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I prefer a great camera📷 experience to capture all my favourite moments at a detail to each pixel.

POLL: Favorite Feature on a Phone


  • Camera Quality
    I prefer a great camera📷 experience to capture all my favourite moments at a detail to each pixel. Plus please stop removing 3.5 mm headphone jack from future Nokia flagship devices
  • Yogesh123 Yogesh123
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    Camera Quality
  • Yogesh123 Yogesh123
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    Camera Quality
  • Software
    Nokia 7.1 Plus is good and a perfect mobile and particular price for all people to use with top specifications.
  • My favourite feature on a phone is the performance, a big battery and the build quality. I don't use the camera much, so I don't mind the camera but I play games so I need a really good smartphone in terms of performance and I want it to be look good and feel nice in hands. And the phone shouldn't heat too much while playing games. Cause I am struggling with heat issues in my Nokia 6.1 plus while playing pubg and the battery drains so quickly that I only able to play three matches and the battery drains from 100% to below 15%. but I do like the Nokia 6.1 plus camera and the bill quality it feels nice in hands.
  • saffradika saffradika
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    Battery Life
    What I like about Nokia cellphones is the incredible battery. Especially the Nokia 2 that I have can last up to 2 days https://ponseli.com/harga-hp-nokia-terbaru/
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  • Dhaval Chaudhari Dhaval Chaudhari
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    Battery Life
    Battery life & stock android is important for me
  • Bvenkeye Bvenkeye
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    Battery Life
    What I really like about Nokia device to have: 1. Camera, 2. Good battery life and 3. Performance which matters the most. 
  • Nokia OS
    Better camera
    Better grapical user interface
    Long bettery life
    And stop google one programe
  • Game14644 Game14644
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    Camera Quality
    I hope this poll will make future of Nokia phones better.  :)
  • Vijay Chauhan Vijay Chauhan
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    But one problem .docx file doesn't open which application used suggest me
    I would suggest you to download adobe reader.   It would work for you.  
  • Waseem Chauhan Waseem Chauhan
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    matteo.m said:
    Personally speaking, I'm all about two day battery life!
    No battery lasts for only 18 hrs on internet. 
    There should be own app lock, these should be screen recorder, and Nokia users are laking of notification light.
  • user1543479603343 user1543479603343
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    Battery Life
    I hate Nokia no app lock 
    No secure face lock 
    No proximity sensor work
    No bettry life
    No thrid party application properly work
    Fake communication service I am trying 2 months
    Volume button not properly work
    I'm stuck with Nokia.
    Please don't buy Nokia
  • Dauebi Dauebi
    Camera Quality
    The camera comes first for me. I love clear and bright images of my pics.
    Am not too sure of the category news updates fall into but that is number two for me. Am always drawn to the updates of my chosen news headlines and it's details.
    I love Google maps and the fact that in the global setting I can zero in on my location, view my home add places I've been to, avoid traffic jams etc.
    It all combines to give me a wonderful experience.
  • sayyed vihan sayyed vihan
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    I think if a software is good then all thinks ll work good.....
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