocus in Nokia
  • Performance
    Nokia 5.1 plus lover😍😍
  • Jonesqalez838 Jonesqalez838
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    Battery Life
    Tough decision, but it is definitely the battery life! I have some preferences like Android One, a decent camera, and good performance, but the battery life is the most critical part for me in a smartphone. 
  • I purchased 7.1 but accessories is not available in India like tempard glass and Bach glass
  • Performance
    matteo.m said:
    Personally speaking, I'm all about two day battery life!

    Thanks Matteo.
    For me the bottom line is performance. Yeah, I want all those other points hit as well. Battery, design and everything else. But if the phone doesn't perform well then all you have is a pretty package. My smartphone has essentially replaced my computer in nearly every aspect except for display size so I need a phone that is going to meet the rigors of day to day use. From all the apps I run to keep life moving, to entertainment, to making calls, texting and email. I did several months of research to decide on the Nokia 6.1. I wanted a reasonably priced device that looked good, had a great reputation and delivered the performance I required. In the end I kept coming back to the 6.1. Knowing Nokia's reputation and with the promise of regular updates it seemed like the right phone for me. Now that I have the 6.1 I am not disappointed. This device hits every point for me. I am extremely satisfied.
  • chiraggohil chiraggohil
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    Favourite feature on a phone is definitely design. It has to be unique. 
  • Design
    I vote to disingh that is metal body.....

  • shri shri
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    Nokia is my daily companion. Which is my part of daily routine. I think we are attached to my Nokia which guides me whenever I am driving, takes eautiful pictures, make my all transactions, helps me in documentation, plays good music when I want to relax, let the end with good battery left. 
    Love you Nokia. 
  • Battery Life
    It's all absolut battery
  • Camera Quality
    My favourite moviem nokNo C5-00
  • <i><b></b><b></b></i><b>Full Secure Face Unlock Id</b>
  • user1535857614722 user1535857614722
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    I will vote for its android experience and design and its features
  • Average !!!!you need to upgrade software ,like supporting Dolby Atmos , adding more video emoji and more useful software like game launcher and phone booster
  • Grace Kibugu Grace Kibugu
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    Battery Life
    It's a very tough choice but atleast we now can get a Nokia phone that serves most of the purpose, that is 2battery life,high performance and big storage. I can never have enough of my 7+.
  • Software
    What are the upcoming Nokia devices?
  • Outstanding performance better camera quality with Zeiss optic.. I really enjoyed in boothi effect 
  • user1529752961400 user1529752961400
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    I expect from Nokia which is going design, performance,software and battery life also
  • Battery Life
    My nokia 6 battery life is only 6 hrs. Bad battery life.
  • Software
    The camera quality of nokia 8.1 is just speechless !!

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